Bank of the Universe

Chapter 616 - Human King's Life Story

Chapter 616 – Human King’s Life Story

Emptiness looked at Li Xiandao. This request made him silent.

The moment he was saved, he would belong to Li Xiandao, to the Bank of the Universe and not him.

It made him feel unbearable.

But thinking about it, without the Bank of the Universe’s help, he wouldn’t be able to live. The thick death energy would explode one day and drown him. When the time comes, even a god wouldn’t be able to save him.

Emptiness’s body was strong and he wanted to have a second life so he chose to find life in death.

But Chasing Corpse Sect destroyed his plan and dug him out. They used various methods to turn him into a zombie. They destroyed his hope of finding life in death.

The only one who could save him was the Bank of the Universe, Li Xiandao.

So Li Xiandao’s request wasn’t too much.

Li Xiandao looked at Emptiness calmly. He wanted to see if Emptiness would agree to his request or not.

“If I agree, will I become your slave for you to order around?” Emptiness asked.

Li Xiandao shook his head, “Don’t think about it that way. I have many subordinates and I don’t lack someone like you. I also don’t need slaves. Rather than a one-sided victory, I like win-win situations!”

Emptiness looked at Li Xiandao suspiciously and he didn’t know whether or not he should believe him.

“You can treat it as cooperation. Sign a contract as my subordinate and you will get a life. I will get your loyalty. As long as you don’t betray me, both of us will be happy.” Li Xiandao continued.

Emptiness was persuaded, “I have no connections in the world, I don’t mind signing the contract. But I have a few requests.”

Li Xiandao said calmly, “Say!”

If it wasn’t too much, he would fulfill it. After all, to let the goat roam, one had to give it some grass to eat.

But if the requests were too much and harmed his interests, then he definitely wouldn’t agree.

“I hope that you can help me find my past and tell me who I am!” Emptiness said seriously. He made up his own name and he had no closeness to it. He wanted to know who he was and where he came from.

Li Xiandao smiled, “No problem!”

Emptiness continued, “My second and final request is for you to help me find someone and collect information about him. I want to know.”

Li Xiandao’s brow furrowed and he asked, “Who?”

“Human King!” Emptiness said.

When he said that name, his heart shook and he was really emotional.

Li Xiandao nodded, “No problem, as long as this Human King existed, I will find him for you.”

Emptiness didn’t have any more requests and said, “Then I have no problems.”

Li Xiandao pointed and Seven passed the prepared contract to Li Xiandao.

“Take a look, if it is fine then sign it.” Li Xiandao swept the contract and then passed it.

The contract was filled with words and many terms were listed clearly. The rough meaning was that Li Xiandao would help Emptiness come back to life and then Emptiness have to serve Li Xiandao. He couldn’t go against Li Xiandao’s orders.

As for his two requests, Li Xiandao would help him complete them, but they were a part of their unofficial agreement. Li Xiandao didn’t have to complete it for him.

Li Xiandao was leaving room for himself just in case he couldn’t find Emptiness’s past. That would be awkward.

Emptiness looked at the contract. The words dazzled him but there weren’t any problems.

Emptiness wanted to emphasize those two requests but Li Xiandao said, “Don’t worry. So that you serve me wholeheartedly, I will try my best to complete those two requests.”

He wrote his own name. Emptiness looked at Li Xiandao and was really quiet.

He didn’t like smiling and wasn’t good with words. He just stood in front of Li Xiandao silently.

“From now onwards, you will stay in Bank of the Universe. Just cultivate. If I need you, I will inform you.” Li Xiandao said.

Emptiness nodded.

“Right, Seven do you know about Human King?” Li Xiandao asked curiously.

He just came to Celestial World and didn’t know about anything. Whether or not Human King was a guy or girl, he had no idea.

But Seven was different. She had existed for a long time and knew about many things.

“I think I heard about him before. A top expert from the human race that was called Human King.” Seven thought about it and said.

“The top king of the human race?” Li Xiandao was shocked.

“I don’t know much. Human King appeared for a really short time, only a thousand years. Since then his name disappeared so I didn’t pay much attention to her.” Seven shook her head.

“So how does she look like?” Li Xiandao asked.

Emptiness didn’t blink and just looked at Seven.

“Beautiful! Really beautiful!” Seven emphasized.

“Human King is a girl?” Li Xiandao looked at her in shock. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel that she couldn’t be a girl but the name didn’t sound like that of a girl’s.

“Right, Human King is a girl, a valiant girl. Maybe because she was a girl which was why I paid attention.” Seven smiled.

“Human King is a girl so why are you looking for her?” Li Xiandao asked Emptiness.

Emptiness was lost, “I don’t know about her gender. But when I heard that name, I feel that my blood is boiling, like this name is carved in my blood.”

Li Xiandao joked, “Is she your enemy?”

Emptiness shook his head, he didn’t know.

“Okay, you can head down. Rest up, I will help you chase away the death energy and then you can come back alive. I hope that your memories will come back along with it.” Li Xiandao said.

Emptiness left the Trading Hall.

Only Li Xiandao and Seven were left in the empty Trading Hall.

Li Xiandao looked at Seven and asked, “You really don’t know more information about Human King?”

“I don’t. If you want to know, you should head to Jixia College, which is the biggest college of the human race. They have more books than our Ten Thousand Country Book Depository. There are definitely records of Human King.” seven reminded Li Xiandao.

“Jixia College!” Li Xiandao muttered.

“Right, that is the human race holy land. There are many human race elders there. Celestial World has many races, many stronger than the human race. Jixia College is so as to protect the human race’s interests, legacy, reproduction, education, etc.” Seven said.

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