298 Life Couldn't Get More Beautiful

Felicity declared she wanted to set the rooms right away.

Alexander scowled, his unimpressed gaze fixed on her. Just as he feared, she was all set to overwork herself.

“Shouldn’t you be tired and hitting your bed to rest or something by now? We have been busy the whole day,” Alexander expressed his disapproval.

Felicity eyed him incredulously when he suggested they could do it tomorrow. She crossed her arms in front of her and sighed, seemingly annoyed at her husband’s forgetfulness and spoke, gritting her teeth only to remind him that their boys would be home tomorrow, and she intended to have their rooms ready by then.

“It looks like you’re ageing before time, Alexander. Your memory power is fading out quickly,” she said, clearly intending to irk him.

Now it was Alexander’s turn to huff in frustration. He glared, eyes sharp and intensely fixed on her.

“I’m ageing fine, and my memory works perfectly fine, too,” he spat bitterly, more evidence that her words got to him. Felicity smirked in satisfaction.

“And if you wanted everything ready before the boys made it home, then you should have planned and prepared everything ahead of time. You’re not a superwoman to do everything within the blink of your eye,” said Alexander arguing defiantly.

Felicity smiled, sweet and seductive at the same time. She uncrossed her arms and walked closer to Alexander, hips swaying sensually, steps deliberately slow and calculative, stopping only when they were inches apart. Her smile turned into a wide grin, her hazel eyes never parting from his green ones.

Alexander narrowed his eyes, frowning in suspicion, while Felicity lifted her hand only to cup his cheek in her palm.

“Aw, is my darling husband worried about me? How sweet of you, Alexander,” Felicity cooed, sighing dreamily.

Alexander’s jaw clenched as he gritted his teeth. He tilted his head to the side, fixing her with a dirty look, displeased by the utterly sweet, sarcastic tone she used. But before he could say something mean in retaliation, Felicity beat him to it.

“If only your forgetful brain could remember, I’ve been trying to persuade you for a week to make time for the shopping. If you did, we would have it covered ahead of time, as you said,” Felicity pointed out, and that effectively shut him up. He didn’t have any valid or solid grounds for his argument anymore to carry on because she was right.

However, Alexander felt petty right then because she had called him aged and forgetful twice. It had bruised his pride. How could he let her have the last say? So he opened his mouth to argue like the petulant, immature, bratty kid.

“Sweetheart, you conveniently forgot that I’ve also been trying to persuade you for a week that we should hire someone professional for this job. Huh, if only you would listen,” Alexander said, throwing his hands in the air because he thought it was necessary to bring the added effect to their argument. Also, he wanted to have the upper hand.

Felicity rolled her eyes and walked to the nearest sofa to sit. Bending her upper body, she busied herself in undoing the belts of her sandals. Alexander was annoyed that she didn’t react to his brilliant comeback and blatantly ignored him. He was almost ready to apologise, thinking he had hurt her feelings with his rude attitude, but then Felicity lifted her head to look at him.

“I told you, Alexander, I want to do it myself. It’s my choice,” she stated firmly, “and if your aged bones are too weak to do any hard work, don’t bother. I’ll manage just fine,” she announced. Setting aside her footwear, she stood, walking over to unpack the shopping boxes.

Alexander’s eyes widened to their fullest while his jaw dropped in disbelief at what he heard her say.

‘The fuck? Did she really say that, or did I hear wrong?’

He was offended.

Her absurd words had brutally hurt his male pride.

Alexander scowled, fingers working on his shirt, quickly pulling it out of his trouser’s waistband. He undid the first three buttons of the shirt, displaying his golden skin, before working on his cufflinks. Shoving his hands into his trousers pockets, he walked closer to the gorgeous woman in front of him.

“What?” Felicity asked, her brows furrowed in concentration.

“I’m going to spank you hard if you say you’re tired when we hit the bed,” Alexander said as a warning. Felicity now arched her perfectly carved eyebrows and looked at him, an amused smirk twitching at her lips.

“It’s not how you behave if you were awaiting your rewards after all the day’s hard labour. What’s with the attitude, Alexander? I would watch that tone if I were you,” she said, shaking her head in dissatisfaction.

“What attitude, Felci? You’re the one pushing my buttons to their limit. You’ve been digging at my stamina level a lot today,” Alexander snapped. He didn’t want to sound harsh, but he couldn’t hide the resentment in his tone. Could you blame him, though? No man would digest the insult when his woman questioned his male strength, and it pissed him off for real.

Felicity furrowed her eyebrows, frowning in confusion as though she didn’t grasp the context of their argument.

She was upset because Alexander was not letting her proceed with her plans. She knew he worried that she would tire herself with all the work. However, it irked her sometimes that he treated her like a porcelain doll as if she would break into pieces if one touched her a bit firmly.

She was pushing his buttons purposefully because that was the only way to manipulate him to do her bidding. Felicity wanted to do everything by herself. After all, she expected perfection.

“I was talking about your aged bones-” she was saying but got rudely cut off by Alexander before she could finish her sentence.

“Aged bones, huh?” Alexander forced the words through gritted teeth. He stopped her when she turned to leave, careful to be gentle with his hold on her hand. He wouldn’t hurt her in his dreams, let alone do that with his conscious mind knowingly.

Felicity sighed as if talking to him had worn her energy out. It only provoked Alexander further.

It might sound as ridiculous as it was, but he knew he was jealous. Felicity would be too busy to focus on him once their sons returned home. She would prioritise being their mother over being his wife or lover, and he would crave her attention. It was hard competing with his son. He only wished to have her for himself until then, to cherish every second with her.

Little did he know, Felicity felt the same.

They loved their son to the moon and back. However, they loved each other more than life. Felicity knew Alexander would invest all his free time in his boys once they arrived home, and this was all the time she had to let Alexander shower her with all his love. she would no longer be the sole focus of his attention from tomorrow.

‘How did I end up fighting with her?’

Alexander mused over the thought. Yet, he was petty and didn’t want to lose.

“Come on, Felci, let’s go to bed, and I’ll show you how my aged bones would do wonders to your body when you’re under me, writhing and moaning in pleasure,” he announced proudly.

Felicity rolled her eyes and shook her head as his arms closed around her waist, pulling her flush against his chest.

“Seriously, Alexander, you men should stop thinking with your dick and use your brain for once. It’s high time,” she retorted, annoyed at her husband’s pettiness.

“I wasn’t talking about your stamina in bed. My digging comment had nothing to do with that snake between your legs,” Felicity hissed, returning the glare he directed at her. “I was talking about your physical strength because you look tired,” she pointed out the obvious.

It was true. Alexander had a long day at work and then went out with her shopping. He had been patient and complied with her every demand without any complaints all evening.

Felicity wasn’t upset, nor was she petty like Alexander. As he believed, she was cunning. She wasn’t fighting with her husband but cleverly influencing his mind to dance around her tunes. She had no shame in admitting her son had inherited manipulative skills from her.

Her little troublemaker was both Felicity and Alexander’s world. Her son’s beautiful eyes alone could put the whole galaxy to shame. The stars in the sky were nothing compared to the shine in her boy’s eyes.

She would disagree if anyone pointed out she was jealous of the bonding her husband and son shared. No, not at all. How could she when she knew her son was “Mama’s boy” for sure?

In Felicity’s smart brain, this emotion she was feeling was never about competing or losing to her son. It was simply love. They fought for each other’s attention because they loved each other. Their petty fights and this ridiculous bitterness were all proof of their unbreakable bond. These silly emotions were what kept them bound to each other.

As time passed, relationships were bound to change with time. Most couples would drift apart, or their love would fade with age. They might cheat behind each other’s back and have affairs or find other partners. Felicity had witnessed happenings of such breakups or divorces very often in her social circles.

Yet, she knew in her heart that nothing in the world would diminish the spark of their attraction to each other. She cherished the unconditional love their hearts held for each other.

Alexander always said Felicity filled colours to his black-and-white life. For Felicity, Alexander was her light in the darkness. Their son was their heart, urging it to beat steadily and keeping them alive. With him coming home, life couldn’t get more beautiful than this.

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