Fantasy: I Became Invincible By Editing Narratives

Chapter 197

197 Three People Joining Forces!


A loud bang came from the sky.

With the loud bang, the phenomenal light that covered the sky slowly dissipated.

Seeing this, everyone knew that the commotion in the entire Southern Region that was caused by the East Sea Mystic Realm had ended.

As the phenomenon dissipated, countless cultivators kept looking in one direction.

That was where Shen Ran was.

In particular, the cultivators who had come out of the mystic realm looked at Shen Ran with shock.

They were also discussing everything that had happened in the mystic realm.

“After all, the biggest winner in the East Sea this time is Shen Ran.”

“It can’t be helped. After all, he has absolute strength. So many geniuses of the Southern Region have attacked him, but they haven’t been able to defeat him.”

“That’s right. Not to mention Gu Shujue, Zhou Ziran, and the others who Shen Ran defeated previously, just the fact that Shen Ran fought Ji Qinglin, Chen Beixuan, and Xiao Han alone in the end is enough to prove how powerful he is.”

“Such a prodigy will definitely become the number one person in the Southern Region in the future.”

“This time, the Empyrean Sword Sect will definitely shake the entire Southern Region because of Shen Ran’s appearance.”


Amidst countless discussions, the elders also looked at Shen Ran.

Among them, the beautiful elder of the Zhao family and the elder of the Beast Taming Mountain’s Lei family looked at Shen Ran curiously.

They were curious as to how this person in front of them could erupt with such terrifying combat strength when he was clearly only at the sixth level of the Illumination Realm.

He could even crush the entire younger generation of the Southern Region.

There were three other elders who were looking at Shen Ran, but not with curiosity.

The elders of the Zhou, Xu, and the Heavenly Demon Sect looked at Shen Ran with killing intent in their eyes.

After all, their young masters had been beaten up by Shen Ran. They would definitely not let the matter rest.

Moreover, Shen Ran had displayed such talent, so they would definitely not let Shen Ran develop like this.

While they were staring fixedly at Shen Ran, Chen Feng naturally sensed this as the first elder of the Empyrean Sword Sect.

He could not help but take a step forward. His entire body emitted an extremely terrifying aura fluctuation, and he blocked Shen Ran behind him.

Chen Feng’s intention was self-evident.

Seeing Chen Feng’s demeanor, the elders of the Zhou and Xu families and the one-armed elder of the Heavenly Demon Sect looked at each other.

Without any hesitation, they each took a step forward.

As they were taking a step forward, the sky shook violently, and a monstrous aura fluctuation weighed down.

Among them, the one-armed elder of the Heavenly Demon Sect’s expression changed. He stared fixedly at Shen Ran before looking at Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, although it’s true that Shen Ran is a disciple of your Empyrean Sword Sect, he severely injured the young master of our Heavenly Demon Sect in the mystic realm and even snatched our supreme treasure. Do you still want to protect him?”

As soon as the one-armed elder finished speaking, the elder of the Zhou family snorted and stared fixedly at Chen Feng before he could say anything.

“Shen Ran doesn’t know what’s good for him. He actually severely injured my Zhou family’s young master. I definitely won’t let this matter rest.”

At the same time, the elder of the Xu family was not to be outdone.

“Shen Ran severely injured the young master of my Xu family and stole our family’s ultimate treasure. Chen Feng, as an elder of the Empyrean Sword Sect, don’t you plan to come out and explain?”

It was as if the three of them had discussed this beforehand. They began to denounce Chen Feng for the grievously injured young masters.

As the three elders continued to speak, the surrounding cultivators who heard the conversation showed disdain on their faces.

“These three elders make it sound too good. Aren’t their young masters too trashy?”

“That’s right. If Shen Ran is not their match in the mystic realm, will the elders of the Empyrean Sword Sect also question them?”

“Originally, the natural treasures in the mystic realm belong to the capable. Moreover, during the competition, there will definitely be a fight. Why does it sound like the three elders are saying that Shen Ran shouldn’t attack them?”

“Tsk tsk, they’re clearly looking for a reason to attack Shen Ran. Why do they sound so dignified?”


After hearing the three elders’ words, some cultivators started a series of discussions.

However, their discussions were very subdued as they were afraid that the three elders would hear them.

After all, these three were all Emperor Realm experts. Chen Feng might not be afraid of them, but ordinary cultivators like them were still very afraid.

Amidst the whispers that filled the sky, a big smile appeared on Chen Fang’s face when he heard the three elders’ questions.

Facing the three of them, Chen Feng was not afraid at all. The aura on his body continued to rise.

“Three old fogeys, you don’t have to make it sound so nice. We’re all sensible people. Don’t I know what you want to do?”

As Chen Feng spoke, he slowly rose into the air.

As he rose into the air, a monstrous aura rose crazily.

This power was absolutely the purest power. Even before Chen Feng could say anything, it caused the surrounding void to shatter rapidly.

The eruption of that power made countless cultivators look terrified.

The main reason was that the power fluctuations emitted by Chen Feng were too terrifying.

After all, Chen Feng was a ninth level Emperor Realm expert.

Just as Chen Feng’s aura kept rising, the three elders of the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Zhou family, and the Xu family sensed this power fluctuation and their eyes narrowed.

They also knew what Chen Feng wanted to do by erupting with such a monstrous aura.

However, there were three of them. Although Chen Feng’s cultivation was tyrannical and his strength was extraordinary, the three of them were not afraid.

The three of them looked at each other and slowly rose into the air.

As the three of them soared into the sky, waves of aura that could destroy the world rose crazily.

The rotation of this aura shook the world and pierced through the galaxy, emitting a monstrous and terrifying pressure.

The pressure spun, and countless cultivators below looked afraid and retreated.

At the same time, they knew that a shocking battle would definitely break out next.

It was a battle between Emperor Realm experts.

Just as countless cultivators sensed this terrifying aura and retreated, the one-armed elder of the Heavenly Demon Sect was covered in wisps of black demonic qi.

His deep gaze was fixed on Chen Feng.

“It’s rumored that you’re the number one person below the True Emperor Realm. Today, I want to see if you’re as rumored!!”

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