Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 1199 Ten Years (END)

Time flew quietly by. Ten years passed in the blink of an eye.

During those ten years, there were many movements in the Universe.

Marcus had started searching for the Goddess of Destiny’s reincarnation. Alex had offered some help to him, but Marcus didn’t want to rely on him in his love affair, in which he respected his decision. In the end, he created a small influence under Alex’s jurisdiction and helped him to find her.

Just like how hard Lin Xingzhi and the others searched for Alex, Marcus was still wandering around the Universe. As a caring boss, Alex already told Marcus to do whatever he wanted and didn’t need to come back, but Marcus kept returning every five years to let him know his condition. He was still a responsible guy despite his mission.

Meanwhile, the God of Destruction had begun his training, trying to find a way to reach the next level. Alex had yet to offer him the tips to reach the next level, so he was stuck in God King Stage for a while.

The same person also asked Alex not to give him any hints unless he asked for it because he wanted to try to do it without his help. Besides, the fact that Alex had already shown what kind of power he wielded in the fight already told him a little about it.

For Raiju, discovering something new in cultivation was a romance, so Alex stopped mentioning it.

The God of Strength seemed to create a relationship with Raiju since they planned to reach the next stage together. They wanted to decipher it together, so the God of Strength often visited him and practiced together.

The Holy God also stepped down and let his daughter run the management. Of course, he still offered the protection to make sure everything was alright, but he himself often went out to explore the Universe, trying to help those who were in need.

The Palm God had been asking for marriage. And it had come into fruition a year after the war. But he ended up coming to the wedding with his hands, feet, and mouth tied up by none other than his wife to avoid causing any problem.

After missing for five thousand years, Leoz decided to reopen the orphanage that Alex created in the past and wanted to be someone who could bring good influence to people like how Alex saved him and turned him into a proper spirit.

Jeanne often visited the orphanage to help, which Alaya agreed upon. Yes, the head of the orphanage was none other than Alaya. At first, she just wanted to try it, but after a year or two, she fell in love with the job and took care of the kids.

Eulja’s Castle.

Alex was sleeping after feeling exhausted before two kids, one male and one female, fell on top of him.

“Gah!” Alex quickly opened his eyes and looked at the black-haired boy with a pair of black butterfly wings behind him. Behind him was another black-haired human girl. She pouted and said, “I woke Dad up!”

“No, no. It’s me this time. I won!” The boy made a smug smile.

The girl shouted at Alex. “Dad! Who is the winner?”

Alex only chuckled and gently got up, patting their heads. “Both of you hit me at the same time…So, neither of you wins.”

The girl looked away, pouting. “Tch. Ten wins, ten loses, and thirty draws I guess.”

“You’re lucky today.” The boy smirked.

“I love both of you, Lucas, Isabel.” Alex smiled. Yes, Lucas was his and Anna’s kid while Isabel was Evelyn’s. Because of their same hair color, both of them always competed with each other. At the same time, the two would always get defensive if the others mocked either of them since they respected each other as rivals.

Alex then carried them on his shoulders and walked to the garden. “Let’s go meet everyone then!”

The two just held on as they arrived at the garden in an instant since Alex used his Teleportation Array.

Suddenly, two kids also tried to hug him as soon as they felt his presence.

“You’re open!”

Sherry was blessed with twins who seemed to be very competitive with Alex for some reason. They always tried to attack him every time they had a chance, saying they wanted to surpass their father.

Obviously, the two on his shoulders jumped and pinned them down on the ground. “Gotcha! We’re Dad’s bodyguards!”

“Mu!” The white-haired boy pouted and looked at his little sister. “We’ve lost again. We need to come up with another strategy!”

“Remember this, Lucas, Isabel, we will win next time!” The pink-haired little sister announced.

“It’s still ten loses and nine wins. We still need to catch up!” Lucas looked away.

“Haha, don’t get too violent, okay?” Alex patted the twins. “Still, good morning, Samuel, Sofia.”

“Good morning, Papa!” The twins offered their best smile and replied to him.

Suddenly, Sherry appeared before them while staring at the twins. “You two… You should greet him first instead of attacking him!”

“What?! Mama is here! We need reinforcement!” The twins suddenly formed an alliance with Lucas and Isabel to take down Sherry.

Seeing this, Sherry did the usual thing as she faced them while saying with a smile. “Come, come. Let me see if you have improved or not!”

After turning around, he found Rose teaching a gold-haired young boy how to use a bow. He was not her son, but Alex and Alicia’s. Still, it didn’t stop her from teaching him bow technique since the latter adored her bow style since she could help so many people while staying on the back.

“Rose, Mark, you’re practicing this early?” Alex called them from afar to which the latter only looked at him for a moment to tell they were good and continued practicing.

“Morning? It’s almost noon, Alex.” Alicia answered as she approached Alex with Firia and Letizia. Both Firia and Letizia carried a child they had with Alex… Just say… Alex had worked hard during the past few years since he didn’t want to play favorites and made the others jealous for not having one with him. Alex also asked Letizia to stop calling him Master and started calling him husband for their kids, to which she agreed.

These two were the last, but all in all, they felt blessed.

Alex smiled and kissed them before giving a peck on the two children’s foreheads. “Don’t listen to your moms, okay? Daddy wakes up this late because moms are working Daddy to the bone. Still, I love you, Camie, Holly. Hope you grow well.”

The three only rolled their eyes.

Suddenly, Alex disappeared when he noticed someone coming into the garden.

It was none other than Lin Xingzhi. She wore a one-piece dress while stroking her bloated belly gently. “You all seem to have fun.”

“Wifey, why don’t I help yo—” Alex tried to carry her, but Lin Xingzhi stopped him and shook her head helplessly. “You sure are a worrywart. I am fine, you know. I can’t be too lazy or this son of mine will catch that bad habit.”

“Actually, what I’m worried about is not that lazy habit.” Sweats appeared on his forehead. What he worried about was Lin Xingzhi teaching his sons and daughters about all the things she knew about lives and turning them into perverts.

“Don’t worry. I know the difference between adults and kids… I won’t teach them something they don’t need…” Lin Xingzhi gently flicked his forehead while smiling.

“Right, I have thought of a name for h—”

Before he finished, Lin Xingzhi stopped him and shook her head. “No, no. We’ve discussed this. Your naming sense sucks. You even wanted to name the children Moho, Bika, Waka, or something. We can’t let you do that to the kids!”


“Haha, we can attest to it.” Rinrin, the Song Goddess, chuckled before looking at the one beside her, Jeanne. “Right, Jeanne?”

Jeanne scratched the back of her head, wondering what she should say.

“That’s right! You shouldn’t give a name to a kid because you do more harm than good…” Alaya landed in the garden with Rubia and Carissa.

“Wha—Grandma Alaya!” A blonde-haired boy suddenly leaped toward Alaya and hugged her. “Welcome!”

“Haha, Kiddo. You’re here as always. How are you, kiddo?”

Surprisingly, behind him were the three Weapon Spirits, Elle, Elliot, and Eve, looking at him while shaking their heads. This kid was Alex and Anya’s kid. He had something special in him that could attract weapons, including Weapon Spirits. But considering that all Alex’s kids had their own strength and Alex even polished them even more, the kid didn’t feel like he was special and got along with everybody else.

“You’re coming to Alaya first instead of your dad? I’m going to get jealous, you know.” Alex pouted.

“Hahaha, I love Dad too!” The boy quickly hugged Alex. “Good morning, Dad.”

“Yep, morning, Luis.” Alex smiled and stroked his hair.

“It seems everyone gets along well.” Anya’s voice entered his ears as he slightly raised his vision, finding Anya entering the garden with Aria.

“Isn’t that nice?” Alex smiled.

“But we surely have a few people who don’t get along…” Anya glanced over to the side, finding Rubia, Rinrin, Aria, and Carissa looking at each other intensely. All four of them seemed to be trying to fight for the tenth wife position, but because Alex’s guard was so high, they decided to get along with the kids first to see who the kids would call Mother first.

Alex just ignored their fights as long as they didn’t bring any harm to the family in both education and memory. As for who would become…

Leka suddenly hopped on Alex’s head and shouted, “Hehe, Leka has come! Since everyone is fighting, Leka will be good and sacrifice herself to marry Master.”

“!!!” Those four were stunned and looked at Leka dumbfoundedly.

Alex didn’t answer Leka’s statement. Instead, he just stroked her cheek gently and said, “Good morning, Leka. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, Master. I have been preparing for another trip to a unique place. Maybe we can arrange a family trip there!”

“Ho?! Tell me in the details later, okay?” Alex smiled.


Alex nodded and looked at who was coming next. There were three people walking to the garden, while the first two already leaped toward the garden, specifically Lucas and the three kids.

The first one was an eight years old girl with silver hair. She looked at Lucas and the other kids to check their condition. “Oh, they’ve only exhausted their energy… I shouldn’t care about these four troublemakers.”

“Haha, you shouldn’t do that. You need to take care of your family.” The one who said these words was Silvia’s student, Axis.

“That’s right, Big Brother Axis. I have a question about this particular topic.”

“Sure, let me answer it for you.” Axis nodded with a smile.

Silvia’s voice then resounded in the garden. “Alright, Axis, Aya. Treat those kids first before discussing another problem.”

Aya pouted and lazily said, “Alright.” She then looked at Lucas and the others while sighing, “You four never give up…”

Meanwhile, Axis scratched the back of his head and looked at Sherry politely. “Madam Sherry, can you spare them a bit? Maybe just lock them up with your Energy.”

“Fine, fine. I will just lock them up next time.”

“Thank you.”

Alex simply smiled, watching their interactions.

Seeing that all of them had gathered, Rose brought Mark to gather with all of them.

This was something he would never have imagined one hundred years ago. He never thought that his journey would lead to him having nine wives and kids, but when he arrived at this step, he had nothing but gratitude and happiness. He wished for this harmony to last forever.

Suddenly, Lin Xingzhi had an idea. “That’s right, Alex. How about we introduce sports to the kids? Cultivation Sports! I feel like this is going to be popular!”

“Haha, we will see.” Alex chuckled before looking at the blue sky with a smile on his face.

A breeze gently brushed his skin before a certain feeling appeared in his heart. Alex, who had no idea about this feeling, turned around, looking at the sky… No, something beyond the sky. He was silent for a few seconds before his lips curved again. “Interesting.”



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