Heartwarming Aristocratic Marriage: Influential Master's Wife-Chasing Strategy

Chapter 1732

1732 chen wang x fu huan (8) god-scamming brother-in-law (3)

her smile froze, and she said, ” hello, uncle and auntie. hello, everyone … ”

there were so many people that she couldn’t even address all of them.

by the time chen wang went downstairs, fu huan had already been brought into the house by her parents. a group of relatives were staring at her curiously. it was a big scene.

christmas and new year’s eve were big festivals abroad. relatives and friends abroad could only gather over the next few days. chen wang’s parents had planned to invite their relatives and friends out for a meal, but there were too many people and they couldn’t book a suitable restaurant and table. in the end, they decided to stay at home. that was why fu huan had shouted for chen wang at the top of her voice, and everyone in the house had heard her …

foreign countries were more open-minded, so they thought her actions were just cute.

fu huan was surrounded by a group of people and was embarrassed.

duan yinuo was still sending her messages. ”

[ how is it? ] [ is the almighty so touched that he’s hugging you and kissing you? ]

[ i’m telling you, if i were a man, i would marry you immediately. ]

[ don’t you feel that absence makes the heart grow fonder? ]


fu huan only felt like banging her head against a wall.

fu chen only found out later that she had gone abroad to look for chen wang. he was so angry that he couldn’t help snorting. ” this girl is really bold now. i’m afraid she has spent all the pocket money i gave her on the plane tickets. ”

” he ran out without saying a word. he must have spent a long time getting his passport and visa. he must have been waiting for this day. ” the visa had to be issued in a few days, even if it was urgent.

she had obviously planned this for a long time.

” this girl is really … ” fu chen was angry.

song fengwan only glanced at him and said indifferently, ” i sponsored the tickets. ”

fu chen was completely at a loss for words.


every year, chen wang livestreamed the new year’s fireworks for fu huan. this year, she could finally watch it with him. fu huan only realized then that he would livestream the fireworks for three hours each year.

“why didn’t you say so earlier? do you need to drive so long to see the fireworks?”

“at that time, you were very happy to see it.”

“but …”

” actually, i had my own selfish motives back then. in the new year, the first thing i wanted to do was to be with you … ”

fu huan had taken a lot of photos and videos. when fu yu asked her for the photos, she said, ” there are too many things, i can’t send them one by one. i’ve sent them to the cloud, you can see for yourself. ”

fu yu was with duan yinuo at that time. because duan yinuo had to prepare for the wedding, there were many things she did not understand. xu jiamu was usually too busy, so she wanted to ask fu yu. after knowing that fu huan had taken the photos, she also went to the computer to see what the fireworks she had mentioned looked like.

unexpectedly, fu yu’s computer automatically logged into fu qinyuan’s cloud system. fu qinyuan often asked fu yu to help him get some information and send it to the cloud, so that it was easy for everyone to download.

just as fu yu was about to exit his cloud system, the first thing that popped up was a photo. the photo was shrunken, and there was a lot of information, including the relationship lines and remarks.

she thought it was some business information and was about to close it when duan yinuo stopped her.

“wait a minute, i think our names are on this.” duan yinuo frowned, and her eyes were almost glued to the computer.

only then did fu yu click on the picture. the two were stunned and stared at the relationship picture for a long time …

“who do you think did this?” fu yu looked at it for a long time and could roughly guess who it was. but when she turned to ask duan yinuo, she found that she was typing a message on her mobile phone.

“i don’t care who he is. damn, he actually said that i’m not steady, too lively, and too active! i’m a quiet girl, but he’s simply spouting nonsense. he even said that my dad was too wild and too much. i’m going to post it in the group to punish this bastard.”

“nuo nuo qian qian.”

it was too late for fu yu to stop her. her phone kept vibrating. the group chat had exploded!

chen wang and fu huan were still watching the fireworks. they had no idea that his relationship chart had already been spread in this small circle. the first person to explode was naturally duan linbai!

he didn’t care about anything else, he just wanted to kill this little bastard!

when the items were passed to jing hanchuan and the others, they all had different expressions.

fu qinyuan had promised not to make things difficult for chen wang, and he had indeed done so. however, he was the one who was the biggest victim. this also caused chen wang’s life to be even worse when he returned to the capital.

although the relationship map had caused a lot of trouble, chen wang had also become closer to fu chen and the others.

however, in her relationship diagram, fu pei’s note was: [ he’s at the top of the fu family’s food chain. ]

she had amused fu pei, and she did have a great say in the fu family. he had hugged the right thigh, and there would be less resistance when he proposed marriage in the future.

after all, even fu chen didn’t dare to offend his sister!

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