HxH: God of Choice System

Chapter 294: Shinra Tensei

Chapter 294: Shinra Tensei

When used together, Shinra Tensei’s repulsive force and Bansho Ten’in’s attractive force took the ant king by surprise.

The Ant King looked at Allan carefully as he didn’t know what the latter did.

The ant king didn’t understand how the gravitational force was used.

It was a tricky ability and he couldn’t ignore it.

“Ant King, you have become so cautious just after taking a punch from me?”

Allan taunted the ant king.

“Human, don’t get arrogant so quickly.”

The ant king was successfully angered.

As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared and rushed at Allan with all his power.

Allan didn’t move, he just stood in the same place and raised his hand toward the ant king.

“Using that trick again?”

The ant king saw Allan’s hand and knew he would use the gravity trick again.

“That power is strong, and even I can’t completely resist it, but I will still try.”

The ant king pulled his arms in front of him to block, as he wanted to test that attack again.

“Shinra Tensei!”

In the next second, the repulsive force launched the Ant King away.

But since he blocked this time, he didn’t suffer much.

After landing, the ant king immediately moved again.

He thought that Allan would be using the other trick to pull him back.

But the ant king was already moving and Allan couldn’t use Bansho Ten’in on him.

“You actually found a way to deal with it so quickly. You’re really something else.”

Although the ant king was his enemy, Allan still admired his talent.

The Ant king moved quickly as he attacked Allan from different angles.

He thought that Allan could only use Shinra Tensei from the front.

Allan saw this, and strangely, for the ant king, he didn’t evade or move away from the attack.

It was as if he didn’t pay attention to the ant king’s attacks at all.


The Ant King appeared suddenly behind Allan.

“Take this.”

The ant king aimed his hand at Allan’s neck, in an attempt to decapitate him.

However, with Allan as the center, the repulsive force once again appeared and pushed the ant king with great force.


The ant king flew far away and destroyed many hills on his way as Allan used more power in the last Shinra Tensei.

A huge crater appeared around Allan, as the ground was destroyed.

The ant king stood up far away.

“How is it? Are you surprised?” Allan smiled.

“It’s really a great power.”

The King patted the dust on his body and smiled slightly, no, he grinned.

This is the first time he actually gave any indication of a smile since he was born.

But his smile seemed terrible.

He looked like a monster opening his mouth to swallow his prey in delight.

After getting sent flying by the last Shinra Tensei, the ant king was provoked.

A strong aura exploded from his body as the ant king was getting serious.

Allan was aware of this, and from now on the battle will start.

“I won’t get caught by that trick again.” The ant king said.

Hearing this, Allan smiled: “Don’t worry, I won’t use it again.”

The ant king didn’t reply, but he didn’t believe Allan.

If Allan didn’t use the gravitational power, it would be beneficial to the ant king, but if Allan deceived him, he will be once again thrown again.

Therefore, the ant king won’t believe Allan’s words.

He didn’t believe that Allan would force himself to a disadvantage by not using that power.

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