I Experienced an SSS Encryption

Chapter 159 - Back To West Point!

The system store was classified into four categories.

They were physical science, life science, social science, and computing science.

Physical science, as its name suggests, was the study of physical phenomena, covering materials, energy, electromagnetism, gravity, quantum effects, and other fields.

Life science, simply put, was biology. As long as it focused on molecular genetics, the study of the laws of life’s activities, nature, development, and the relationship between various living things and the environment it covered, agriculture, improving human life, protecting the environment, and so on.

Social science, on the other hand, uses scientific methods to study various phenomena in human society. It covers a lot of subjects, such as economics, political science, law, and so on. They were all subjects in the field of social science.

Computational science, also known as information science, studies computation and the process of information transmission. It included computer science, information science, information technology, computer engineering, and so on.

He looked at the lower right corner of the shopping mall: 10,000 course points!

Raymond was overjoyed.

These course points were all accumulated during the 10 months of research on nuclear submarines.

10,000 course points!

Raymond could buy and buy as much as he wanted in this first-level system shopping mall!

Of course, Raymond did not do that. He had to continue saving these course points. Not only was it for a rainy day, but he also wanted to wait until he had accumulated enough course points to buy things in the high-level shopping mall.

The high-end shopping mall was the king of the system!

The things inside were all black technology that this world didn’t have.

Robots with independent thoughts, global satellites, strategic detection systems, manned interstellar spaceships, and even time travel.

As long as there were enough course points, it wasn’t a problem to get these technologies.

However, these were still quite far away from the current Raymond.

This was the product that Raymond opened the life science category and browsed through.


At this moment, an item in the category caught Raymond’s attention.

“Strengthening Potion Formula. This thing is a little interesting?”

Raymond opened the interface and looked at it.

“Strengthening potion formula: Strengthen the body and strengthen the blood qi. The effect is even better!”

When Raymond saw the introduction, he immediately got up from the bed. “This is a good thing. I just feel that my Qi and Blood Technique has reached a bottleneck. I can try this!”

After saying this, he glanced at the Strengthening Potion’s course points.

Raymond nodded. The course points were not expensive.

The main reason was that it was the price of a set of formulas, not the price of a pill.

With the formula and the raw materials, Raymond was able to develop a lot of Strengthening Potions.

Thinking of this, Raymond chose to buy it without hesitation.

Then, a scroll-like item appeared in his mind.

Then, the scroll opened and recorded all the materials needed to develop the Strengthening Potion.

“30 grams of sea taro, 5 grams of luofu wood, 12 grams of bitter lotus stone, 8 grams of mao and zi. Decoct for two hours, take out the dregs, and extract the leading compound from the dregs.”

Raymond murmured and closed his eyes to look at the scroll.

Soon, Raymond was in a dilemma. This prescription was indeed a good thing.

However, he only knew the words and did not know what it was.

“Looks like I still need some basic knowledge.”

Not long after, Raymond found it.

“Life science attributes, course points 500.”

Without any hesitation, Raymond chose to buy it.

[Congratulations, Host, for opening a brand new attribute!]

Then, in Raymond’s attribute pane.

A brand new attribute appeared.

[Life Science Attribute: High School.]

Without much thought, Raymond used his course points and stacked the life science attribute to the professor level!

The system notification sounded again!

[Congratulations to Host for obtaining the Professor Level Life Science domain knowledge!]

After finishing all of this, Raymond looked at the scroll in his mind, and it was completely different.

The related knowledge points recorded on this scroll, as well as the various distancing points, were all clear to him at a glance. In fact, the entire process of researching medicine had become incomparably clear. Now, he was only short of starting to experiment.

Thinking of this, Raymond couldn’t wait any longer.

“Raymond, what are you doing? I heard you talking about Mao Hezi just now.”

At this moment, Raymond’s mother’s voice sounded.

Raymond suddenly opened his eyes and saw his mother walking into the room with a fruit in her hands.

“It’s nothing, Mother,” Raymond replied.

Raymond’s mother didn’t ask further. “Come, eat some fruit. I won’t disturb you anymore.”

After saying this, Raymond’s mother walked out of the room.

Raymond also got down from the bed and went to the desk to pay. He completely recorded the scroll in his head.

“When I return to school, I’ll look for these medicinal herbs to try.”

If this Strengthening Potion could be extracted, it would not only be a good thing for Raymond, but it would also be of great benefit to other people who practiced the Qi and Blood Technique.

At present, all the troops in the United States had already begun to practice the Qi and Blood Technique. If the Strengthening Potion was useful, then the soldiers would be using the Strengthening Potion together with Qi and Blood Technique on one side. Wouldn’t that mean that their overall quality would be greatly improved?

Thinking of this, the corners of Raymond’s mouth curled up.

‘Looks like I have to find some time to return to the school to try it out.’

Time flew by, four days later!

He decided to go back to the school first, not only to develop the Strengthening Potion, but also for this medal ceremony. Professor Thorpe was also invited, so Raymond had to meet with Professor Thorpe first.

Then, the two of them went to find another professor to meet and go to Washington together.

At this time, Raymond carried his suitcase and left the two-story building with Raymond’s parents.

Officer Mike was waiting at the side, watching the family leave.

“Dad, Mom, you can go back. I’m leaving first!”

Raymond stood still and hugged his parents again.

Raymond’s father patted Raymond’s back hard. “Take good care of yourself outside. If there’s anything you need to say, you must tell me and your mother first.”

Raymond’s mother also reminded him, “Take good care of yourself outside. Don’t make us worry!”

“Don’t worry, your son is fine!”

Hearing his parents’ earnest and sincere words, Raymond felt a warmth in his heart. 

After a simple goodbye, Raymond dragged his suitcase and got into the SUV.

“Uncle and Aunt, then we’ll be leaving first!”

Officer Mike opened the window and greeted him.

Then, the SUV drove away from the neighborhood.

Raymond’s parents watched the SUV leave with a hint of reluctance on their faces.

Three hours later.

West Point Military Academy.

Raymond returned to the school and first put his luggage in the dormitory.

Then, he didn’t stay long and went straight to Professor Thorpe’s Research Institute.

Ramon had gone to Professor Thorpe not for anything else, but for the drugs contained in the enhancing agent, which he had not been able to purchase. He wanted to ask Professor Thorpe if there were any at West Point.

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