I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 715: Hmm?

Chapter 715: Hmm?

“Shishio-kun, here!”


Shishio looked at Maiko, who suddenly moved forward and gave him 10,000 yen.

“…why did you give me money?”

“Ah!” Maiko slapped her forehead and quickly put her money away. “It-It’s a subconscious move!”

A subconscious move…

While the guys were speechless, the girls somehow understood why Maiko did this.

Even Koharu, who was also in the class at that moment, was also about to take out her money, but in the end, she held back since she didn’t want her image as a good teacher ruined.

“But…” Nana thought for a moment and said with a smile, “This is also a business opportunity. We can charge someone who wants to take a picture with him!”


“That’s a nice idea!”

“I want to take a picture too!”

“…is it possible for a kiss too?”

“…..” Everyone.

“Nana Sunohara…”

Nana smiled and hugged him tightly, rubbing her face on him.

“I was just joking. Don’t get angry, okay?”

He lifted her face and rubbed her cheeks helplessly since this girl was as cheeky as her breasts.

Looking at the two of them, who started to flirt, everyone rolled their eyes and hoped they could do this somewhere else.

“Ayaka is going to come, right?”

“Un.” Nana nodded. “Onee-chan will come.” She believed that Ayaka and three middle school students from Yuzu Yukimoto, Sumire Yamanashi, and Yuri Kazami also came. “Oh, my mother will also come!”

“Your mother…”

Shishio was speechless, especially when he thought about Nana’s mother. His memory of Nana’s mother wasn’t good since she was someone who told her daughter to bring a condom and barged into her daughter’s room when they were together.

Even worse, Nana’s mother also told her a “how-to-do” at sex, which made him even speechless.

Frankly, he wasn’t good with Nana’s mother since he was afraid he might do something sorry to Nana’s father. Fortunately, only one housewife was enough for him, and he didn’t want to destroy another family.

“Oh, my mother also comes!” Nanami also said.


Shishio wondered whether he was going to be surprised by a housewife buffet.

It was wonderful, but he felt that it was too much.

“How about your parents?”

Nanami and Nana asked nervously and curiously, wondering whether his parents would come. They might have seen his parents, but it was only for a moment, and to be honest, they were good people, so they were quite excited.

“…only my mother will come, but…”

“But?” 2x

“She will probably come with Yukino-senpai’s mother.”

“……..” 2x

They couldn’t say anything at this moment since they knew about Yukinoshita’s status. Yukinoshita was his ex-fiancee, which made her special since, unlike her, they were only his lovers. Yet to be honest, even if they only became his lovers, they didn’t really mind. However, they didn’t want him to leave them, and this was why they clutched his hands tightly.

Shishio didn’t say anything and just rubbed their hair to calm them down while telling them the words of love, telling them not to worry since they wouldn’t leave them. If they didn’t believe him, they could escape and do the exciting thing together in the empty classroom to show his love.

Nana and Nanami blushed and hit him, thinking that this guy was just horny since, right now, their appearance was special. Similar to him, they also wore a student uniform during the Taisho Era.

Unlike the current era, the Taisho era uniform was special since it was a mix of Japanese and Western styles.

He wore a white shirt and blue hakama uniform with a cap and geta (wooden sandals).

On the other hand, the girls wore something similar without a cap, colorful yukata, and boots instead of geta.

This appearance was unique and also attractive. But, while they were attractive, they were also proper and neat since their uniform wasn’t sexy like the maid uniform they had planned before.

Still, one thing was for sure, Nana and Nanami also understood Shishio’s feelings since they also wanted to do the same.

Yet what they didn’t know, three boys were staring at them with a complex mood.

The first was Sorata, yet he was old news, and nothing was surprising about him when he stared at Shishio with envy and jealousy, especially when he looked at Nanami. As for Nana, he didn’t think much about Nana since their relationship wasn’t close. No, they didn’t know each other, but Nanami was different.

His relationship with Nanami was close, and when he thought about it, he also realized that Nanami might also have feelings for him, yet now, everything was too late. Nanami was no longer interested in him, and their relationship had faded, becoming nothing but a forgotten history.

While he had a longing feeling, Nanami had never thought too much about Sorata.

Yet inwardly, Nanami was also glad to meet Sorata since if he didn’t meet Sorata, she might not be able to meet Shishio, which was why she was grateful to Sorata.

However, of her previous feelings toward Sorata?

Those feelings had been erased since, whether it was her body or heart, they were already Shishio’s.

As for the second boy, while it was surprising, it was Sorata’s best friend, Daichi Miyahara.

At the beginning of the school, the relationship between Nanami, Sorata, and Daichi was so close. They were a stable triangle, like a pyramid.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say to describe their relationship as a love triangle.

While Sorata was clueless, Nanami fell for him, and everyone knew about it.

However, Daichi was in love with Nanami. Yet similar to Nanami, he could only bury his feelings since he knew she was in love with Sorata, and in the original story, he confessed to her, and she rejected him.

Yet this wasn’t the original, and Nanami was already tainted by Shishio.

Daichi knew that there was no longer chance for him to get closer to Nanami, especially when their relationship slowly dissipated into nothingness.

In the past, they might talk to each other happily with Sorata, but now, they don’t even greet each other.

It made him sad, yet there was nothing he could do since he also didn’t think he could do anything toward Nanami.

All he could do was look at her from afar, watching her be happy, yet the person who made her laugh wasn’t him, but someone else.

Yet, he should be satisfied with this, which is why he just wished for Nanami’s happiness.

Daichi was, without a doubt, a good guy, but while being a good guy was good, being simple wasn’t a good thing.

As for the last person, while it might be surprising, it was Ryuunosuke.

With Shishio, Ryuunosuke, Shiina, Misaki, and Ritsu, their games were smooth, and nothing could stop them. Everything was done, and there was no trouble. It was so smooth that Ryuunosuke couldn’t believe it. Naturally, the quality was also good, and he believed it wouldn’t lose to the game, which was made by a professional.

Everything was different during his time in middle school.

In middle school, he also did a similar project, but before this project even started, everything fell apart since his teammates couldn’t be relied on, and they lacked professionalism, but more importantly, they didn’t have the wish to become better.

When he was excited about that project, the others were lazy, and before long, everything was ruined. He was no longer able to trust others, yet everything was different when Shishio came. It was so fun with him, and if possible, he wanted to talk with him all the time. However, he knew that it wasn’t possible since his girlfriends were always around him, which made him hate a woman even more.

While Shishio might be a bit too bright for him, Ryuunosuke was comfortable with his light, yet he knew he could only stay in the darkness, hiding his feelings. However, he had to say, it was hard, especially when he remembered how Shishio had saved him from the pervert during the summer vacation.

Ryuunosuke touched his heart and walked to the side, trying to blend with the background, yet while he didn’t care about his girlfriends since the numbers of his girlfriends couldn’t be counted by hand, it was different with Kiriya.

When he thought about what Kiriya did to Shishio, it made him uncomfortable, and he wanted to help the culprit who messed up with Kiriya to mess him up even further.

Still, he held himself, but suddenly his shoulder was patted.

“You’re not wearing a woman’s clothes?”

“….I am a man.”

Ryuunosuke turned and looked at Shishio with a cold gaze. Similar to him, he also wore a male student uniform during the Taisho Era. He was, after all, one of the good-looking men in the class, so the girls wouldn’t let him escape.

“What a shame. I think a female uniform is more suitable for you.” Shishio sighed, disappointed since he was sure that Ryuunosuke in the female uniform must be good. He also wanted to see the reaction of the customers, who knew Ryuunosuke was a guy. He had to say it must be fun.

“…are you stupid?” Ryuunosuke was as expressionless as usual. No, his expression was even colder.

“I was just kidding, okay? Don’t get angry.” Shishio smiled as he rubbed Ryuunosuke’s cap, messing with his hair.

Still, Nanami, Nana, Maiko, and Mea felt something weird from Ryuunosuke, and they quickly pulled Shishio.

“Shishio, come here.”

“What do you think of our uniform?”

“Check the food first!”

“We’re not going to let you go until everything is okay!”


Shishio, who was pulled, left and checked his class’s cafe for the ingredients, food, decoration, and etiquette.

*Clap! Clap!*

Koharu clapped her hands loudly and shouted, “Okay, let’s work hard, everyone!”


However, Ryuunosuke didn’t join and stood quietly on the side. He fixed his hat and messy hair quietly while lowering his head, trying to hide his blush.

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