I, The Dragon Overlord

Chapter 501: Seeking Helpers

Chapter 501: Seeking Helpers

“Dragon Island? Now?” Heloise asked, stunned.

“That’s right. Right now.”

Louie’s affirmation overwhelmed Heloise. Dragons were lazy creatures and would often think for decades before coming to conclusions. But now Louie’s words were like thunderbolts.

She and the Obsidian King Drexler were already considered decisive dragons, but compared to Louie, they had quite a while to go.

Heloise finally felt why Louie could become the true Dragon God, while she could only be the Good Dragon God and the Obsidian King could only rely on other gods to take away a part of the divine authority of dragons.

It could be said that as long as a dragon worked hard, their achievements were limitless. Whether it was the Mythril King, the Obsidian King, or Noella, they all had great achievements, but making a dragon work hard was extremely difficult, and doing so might even break the balance of nature.

“God Louie, it’s not impossible to go to Dragon Island, but the situation right now…”

Heloise had some hesitations. Her country was currently in chaos. As the queen and central pillar of the country, she had to take command at this time.

“What can you do? Even if you stay here, you’re not useful at all. The one governing this country all the time is that dragon.”

Louie suddenly pointed out to the bronze dragon who was Heloise’s chancellor.

This bronze dragon was expressionless, while Heloise was embarrassed because Louie was right. The one who really analyzed the national policy and issued orders to the humans these past 14000 years was actually this ancient dragon and he had a lot of experience with it.

It could be said that this ancient dragon also caused the country’s economic decline. However, if this ancient dragon wasn’t there and Heloise was left to rule the country, the country might not even last for 1400 years. Perhaps it would only take 14 years before the country’s economy collapsed.

The truly sad thing about dragons was that they had no talent for governing countries at all.

“Although you are right, I feel a bit saddened at your wording, Dragon God Louie. Even if I don’t know how to govern the country, I am still able to compete with Drexler in strength. If I’m not here, then no one is his opponent.”

The tall and beautiful dragon said with an aggrieved tone.

“This situation is no longer a battle between you and Drexler, or a battle between the Mythril King and the Obsidian King anymore, but a war between the gods. If you dare go to the east coast and scream at that black dragon, a god would immediately come out and slaughter you!”

“With the help of the Beastman God Gorsh, Drexler will probably capture you as a trophy mate or breeding mare.”

No one knew how the original Five-colored Dragon God created the dragons, but if Louie were put in his shoes, he would rather reduce some of their power but strengthen their intelligence.

“Beastman God Gorsh?”

This time Heloise finally sensed that the current situation was not a battle of two dragons, but a battle of the gods. Now, she became a little worried.

With Heloise’s strength, she was enough to become a decisive factor in a battle on the main continent, but in a battle between the gods, a demigod dragon was just a slightly stronger pawn.

“Then what should I do, God Louie!”

The melancholic female dragon did not even think at all about the problem. She was smart enough to know that she did not have to think at all. Wasn’t there also another weird dragon with a better head than her?

Thinking about it, Heloise humbly asked for advice.

“Obediently follow me. I’m the only one who can protect you now! If you also want to tear apart my divine authority, then go find a different god to back you up. Else if you leave me now, you are sure to suffer!”

“But if you dare have any idea of relying on other gods, then I will immediately kill you. That black dragon has already annoyed the hell out of me. If there is another one with the same ideas as you, I may become furious.”

Louie stared at the female dragon in front of him. The only good news now was that this female dragon had no other choice except to become his subordinate. He accidentally harvested a female dragon as a god which was a pleasant surprise.

But compared to this surprise, his current problem was still a headache to deal with.

The other dragons in the room were also agitated. These dragons had only thought that this was a civil war among themselves, but they never imagined that it was a war between the gods. If the opponent was only the Obsidian King, even if the hundred dragon army also attacked together, they were also quite fearless and would fight to the death with them. Dragons were quite brutal after all.

However, the enemy now was not just the Obsidian King, but the gods, and perhaps even the entire beastman race. The difference in power was too big.

“Helosie, you and I will go directly to Dragon Island and find that primordial dragon. Leave your chancellor here to deal with the situation, If my guess is correct, the reason why Drexler mobilized the dragons to the east coast isn’t that he wanted to invade the country, but he is completing the final ritual to become a god.”

“Before he succeeds, your kingdom will not be in any danger. At most, there will be minor skirmishes at the border. But once he succeeds in becoming a god, that is the time that you will lose. That black dragon will invade your territory and kill your people. As a result, the number of your believers will dwindle, preventing you from ascending. The only chance you have of living is to follow me and pray that the primordial dragon will surprise us pleasantly.”

Louie completely replaced the Mythril King and began dispatching the dragons present as the Dragon God. With his decades of experience as the lord of Dragon City, he was very good at making political, military, and economical moves.

“Noella, you stay here to help. I will prepare a teleportation spell. If there is really any danger, immediately use the spell to leave the main continent and go to my divine kingdom ‘Dragonblight’. You will be safe there.”

“Alexia, don’t say anything. I know what you are going to say… but you should immediately go to the ‘Gate of the Moon’. Tell your mother what is happening here. This time, I will need her help.”

Originally, Louie could personally go find the Silver Moon Goddess for help with his incarnations, but at this time, Louie had already called his incarnations to the Land of Dragons and waited quietly. Even his incarnation which was in the Underworld was making a move.

At this time, the only one he could have sent to ask for help is Alexia.

Only this elven dragon could enter and leave the inner parts of Dragonblight and the Gate of the Moon at will.

“I understand, Father God. I will head straight to the Gate of the Moon to look for Mother. Please be careful!”

Alexia bit her lips as tears formed in her eyes. She knew that Louie was in big trouble, so she didn’t capriciously say that she wanted to stay with Louie. She suppressed her innate laziness and quickly completed the teleportation spell, vanishing from the main continent.

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