Invicinble Colorless Butler

348 Chapter 20

“Draco?” Ziel looked at the man and vaguely remembered his name. He had regained a bit of his memory after several times having sexual intercourse with Azalia. Ziel didn’t care about the earthquake on the continent of Clorius or the sky turning dark. He focused on the golden scales and large horn on Draco’s head.

“Are you a Primordial Divine Dragon who evolved into a primeval god? Your position must be in the middle among those seven people.” Ziel asked casually.

Kalya and the others were shocked when they heard Ziel’s words. They know about his past and are sure he has not regained his memory. So how could he know about it?

(Did Ziel’s memories gradually return after regaining his powers as an Origin God? Or did he remember them after he met one of the primeval gods?)

Kalya was confused why Ziel suddenly knew Draco’s origins. When Kalya and the girls asked him a few days ago, he didn’t know any of the ancient gods’ names, and they were sure Ziel was telling the truth because there was no reason for him to lie to them.

“Who are you? How do you know about it?” Draco narrowed his eyes at Ziel and became wary. There was no way the people who knew his origins would be ordinary. But Draco was sure he had never met Ziel.

Even though Draco had lived for a very long time, he still remembered the people he had met. He grouped those people into two categories. The first were strong people, and he remembered them, or the rest were weak people, and he forgot because they were just ants. If Draco didn’t remember, Ziel was part of the second group that didn’t deserve his attention.

“I am a resident of this world, and I do not accept your presence here.” Ziel said indifferently and stamped his feet on the ground.


The earthquakes on the Clorius continent caused by Draco’s power suddenly stopped, and the dark clouds covering the sky dispersed.

“Hoo… you are quite strong for an ant. I didn’t expect that the residents of this small and weak world would know my identity and even my origins.” Draco said playfully. He didn’t panic when he saw that Ziel could easily stop his power’s impact on that world.

“Is that so? If I were an ant, would you be a lizard?” Ziel replied calmly. Draco’s face changed when he heard Ziel’s words.

“So now even ants dare to taunt a primeval god after we haven’t shown up for so long.” Draco was enraged by Ziel’s words, but he maintained his composure. This was the first time he had heard such insults in thousands of years.

“The lizard that gained power has turned impudent from being in power for so long. Then, I will try to make you remember your place.” Ziel said coldly. He remembered little about Draco. She was his subordinate, mount, and one of the primeval gods that had attacked him.

He only remembers about that and nothing else because he hasn’t got his memories completely. But that was enough to determine who their current opponent would be. Draco was strong, but Ziel could beat him even though his strength wasn’t at his peak.

Ziel stretched out his hand and slowly clenched it. Draco frowned as he felt the space around him pinning him down and making him unable to move. Ziel stepped forward and intended to attack Draco, but Kalya, Azalia, and Lilith stopped him. He was confused by their actions. But before he could say something, Kalya opened her mouth first.

“Please leave him to us, Ziel.” Kalya looked at Ziel and said.

“We have to test our current strength. Coincidentally, a suitable opponent appeared. So we can fight him together.” Lilith added.

“Yes, let us fight him. I want to avenge the divine race with my own hands.” Azalia clenched her fists tightly and could no longer suppress her anger.

Ziel was speechless and could not immediately answer their request. Even though the three girls had grown stronger, he wasn’t sure they could fight Draco because Ziel didn’t know their enemy’s strength. Thousands of years had passed, and Draco’s power must have increased by leaps and bounds.

If Kalya and the girls finished their one-year training, Ziel was confident they could fight a primeval god one-on-one. But they only trained for a month, which worried Ziel about their safety if they had to fight against such a strong enemy.

“Are you sure?” Ziel asked seriously.

“We are sure!” The three girls answered in unison. Ziel fell silent, and the girls knew what he was thinking. He worried for them because their opponents differed from the continent’s guardians. Azalia and the others looked at each other and smiled. Then Kalya held Ziel’s hand gently and spoke.

“Aren’t you here and will protect us when we are in danger? Therefore, please believe in us and let us fight him.” Kalya and the two girls looked at Ziel with determination.

“Alright. I will hand him over to you. But if you feel overwhelmed by him, please don’t push yourself. Most importantly, don’t act recklessly out of anger and revenge.” Ziel warned, and his eyes fell on Azalia.

“I understand. I promise not to act recklessly.” Azalia nodded obediently. She was like a little girl when in front of Ziel.

“Then, fight with all your might and show the results of your training.” Ziel smiled and finally let them fight Draco. He couldn’t continue to treat them like weak girls. They have to fight tough enemies to become stronger. Ziel almost forgot about it because he was too worried about them.

Kalya, Lilith, and Azalia nodded. After that, their bodies were simultaneously enveloped by emerald green, purple and white lights. Kalya, Lilith, and Azalia appeared in their divine dresses when the light disappeared. Azalia is armed with a sword, Lilith is holding a spear, and Kalya is using a bow.


The space in the sky cracked and shattered into pieces. Then Draco came out of the spatial confinement that had been holding him back for a while.

“Who are you? The inhabitants of this world will not have powers like you. You must be someone from the outside world, right?” Draco looked at Ziel and said seriously.

“You don’t need to know about that. You better focus on fighting them.” Ziel said, taking a step back and letting the three girls face Draco.

“Do you think those three girls can fight me? Let alone fighting evenly against me; they wouldn’t last more than five minutes. Don’t regret it when I shred them to mincemeat.” Draco glanced at the three girls viciously.

“You will never know the result before fighting us. But you look very confident with your power. Is it because you primeval gods have been rulers in the universe for too long and forgot that there might be existences stronger than you?” Lilith said calmly in response to Draco’s words.

“You seem to know about us, primeval gods. Who are you?” Draco raised his eyebrows when he heard that. He felt an unusual power from the three girls that felt familiar and made him uneasy.

“Didn’t you hear the answer before? We are residents of this world and do not welcome your presence here.” Kalya drew her bowstring and pointed it at Draco.

“Then, die!” Kalya compressed origin power in her arrow and shot it.

[Spirit Thunderbolt]

The arrows became hundreds of lightning balls and shot at terrifying speed. It wouldn’t have touched Draco if Kalya had attacked him with her powers one month ago. But her current attacks used origin power, which posed a threat and a dangerous feeling to the primeval god.

“What’s that?” Draco shivered and felt increasingly certain that he had felt that power somewhere, but he couldn’t remember. He couldn’t underestimate the girls after feeling the power of their attacks. Draco clenched his fists, and golden light gathered in his hands. After that, he swung his fist toward Kalya’s attack.

[Dragon God Fist]

Draco fired an astral fist of compressed primordial power with the same amount of lightning ball coming at him.

Boom! boom! Boom!

Their attacks collided in the air, but Draco was slightly stronger than Kalya, and some of his attacks continued without losing a bit of power. Kalya had no intention of defending, dodging, or counterattacking because she had partners in the battle.

[Purple Orchid]

A giant purple orchid flower appeared in front of Kalya and devoured Draco’s attack. The petals closed briefly and then bloomed again, returning the attack to its owner.

“Do you think my attacks can hurt me?” Draco snorted coldly and swung his fist again. But he suddenly raised his eyebrows and quickly moved from his spot.

Right after Draco left, a space-splitting slash appeared in that place; the one who did it was Azalia. While Draco was busy fighting Lilith and Kalya, Azalia took the opportunity to sneak up on him. But as expected of a primeval god, he quickly noticed it.

Kalya and Lilith’s quickly fired their follow-up attacks after seeing Draco dodge Kalya’s slash. They had no intention of giving him a chance to counterattack.

[Tornado Blades]

[Flame Torrents]

A huge tornado with thousands of sharp wind blades suddenly created and trapped Draco inside. But it didn’t stop there. A wave of purple flames appeared around the tornado and slowly converged.

Lilith and Kalya combined their attacks and turned them into a purple tornado with very sharp and hot blades of fire. It could cut and melt anything it touched. The attack’s destructive power had become even more terrifying because they used Origin power.

“I did not expect such a powerful attack in such a small world. But if you think this is enough to hurt me, then you are dreaming.” Draco sneered from within the tornado, and his face didn’t change even though he felt the threat from the attack.

[Indestructible Scales]

The blades of purple flames sliced through Draco’s body but only made the sound of metal colliding, and they could not break through his defenses.

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Draco smiled but his expression stiffened after noticing that Lilith and Kalya had continuously focused their attacks on a single point and managed to scratch one of the scales on his body.

“How dare you!” Draco roared and compressed the primordial power in his two hands.

[Dragon God Fist]

Millions of fists of condensing primordial power bombarded the purple fire tornado and dispersed it. Draco looked at Kalya and Lilith with vicious eyes because these two ants from the small world had injured him, even if only a scratch.

“All of you and this world must perish for what you have done!” Draco said angrily, and his voice echoed in the sky of the Clorius continent. Then he swung his fist at Kalya and Lilith, more precisely at the ground.

His millions of attacks merged into one, turning into a gigantic fist covering the sky. If that attack hit the ground, then the Clorius continent would disappear.

Lilith and Kalya’s faces changed when they saw the attack. They believed the world would be destroyed if they couldn’t block it.

“We have to give our best attack to block it.” Azalia suddenly appears next to them. She looked for an opportunity to land her attack on Draco but couldn’t find one because that guy was trapped inside the tornado.

“Yes. We have to block it at all costs.” Kalya said seriously, and Lilith nodded in response. The three released their strength mixed with Origin power and fired their attacks.

[Thunderstorm Dragon]

[Hell King’s Wrath]

[Breaking the Sky]

The three girls attacked simultaneously and aimed at the giant fist in the sky. The two attacks collided in the air and created a terrifying explosion.


Kalya and the others were blown away by the explosion, and the impact made the Clorius continent shake violently. The space around the area cracked and spread for several kilometers.

“Ooh, awesome. I didn’t think you could withstand an attack with seventy percent of my strength. But do you think it’s over?” Draco said calmly and suddenly opened his mouth wide. Primordial power gathered and became a dense ball of energy. Despite its small size, Lilith and the others could feel its terrifying power.

“Initially, I was interested in you. But I must destroy you and this world since you have injured me. I can look for that thing among the pieces of the continent. Then, all of you can die.” Draco said coldly and the primordial energy ball shot from the sky toward the Clorius continent.

[Supreme Dragon’s Breath]

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