My Fierce Tigress Wife

Chapter 230 - The Peak of Fox’s Life

Chapter 230: The Peak of Fox’s Life

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Out of everyone in the Tiger King’s Cave, the being that deserved to join the training the most—from both Wang Hu’s and Di Baijun’s points of view—would definitely be Su Ling.

This cowardly fox’s aversion towards battles would rank at the top three out of everyone in Tiger King’s Cave.

Based on Wang Hu’s and Di Baijun’s personalities, they definitely would not have allowed her to be spared easily.

However, they eventually decided to keep the cowardly fox at the cave because of Big Treasure and Little Treasure—those two imps.

Hence, Silly Girl already knew the solution that Wang Hu came up with and had approved of it.

Su Ling was no fool. Rather, she was very smart, especially regarding matters that concerned herself.

Needless to say, she paid a lot of attention to the demon lord and the vicious tigress.

Her seductive eyes rolled as she thought and understood what the demon lord meant.

However, she was still feeling timid. The vicious tigress may have agreed, but would the vicious tigress hold a grudge and punish her in the future?

She immediately confirmed the answer just as the thought arose.

With how petty the vicious tigress was, she definitely would.

No matter how innocuous it may sound now, she would definitely find a reason to bully me after the incident.

She thought bitterly to herself.

Her lips puckered into a pout.

Wang Hu immediately knew that she was afraid and wary just by looking at the change of expressions on the cowardly fox’s face.

He raised his brows, and his unassailable voice sounded again: “Do you hear me?”

Su Ling instinctively nodded upon hearing the familiar voice ring beside her ears. She was unwilling but agreed bitterly and dutifully: “Yes.”

Wang Hu turned away. This cowardly fox was very timid. It was a weakness… but also a strength. She would not refuse anything instructed as long as the tone used was harsher.

At the same time, her ability to adjust herself was very strong, and her resilience was one of the best out of everyone in the Tiger King’s Cave.

It could be considered as the strength of being timid.

After a while, the two little fellows finally finished their food, and they let out a satisfied burp.

“Let’s go! Come and shower with Daddy, then we’ll come back to see Mommy,” Wang Hu stood up and said with a smile.

The two little fellows were feeling content after having a full meal. They did not suspect a thing and let their Daddy hold their hands and guide them back to their room.

They did not recall that their Daddy usually showered them with a simple wave of his hands at all.

Wang Hu threw the cowardly fox a stern look and brought Big Treasure and Little Treasure to the room next door.

Su Ling felt even bitterer. She pouted and whined soundlessly.

The demon lord always bullied me.

Just you wait!

She felt ruthless in that instant and looked at the stone chaise lounge. Suddenly, a strange feeling overwhelmed her.

It seemed to be a thrilling feeling.

This was the bed of the demon lord and the vicious tigress. Now, she could go up on it.

She could go up on the bed openly and outwardly.

The more she thought, the more she felt an unspeakable sense of thrill.

In her mind, she even thought about the images of those Palace Dramas by humans.

I will go on your bed and beat your children.

Yes, that’s right! I will go up on your bed now and then find a chance to beat your children in the future. You asked for it because you, the vicious tigress, always bullied me!

Bitterness disappeared from her exquisite face, and excitement and smugness replaced it.

She bit her lower lip as she looked around outside the cave and in all four directions before finally walking towards the wide stone chaise lounge.

Suddenly, she felt timid and hesitant.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to cheer on herself.

The demon lord asked me to do it, and the vicious tigress agreed to it.

Yes, be brave.

They asked me to do it.

I have nothing to hide.

Finally, with her eyes shut tight, she sat on the stone chaise lounge.

The step she took at this moment felt like the most important step of her life.

Su Ling raised her chin slightly and enjoyed the moment with her eyes closed.

The stone chaise lounge was hard and not warm.

It was very different from the soft bed that she preferred, but at this point, she felt that this was the most comfortable bed that she had ever sat on.

The feeling was incredible.

To borrow a catchphrase from the humans, it was so comfortable she could fly.

Her body and mind seemed to feel different…

And the smile on her face turned brighter.

In the other room, Wang Hu—who was coaxing the two little fellows—looked at the cowardly fox with his divine senses.

Divine senses were just senses and could not show color like a video recording. Even at Wang Hu’s current cultivation realm, his divine senses could not show an image as clear as a camera.

However, it was enough for Wang Hu to see a rather clear image.

Wang Hu frowned. The smile on this cowardly fox was very foxy.

Even though she was indeed a fox, the smile made her more like a little fox.

What enjoyable thoughts did she recall?

The thoughts flashed across his mind, but he did not pay much attention to it.

No matter what this cowardly fox thought, it was good enough that she obeyed instructions.

Wang Hu sent a telepathic message with his usual stern voice, and he hastened his movements.

After a few minutes, he brought the two freshly-showered little fellows back to the other room.


The two little fellows yelled just as they entered the room and wanted to pounce on her.

Wang Hu immediately stopped in his tracks. He pulled at the two little fellows and stopped them from moving. With a straight face, he said, “Shh.”

He said softly, “Lower your voice. Mommy is cultivating.”

Big Treasure and Little Treasure already understood what cultivation was. They also understood that they must not interrupt Mommy’s cultivation, or Mommy would be unhappy.

Hence, their little faces turned serious, and they nodded their heads.

“Mommy is cultivating. We will just watch by the side and won’t interrupt Mommy. Else, if Mommy is angry, she will think that Big Treasure and Little Treasure are bad children and won’t like Big Treasure and Little Treasure anymore,” Wang Hu said sternly with a whisper.

Big Treasure and Little Treasure became more serious and nodded with more vigor.

“Little Treasure will be a good girl. Mommy likes Little Treasure.”

“Big Treasure is also a good boy.”

The two little fellows said, and their baby voices were filled with seriousness.

Wang Hu nodded with a straight face, and he said with a satisfied smile, “Yes, both of you are Daddy’s and Mommy’s good children. Let’s watch standing here for a while and then go back to sleep, okay? Let’s not interrupt Mommy.”

The two little fellows felt happy that they were praised and agreed readily.

They turned and stared at their Mommy with their bright, naive eyes.

Su Ling, who turned into the appearance of Di Baijun cultivating, sat on the stone chaise lounge and grumbled to herself.

As expected of the demon lord, he lies all the time, even to his children.

He is so good at lying.


At the same time, she felt a little pity.

Even if the two little fellows ran over, there would not be a problem.

She could just play with them for a while. She was confident that they would not be able to tell.

Then, this Mommy would…

As the words appeared in her mind, she felt an even stronger thrill stimulate her senses uncontrollably.

Beat her children, sleep on her bed, and make her children call me Mommy.

That would be the peak of my life as a fox!

What a pity that the demon lord was here and would not allow it.

However, I still have time. I will find a chance.

Su Ling’s face was expressionless, but her mind did not stop scheming.

On the other side, the two little fellows lost focus after watching for a while. Wang Hu took the chance and brought them back to their room to put them to sleep.

More than an hour later, the two little fellows fell asleep.

Wang Hu gave them a gentle kiss and smiled to himself. He returned to his room, and his expression immediately changed. With a cold voice, he said, “What is this? Are you addicted to sitting on my bed?”

Su Ling immediately jumped down the bed and looked at him timidly with Di Baijun’s face. “I’m not! My lord, I just want to continue the pretense until the end, so it would be foolproof.”

Wang Hu’s brows twitched. To see an expression like that on Silly Girl’s face made him feel uneasy. He immediately berated, “Change back now.”

Su Ling was a little reluctant, but she certainly did not dare to refute him. She answered ‘yes’, and with a white flash, she changed back to her original appearance with a sullen look on her face.

Wang Hu finally felt more at ease. Silly Girl was her Silly Girl; she would not let out an expression like that of the cowardly fox.

He thought for a while and said in an unassailable voice, “You are not allowed to change into the Queen’s look without my order.”

“Yes,” Su Ling answered sullenly. She felt disappointed as that meant that her chances to carry out her plan diminished.

Wang Hu signaled for the cowardly fox to leave with a wave of his hand and started to cultivate again.

On the other side, immediately as Su Ling walked out of the room, her pout had become more pronounced. She then felt bitter.

The demon lord was no good tiger either. He tossed me aside once my job was done.

Just you wait! I, Su Ling, will make your children call me Mommy!

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