My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely!

Chapter 866

866 Reporting At Work, First Job! Part 3

Su Mo was about 100 meters away, but two security guards at the entrance were already staring at him. Noticing them, he quickly took out his document and shook it while greeting them from afar.

After seeing the bright yellow documents in his hands, the two security guards nodded, giving him permission to come forward.

Su Mo carefully walked past the guard stations and the gate to enter the hall. After finally reaching the inside, he took a deep breath.

There was a significant number of security protocols and facilities in the city center compared to the town to prevent violent incidents from breaking out.


After entering only fifty meters into the Liberty Market Center building, Su Mo sensed a strong gaze at him.

The feeling was not unfamiliar to him at all. It was like a muzzle was aimed directly at him, prepared to open fire any moment.

“Hmm…On the second floor is Liberty Market’s catering workers. The third floor is Liberty Market’s plantation workers. Electrical technicians are on the…

“Huh? We’re on the top floor?”

Su Mo scanned the guideboard and found that he was to report on the top floor. Then, he gritted his teeth and began to ascend the stairs.

Of course, there were elevators inside the building.

However, the elevator cost a whooping five exchange points for each use, regardless of which floor the user got off at.

The price was outrageous.

Although Su Mo had a decent physique, he still gasped and was out of breath when he reached the seventh floor.

He looked around, and the seventh floor was empty, as expected.

The decor was exactly the same as the first floor and was impressively magnificent. However, there were only to guide staff on the floor.

“Hello, I’m here to report for work!”

Su Mo handed over his work card and quickly completed a simple employment form under the slightly surprised gaze of a round-faced female employee.

The information needed was quite simple. The form general involved the education of earth, major, skillsets, and employee’s expectations.

Su Mo did not dare to be too high-profile to match his current identity.

He casually filled in an undergraduate school, majoring in electrical power technology, and listed about one-tenth of his skillsets before handing in the form.

According to the information collected from his investigations, it would not be easy to find a job in Hope City with such a portfolio, but it was more than enough in Mulberry Field Town.

The round-face woman took it over and glanced through it. As expected, she handed him printed papers that recorded the vacancies in Luna Town and Mulberry Field Town.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Su Youzong. This is the list of the two towns that are recruiting workers right now. The specific details and rewards are listed clearly on the papers.

“You can go through them first and return to me when you see a place you are interested in. Then, I’ll sort out a more detailed data sheet for you.”

“Okay, thank you.” Su Mo took the printed papers and smiled as he nodded.

He found a nearby seat and sat down to read through the papers.

[Luna Town]

[Jiu Jiu Electrical Shop: Recruiting electricians between the age of 16 to 30 years old. Candidates are required to have basic power line inspection and maintenance skills. Those with solid hands-on skills and who can perform power line installations independently are preferred. Salary: 1.8 exchange points/daily (Normal working hours) + 20 exchange points (Full attendance bonus) + 10-150 exchange points (Performance bonus)]

[Eight Treasure Electrical Appliances: Recruiting experienced electricians aged 25 to 40. The job post requires basic knowledge of electrical appliances’ internal structure and the ability to repair and perform transformations on the original appliance to ensure proper operation. We will provide some basic maintenance equipment, a complete technician room, and lunch. Salary: 2.7 exchange points/daily (Normal working hours) + 50 exchange points (Full attendance bonus) + 50-500 exchange points (Bonus based on successful repairs)]

[Flying Light Repair Factory: Recruiting a large number of electronic apprentices. The job requires individuals in good physical condition and willing to endure hardships. Specific salary can be discussed.]

[Luna Small Commodity City: Recruiting a skilled electrician, who is required to respond quickly to the workshop’s needs, troubleshoot, and repair appliances in time. Salary: 120 exchange points/month (12 hours shift)]

[Poly Network: Recruiting electrical automation or computer science majors. Requires coding knowledge to design programs to control machinery produced by the company and achieve the highest automation efficiency. Specific salary can be discussed.]

[Enlightenment Hardware…]

[Mulberry Field Town]

[Triumph Agricultural Enterprise: Two electricians who are good at wiring are needed. There is no age limit, and salary can be discussed.]

[Three Talents Maintenance: Recruiting a repairman (electrician is also acceptable) proficient in repairing small to medium-sized machinery. Ability to repair basic agriculture production machinery to ensure productivity is required! Salary is negotiable.]

[Zero Manufacturing: Hiring a senior electrician with basic research and development capabilities. Requirement: Capable of upgrading a basic design according to needs and ensuring the upgrade meets expectations. Basic production instruments, research room, dinner, and the opportunity to further study in the electrician school in the city center. Other benefits can be negotiated according to applicants’ ability.]

[Freedom Manufacturing: Recruiting a proficient or expert electrician who can perform basic mechanical research and development, can upgrade a basic design to a certain extent according to requirements, and ensure that it meets expectations. The company will provide basic and some intermediate research and development machinery, one exclusive research room, one dormitory room, and meals throughout the day. High-paying job. Those who meet the conditions are welcome for interviews. Traveling expenses will be reimbursed.]

[Barrel Repair Shop: …]

[Repair for Dummies: …]

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