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Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System



Action, Adventure, Fantasy






OnGoing 277 Chapters

Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

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In a normal and average modern world where a prestigious academy nurtures elites in a certain field who are known as “Supreme” such as [Supreme Inventor], Allen Walker suffers from being called ‘average’. Allen Walker can’t accept why he has to be average when a few are fortunate to be born as either a genius or prodigy. After a week of self-loathing, when all of his hope was lost, a sound snap him back to reality, or is it insanity?


[A suitable host has been found! Prodigy System at your service!]


[Hello darling! Chuu~ Harem Protagonist System at your service! Or do you want my service in bed instead?]


[A wild Anti-loner System has appeared!]


[Fiction fanatic, praise thee and thou shalt be graced with the Multiverse Traveler System!]


Before Allen can even choose a system, another too familiar sound harassed his ears.


[For achieving a thousand system requests which are a one in a decillion chance to occur, a Supreme Being was forced to use Divine Intervention.]

[Merging all of the thousand systems to create the most versatile and advanced system… Merging complete! Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System has been obtained!]

After accepting the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System, Allen becomes a prodigy and the Chat Group’s Admin and has no choice but to chat with beings from other universes.

Beings with suspicious, delusional, and eccentric names such as [I Love Mathematics], [Lolicon Shota Cultivator With Soul Fetish], [Sword Forge From Chaos], [Self-Proclaimed Genius Goblin Hero], [Reality’s Bitch], [Time Manipulator Of The Apocalypse], and [Delusional Modern World Chuunibyou]

The chat group introduces Allen as [Supreme Order] as he chats with the otherworldly beings to find out the secret behind the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group.