Prodigy With Alternate Multiverse Chat Group System

277 Distere: I Don't Like Tea

“Iris, can you continue supervising Alisceon’s magic training?”

Allen asked Iris.

It was clear to Iris that Allen didn’t want Alisceon to know about the existence of the chat group. Allen didn’t want Alisceon to be included in the troubles of knowing a multiversal existence such as the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group.

The burden of having such knowledge was high especially when Alisceon didn’t have enough power to protect that knowledge. Even his blood-related younger brother, Asther, didn’t know about the origin of his <Supreme Order> talent and the existence of the chat group.

Allen didn’t want to burden both Asther and Alisceon with that knowledge.

Iris understood Allen’s intentions so she nodded in response.

After receiving Iris’ response, Allen used his teleportation magic to teleport himself, John, Deus, and Distere inside Alisceon’s mansion.

Allen teleported them into the living room. Allen sat on the left couch with John while Deus and Distere sat on the right couch. Both of the couches were enough for three people to sit on it so the four of them had enough space despite sharing it.

With a wave of his hand, a teapot and four teacups appeared on the table between them. Allen used his <Supreme Creator> talent to create the teapot and four teacups.

Using his <Supreme Programmer> talent, Allen programmed the teapot to refill the four teacups whenever it empty as long as it was placed on the table. So even if a teacup was empty, as long as it wasn’t placed on the table, the teapot wouldn’t refill it.

Not only could Allen use his <Supreme Programmer> talent to create IAs and program digital software, but Allen could also use it to program objects and even living beings. Such as programming a sword to return to its scabbard when the sword wasn’t held by the swordsman.

Of course, programming a living being was a lot more difficult than programming an inanimate object since a living being could use its will to resist the programming. After all, Allen using his <Supreme Programmer> on a living being was no different from using it to brainwash his target.

It also had its limits since even if it was an inanimate object, as long as it had sentience such as the Ancient Sword race, the difficulty of programming a sentient inanimate object was the same as programming a living object.

The greater the willpower of an object or living being, the more difficult it was for Allen to use his <Supreme Programmer> talent to program that object or living being.

Allen had planned to use his <Supreme Programmer> and <Supreme Brainwasher> talents to make a few of the Heretic Gods his subordinates. After all, he couldn’t protect Alisceon when he returned to his world, and it wasn’t like he could ask Distere to babysit Alisceon 24/7.

Allen’s <Supreme Order> talent allowed him to have almost every skill and talent available in existence, so when it came to skills and talents, Allen didn’t have any problems regarding it.

So Allen didn’t care much about the chat group tasks that rewarded him with skills and talents. He focused more on obtaining authority and divinities, and since the Second Main Task would reward him with a random divinity upon completion, Allen was motivated to complete it.

Because of that motivation, he wouldn’t allow his chat group members to fail the Second Main Task. That was why he went as far as holding a meeting with his chat group members so that the chances of the Second Main Task failing would decrease.

From what the Second Main Task had told them, Distere was the key to completing the Second Main Task since Distere’s Supreme Apostle System focused on spreading the belief of Zenchianism.

The only sub-tasks that Allen and his chat group members hadn’t completed were converting 1 Million living beings into believers of Zenchianism and slaying 10 Heretic Gods.

They have already completed the task of inviting Distere into the Alternate Multiverse Chat Group. And with Distere’s assistance, completing the second sub-task became a lot easier.

That was the main purpose of the meeting. Allen would inform Distere about their Main Task and require Distere to help them complete the second sub-task.

From what Allen had noticed, Distere’s power level was at Mid Realm Initial Stage, so Distere wasn’t powerful enough to provide his assistance in completing the third sub-task.

With that in his mind, Allen decided to start their meeting.

“Before we start the meeting, you can drink the tea to calm yourselves. You don’t have to refill it since as long as you place the teacup on the table, the teapot will refill the teacup.”

Allen reminded them as the teapot started refilling the teacups with green tea. After the teacups were refilled with tea, Allen took his teacup and sipped his tea elegantly.

Deus and John followed suit. Distere seemed reluctant to even touch the teacup.

“If you are wondering, no, I didn’t poison the tea. The chat group prohibits us from killing each other, and even if it didn’t, I can easily kill you without using poison.”

Allen removed any doubts in Distere’s mind of Allen poisoning the tea. Allen wouldn’t resort to dirty tricks like that, especially when he could just stop time and kill Distere if he wasn’t prohibited from doing that.

And besides, killing Distere wouldn’t provide him any benefits, so even if the chat group allowed them to kill each other, Allen wouldn’t kill Distere.

“No, it’s not that. I know you won’t poison the tea. It’s just that… I don’t like tea.”

Hearing Distere’s words, Deus and John looked at Distere as if he was a heretic. At that time, Deus and John agreed with the executioner that Distere was a heretic.

As for Allen, he didn’t show any expression as he just calmly sip his tea.

“What do you like then?”

Allen inquired. He wouldn’t start the meeting if any of his chat group members didn’t have any beverage they could drink during the meeting.

“Cola. I prefer cola.”

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