Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1479: A letter of challenge

Chapter 1479: A letter of challenge

Edelfelt Residence, the living room.

Rin sat on the couch with her eyes staring in a certain direction.

Miyu and Illya looked back at Rin with fiery eyes, they are no longer depressed or dejected.

Those flames of ambition made even Rin sigh in admiration.

Rin floated a smile.

“I like those eyes. Looks like you two are in on this too?”


Illya nodded.

“We promised that we would fight and leave no remorse.”

“I will fight.”

Miyu declared.

“I will not hold back.”


Rin smiled as she also got infected by their vibrant energies.

“Looks like we can fight without restraints now.”

“Well, I must say, we owe that gentleman a sincere thank-you.”

Luvia mused out loud.Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

“Despite standing on the opposite side, he went and did us a favor. I can’t hate that guy’s attitude. Miyu, go ahead, fight to your heart’s content.”

The enemy helped them again. He did them a solid by making sure Illya and Miyu come into this fight with their heads in the game or get out of the kitchen.

They will still fight him but they respected his high-handedness in this affair.

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Let’s store our feelings away for now.”

Rin clapped her hand.

‘Until the fight is over, we will treat them as enemies, got that?”


Illya and Miyu nodded.

“With the sentimental factors aside, we still have another problem. They’re too powerful.”

Luvia laid her cup down.

“The lightning manipulator lady and the sword-wielding lady, both are easily 1st Class Combat Mages or higher. With just us… No, even with reinforcements, I don’t think we can guarantee victory.”

“Assuming they do not have any other tricks up their sleeves, we can come up with plans to counter them.”

Rin sighed.

“But, that man, he is unlike any foe I have met until now.”


Luvia curled her lips.

“Magic, close combat, fighting skills, mid-range bombardment, I couldn’t spot a flaw in his attack patterns and skills. He also has an Arsenal of Noble Phantasms. His versatility and combat prowess gave him the ability to defeat high-class spirits like Saber and Hercules. How do you fight someone who can counter anything you throw at him?”

“Yes, his magic appears to be of a foreign origin. At least, I couldn’t understand the magic formations he displayed.”

“The other day, he displayed a magic capable of stopping Saber’s Excalibur burst. I am very sure that magic is not of this world. Worse yet, he might still have more powerful spells in store.”

“Magecrafts we can still counter.”

Ruby floated up.

“Don’t forget that time-burning white flame, that is probably a type of Magic.”

“After this analysis, we can conclude one thing.”

Miyu chimed in while shaking her head.

“Wu-Yan-nii is too overpowered.”

“Erm, remind me again how are we supposed to fight him?”

Illya started doubting their chances.

“I don’t think we can fight head-on, we are going to get our butts spanked.”

“That’s why we’re holding this strategic meeting here.”

Luvia shook her head too.

“In any case, he is the biggest hurdle. We cannot get the cards without defeating him.”

“We are up against an all-rounder. A long fight will spell defeat for us. The only thing we can do is if we focused our attacks in one giant burst and settle the fight from the get-go.”

Rin slumped down.

“So I say, but, we don’t have a lot of options on our hands.”

Rin looked at the magical girls.

“Your Cards, are they useful?”

“Archer is out of the question.”

Illya giggled.

“It can summon a bow but the arrows fired cannot harm Onii-san. Compared to his magic, the enhanced arrows are like water pistols.”

“Caster is special but ineffective under most circumstances.”

Miyu explained.

“I highly doubt such a specialized card would work against Wu-Yan-Nii who has more tricks up his sleeves. Using it a second time would probably not work even if we succeeded the first time.”

“And, we are fighting against someone who has Saber, Berserker, Lancer, Rider, and Assassin…”

Sapphire said.

“Although we don’t know what those cards can do. We can infer that Saber’s Excalibur and Lancer’s one-hit-kill will pose a tremendous threat to us.”

“Not to rub it in but that freak can somehow use pure magic to forge a medium and use Limited Include, without time restriction.”

Ruby shrugged.

“I don’t know about you guys, but that guy is obviously cheating.”

“He is a reliable ally in fights but when he becomes an enemy… We are in for a bad time.”

Miyu praised him despite her previous statement.

“Yan-nii is awesome…”

“I know he is awesome but now’s not the time.”

Rin grabbed her aching head.

“If only we know when they would move. That would at least give us time to prepare and traps to lay down.”


Illya took out a letter.

“Maybe this will help.”


Rin and Luvia looked at the letter.

“What’s that?”

Illya and Miyu answered at the same time.

“A letter of challenge?”

“A letter of challenge, eh?”

Luvia and Rin snatched it.

“Let me see!”

They took out a piece of paper from the envelope.

The two ladies turned grim when they read it.

Illya gulped.

“What does it say?”

“It is as you said.”

Rin placed it down.

“A challenge from them.”

They looked at the paper.

Time: 0000 tonight’

Luvia stood up.

“The time has been set.”

“They will attack us tonight to get the cards.”

“We don’t have much time.”

Rin looked at the setting sun outside.

“We need to come up with something before they strike!”

“Tonight’s the final battle!”

The ladies took on steely looks.

This night will feel like an eternity to them.x

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