Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 434 (END) - Xu Ce Extra  

Chapter 434 – Xu Ce Extra

Lost time-space, headquarters.


As the new department head of the destruction department, Su Mengzhu was actually really afraid of the big boss, Xu Ce.

Heaven, please bless her. Apparently, the big boss was really strict and she really came at a bad time too. Ever since this new boss took office and reformed all the departments, lots of senior figures had left. Some went on vacation, especially the destruction department. Ye Xin had resigned and went to explore different worlds. Ding Jiajia, that unreliable girl, did everything she could to refuse to take the position of the new department head. Lastly, she ended up being the department head due to some muddle-headed reasons.

“Su Mengzhu?”

The man looked up slowly, his appearance handsome and he was considerately graceful and poised.

Su Mengzhu was in a daze. The rumors were real! Boss Xu was the adonis of the adonis!

Cough. “Mn, it’s me. I, I am Su Mengzhu!”

Su Mengzhu nervously delivered the files in her hands to Xu Ce. “This, this is our destruction department’s seasonal summary.”

“Oh, put it here.”

Xu Ce nodded and continued to read through the files on his table.

Su Mengzhu was speechless.

So nervous. Should I say goodbye now? Or continue to stand and wait for boss to finish his work and give his order?

While she was conflicted, the door was pushed open again. A girl wearing black quickly walked in. “Young master, I’m back!”

Xuan Yuanshi was used to reporting to Xu Ce whenever she came back from a world. Even though he took over Qi Yue’s position and became the big boss, she would still continue her habit, no matter what.

People say that there were no limits to cultivation. Within the lost time-space, time was another blurry concept.

All these years, Xuan Yuanshi experienced one after another bizarre worlds and encountered all sorts of people. However, she maintained her original mood. She only wanted to stay behind her young master.

Xu Ce closed the file when he heard Xiao Shi’s voice. He smiled a rare smile and asked, “You’re back that quick?”

“Sigh, don’t mention it.”

Xuan Yuanshi walked to Xu Ce and sat on his desk out of habit. “Young master, let me tell you. When I just got to that world, before I could do anything, the bug that had broken the rules of the world was eliminated by an executioner. He was so strong. I thought he was too dangerous so I didn’t dare to stay there for too long. After all, I finished my mission so I decided to come back. But I brought you something good this time. Look!”

While saying this, Xuan Yuanshi took out a small box from her storage bag. There was a really sweet scent emitting from the box.

It was pastries!

Su Mengzhu sniffed and took in the fragrance, after being ignored for a while. It smells so good! There must be some delicious pastries!

Mn, but this didn’t seem to be the main point!

The point was that Boss Xu seems to like to eat sweets!

Oh my god. Did I discover something huge? Will he kill me to silence me? Hey!

“Boss, boss, can I…go now?”

Su Mengzhu wanted to leave, raising her hand pitifully and exclaiming in a low voice.


Xuan Yuanshi just noticed that there was another person in the room right now.

“Young master, she is…”

Xuan Yuanshi looked curiously at her, seeing an unfamiliar person in the room.

“She’s the new department head of the destruction department, Su Mengzhu.”

Xu Ce knew Xuan Yuanshi’s personality. She may seem cold and lofty on the surface but cultivators were usually innocent and pure. She wasn’t really aloof. She was just not used to interacting with strangers.

Especially when she first came to the lost time-space. When she started carrying out her mission, she had become the laughing stock in these advanced technological time-spaces many times. At that time, Xu Ce had to closely monitor all of her missions, scared that she might do something wrong.

But in the blink of an eye, all these years passed. Xu Ce seemed to have gotten used to these kinds of days. Even though he became the boss now, he’d still check her mission records whenever she went out for a mission.

So she’s the new department head of the destruction department.

Xuan Yuanshi revealed a happy expression at Su Mengzhu. “Su Mengzhu? Ah, you have the same surname as Xiao Wan. What a coincidence. Oh right, where’s Ding Jiajia? How did you get rid of her? You’re so strong!”

Su Mengzhu was speechless.

Sister, what are you saying? I don’t understand anything at all. Do you and Ding Jiajia have enmities?

“I, I’m not that strong. The seniors were just letting me. I, I’m going to go now.”

Su Mengzhu fled quickly and ran out of the office. It was then that she finally came to her realization.

The girl wearing black! Black clothes…ah, is the girl the rumored Boss Xu’s girlfriend?

She appeared quite innocent and cute so why did her seniors tell her that she’s not to be provoked easily? She couldn’t tell at all.

Sigh. The upper classmen’s world was really complicated.

After Su Mengzhu left, Xuan Yuanshi turned to look at Xu Ce, confused. “Young master, am I really scary? How come she seemed scared?”


Xu Ce smiled and took the pastry box over from her hands. “She’s just too nervous. It has nothing to do with you. Let’s see what delicious pastries you’ve brought back for me this time.”

Xu Ce opened the small box and there was a rainbow-colored cake inside.

“Young master, isn’t this a surprise? It’s made from a special type of flavoring from that world. You can’t eat this in other places!”

Xuan Yuanshi suddenly felt really proud of herself. She was Xuan Yuan family’s descendant. Although she had been abandoned, she still got control over the rarest time principles. She could even transform herself into a storage space.

In the entire lost time-space, besides the most powerful big boss, only she could bring back anything she wanted.

She wouldn’t be influenced by the rules of the time-space as well.

Xuan Yuanshi had felt confused and lost when she was just brought back to the headquarters by Xu Ce. Up until she became a baker in a certain world did she fall deeply in love with the exquisite yet beautiful-looking pastries.

These items didn’t exist in Cangyue Mainland.

Even now, Xuan Yuanshi remembered coming out of that world and keeping the first piece of dessert that she made and gave it to Xu Ce, and then she got to see him smile at her.

“Xiao Shi, you’re amazing. It’s really delicious.”

Seeing that Xu Ce ate everything, Xuan Yuanshi ended up doing her missions while collecting pastries from different time-spaces.

Pity that Boss Xu didn’t even like sweets! Hey!

But whenever he saw Xiao Shi’s sparkling eyes and her eager look, Xu Ce really didn’t know how to reject her.

Especially when he looked through her records and saw that she would specially collect local pastries for her whenever she entered a mission world and no matter her identity in that world.

Xu Ce had taken this in his heart.

However, Xuan Yuanshi didn’t bring this up to him.

“Young master, look. This pastry looks really strange. Before coming back, I ended up buying it along the way.”

She actually had begged the top baker within a certain mission world in order to get this piece of pastry.

It didn’t matter to Xu Ce whether the pastry was delicious or not.

He didn’t have the heart to reject Xiao Shi’s kind thoughts is all.

Even if it was a strange-looking pastry, he would eat it in satisfaction and then tell her that it tasted really good.

Just like this, he ended up doing this for so many years. Xu Ce suddenly realized that he liked sweets.

No, to be more accurate, he enjoyed this sweet feeling.

There was a person in the world that would follow and make sacrifices for you without regret. She would do everything to the best of her ability but she’d never tell you about it.

Xu Ce looked at Xuan Yuanshi and then asked, “I’m going to the robotic time-space tomorrow. Are you coming along?”

Robotic time-space was a world full of robots. Su Wan’s family also lived there too.

“Young master, you’re going to visit Xiao Wan and Su Rui? Ah, speaking of, I haven’t seen them in a while. Their son is about to get married soon right? I’m so jealous of them. That world is really interesting. Humans could also choose robotic bodies and stay young forever. It feels nice being with your family forever.”

Right. Staying young forever sounded really interesting but without a person you loved and a family, so what if you could be immortal?

Maybe Qi Yue had seen through this which was why he left the lost time-space and let himself free. He wondered if he had found his happiness.

“Young master, I didn’t even get a chance to prepare a gift yet. What should I do?”

Xuan Yuanshi started to feel vexed. Would it be impolite to go without any gifts? How about she gives her book of cultivation secret tricks to the young master Su? Ah, will Su Rui fight her if he finds out?

Xuan Yuanshi was sad. Xu Ce suddenly stood up and wrapped his arms around her petite body. “I’ve prepared the best gift. They’ll like it.”

“Young master?”

Xuan Yuanshi froze, staring at Xu Ce, confused.

Xu Ce continued to smile at her.

If there was a person that stayed with you all these years and made you feel really happy, then please treasure her.

The most beautiful kind of love in the world wasn’t pledging undying love but rather sacrificing without asking for any return.

Su Wan, maybe you and I are the same types of people.

We’re used to being passive. None of us was willing to take another step forward which was why we missed each other.

But Su Rui and Xiao Shi were the type of people that would never give up once they found the person they were sure of. Encountering our other halves…both you and I are fortunate.

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