The King's Beloved

The King's Beloved




Fantasy, Romance







The King's Beloved

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["The King's Beloved - Novel Teaser" video is available on Youtube]

Rania Caeles had everything good going for her in life. Surrounded by friends and family, the man she loved most was down on one knee promising her forever when suddenly everything came crashing down, literally.

In a new place surrounded only by kidnapped girls like herself and an alien race of magical beings called "Magi", these girls must now compete to become the new queen. Will she exact revenge for her fiancé or find love again? Or maybe something else entirely? The king, the dragon, and the masked man await.

Come and join her as she unfolds history and uncovers the secrets within... even if everything is not what it seems.

"When the chosen one
Who is not one of us
Unveils the hidden Truth
The barrier shall be broken
And the path to the unknown shall open

But take heed and be weary
For in the unknown lies trials untold
The pits may be fiery
But take heart!
For history is about to unfold!"
- the Prophecy

Along this journey, whose hand will she take?
And when duty and feelings collide, which should hold more importance?

“All the power in the world, I have, yet I failed to protect her.”
- the King

“Please tell me what I can do to take that sadness away.”
- the Masked Man

“I’m going to save someone. And I’ll definitely do it whatever it takes.”
- the Fiancé

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny"