The Unrivaled Tang Sect

Volume 45, Chapter 622.3: Conclusion

However, the black and white disappeared in the next instant. It was just that Tang San appeared a little paler.

He’s hurt?, was Dai Yuhao’s first reaction.

Yes, Tang San was hurt. Even Tang San didn’t expect that Dai Yuhao’s Thorny Halo would be so strong. He understood him well enough, but it was Yuhao’s first time using this Thorny Halo!

The effect of the Thorny Halo was that fifty percent of the harm done to him would be reflected onto his opponent as spiritual harm.

If this were normal circumstances, this wouldn’t have hurt Tang San. However, Tang San had been struck by Dai Yuhao’s Spiritual Reaving! His spiritual defense had been weakened considerably.

“Good, well done!” Tang San said coldly.

Dai Yuhao anxiously said, “It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t think this would happen, either…”

“You don’t have to explain anything.” Tang San lifted his hand, and a very familiar beam of light appeared in his palm. The bright gold light shot out. It was the Golden Trident!

Dai Yuhao had been struck by the Divine Skygreen Annihilation Lightning. Although he had been healed slightly through the Star Anise Ice Origin, he still felt excruciating pain running through his body. When he saw the Golden Trident, his expression greatly changed. Just in terms of intent, he could sense the terror radiating from the Golden Trident.

Tang San’s expression suddenly turned hollow. The surrounding clouds turned blue. However, they sky was a blue ocean now.

Tang San’s Golden Trident moved in a circular motion, creating halos that flew towards Dai Yuhao.

Dai Yuhao’s senses were very acute. He knew that what he had to do now was to continue maintaining his Thorny Halo before unleashing his power of destiny. It was only through this that Tang San would be afraid.

However, he didn’t do so. After all , Tang San was his father-in-law. He was Tang Wutong’s father! How could he hurt him?

Dai Yuhao quickly retreated backward. However, the golden halos were getting increasingly closer to him.

Dai Yuhao was horrified to discover that all his abilities seemed to have been sealed when the golden halos arrived above his head. He couldn’t use any soul skills!

After that, the halos fell and trapped his body. They restrained him so tightly that he couldn’t move.

“Tang San, don’t go overboard. How dare you use your Unpredictable Storm on a kid? What are you thinking?” an angry voice sounded. Following this, lights flashed, and a figure appeared not far in front of Tang San. He grabbed the Golden Trident. Wasn’t he the God of Emotions, Nian Rongbing?

Tang San scanned him coldly. Suddenly, his Golden Trident moved again. Another round of golden halos was unleashed. Nian Rongbing was very close, but he didn’t expect Tang San to lay his hands on him. He was immediately restrained and couldn’t move.

Not only this, but more golden halos also started to rise not far away. They trapped Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

Tang San looked at Nian Rongbing sinisterly and said, “What do I want? I want to kill this rascal. What’s the timing now? How dare you to shirk your responsibilities! After I kill him, I’ll remove my daughter’s yearning and wipe away her memories. As for you, you’ll regain your position as the God of Emotions. You’ll remain in the godly realm to aid me. Wait and see how he dies!”

“You-” Nian Rongbing was infuriated. He didn’t expect Tang San to be like this. His body shone brightly, and he immediately turned to his divine power, trying to escape from the entrapment of the golden halos.

However, how could it be easy to escape from the Unpredictable Storm that Tang San had unleashed using his Golden Trident? It was the number one control skill in the godly realm! If Nian Rongbing was still a god and prepared, he might have been able to resist it. However, he couldn’t escape now, no matter how much he struggled.

Tang San was watching Nian Rongbing. Dai Yuhao only felt the halos slowly tightening. They weren’t quick, but they were tightening steadily. He had already tapped into whatever divine power he had, but he still couldn’t resist the halos.

As the pressure increased, Dai Yuhao felt his bones slowly cracking.

He, he actually wants to wipe away Wutong’s memories!

He’s really going to kill me!

Wutong, Wutong!

Dai Yuhao was shouting frantically in his heart. The divine energy and sense inside his body were being combusted.

However, the golden halos were simply too strong. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t slow them down at all.

Dai Yuhao was starting to feel a little breathless as the pressure grew heavier and heavier. He even felt his body changing shape.

Nian Rongbing seemed to be shouting something at Tang San, but Tang San ignored him. He stabbed his Golden Trident into the ground and just looked back coldly at Nian Rongbing.

Am I about to die?

As he was restrained by the golden halos, even his divine sense couldn’t escape. He could only wait as he came closer and closer to death.

Wutong, Wutong!, Dai Yuhao screamed frantically inside.

He didn’t want to die, but he was even more unwilling for Tang Wutong to forget him. The two elders were restrained. So was Nian Rongbing. If he really died, Tang Wutong would forget him forever. He wouldn’t be able to see her again.

If I can’t be with Wutong, what’s the point of being a god?

If he wasn’t going to die in silence, he was going to unleash everything he had!

Suddenly, Dai Yuhao suddenly lifted his head. An indescribable glow shone from his body.

Happiness! The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass’ projection suddenly appeared. Happiness was suddenly unleashed. That immense emotional undulation instantly fused with his divine sense and power. Instantly, it expanded and alleviated the pressure on him.

Anger! Feelings of anger were unleashed next. Right now, Dai Yuhao was filled with intense anger! He couldn’t be with Tang Wutong, and the man that he viewed as his father-in-law was about to kill him!

Sorrow! Snowflakes danced, and boundless sorrow spread. Right now, Dai Yuhao seemed to have returned to the time when he created his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills.

Bliss! Happy memories were always so beautiful. The roommate he had once had, the beautiful pinkish-blue fairy during the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date, and everything they went through were all beautiful memories in his mind.

Hate! Hate was an emotion projecting pain. The day he left the Duke’s Mansion, he was filled with pain. When he lost Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er, he was filled with hatred. Hate drove one crazy.

Evil! Dai Yuhao didn’t possess evil and craftiness, but he had sensed the evil of evil soul masters. It was a dark world. Right now, the dirtiest things in his heart were being burned up by evil.

Six emotions meant six different outbursts! As his emotions were unleashed, his divine soul was enhanced!

The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass represented happiness, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion represented anger, the Icesky Snow Lady represented sorrow, the Ice Bear King represented bliss, Li Ya represented hate, and the Evileye Tyrant King represented evil!

Six light projections appeared separately behind Dai Yuhao. At times, they fused together. At times, they separated. Just as they did that, a six-colored glow was released. This glow was unbelievably strong, and it managed to force the halos away. Dai Yuhao’s body also shone with a six-colored aura.

A huge golden projection suddenly appeared. A golden glow engulfed all six Spirits and their six emotions. An indescribable gentleness, wildness and sense of love surged forth.

This was… the power of love!

“Wutong! I– love– you–!” Dai Yuhao shouted. At this moment, his soundwaves turned into a rainbow light that struck toward the mighty pavilion in the distance.

Dense fog transformed and formed rows in the sky. As he screamed, the halos around his body started to crack.

Happiness, anger, sorrow, bliss, love, hate, evil! Finally, the power of love defeated all other emotions and fused with all of them.

At this moment, Dai Yuhao’s divine power and sense, as well as his own spirit, were enhanced.

In his heart, Tang San was no longer a barrier. He was also freed of worries and anger. He was only filled with love and yearning for Tang Wutong.

Tang San waved his Golden Trident, and streaks of golden light were released. However, they weren’t used to attack Dai Yuhao, but to remove the restraints on Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

A smile appeared on Tang San’s face. He lifted his hand and grabbed Nian Rongbing’s shoulder. Nian Rongbing was very grim. He was filled with anger and sorrow!

Bang! The golden halos that had restrained Dai Yuhao were completely crushed. He broke out, and his rainbow glow turned into seven halos that formed a miraculous wheel behind him. His aura was much stronger than it was before. The undulations of the seven emotions kept on surging, fusing with Dai Yuhao’s divine sense and power. This was the first time he had this sense of control ever since he came to the godly realm.

Tang San smiled and nodded as he looked at Yuhao. He said, “That’s more like it. You’re looking more and more like my son-in-law.”

Dai Yuhao was still immersed in his own emotions. After he heard Tang San’s words, he was dazed for a moment.

“Silly kid, why aren’t you greeting your father-in-law?” Dai Mubai spoke up from behind him.

Dai Yuhao kneeled subconsciously and bowed to Tang San. “Greetings, father-in-law.”

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