Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Evolution! True Dragon Appears!

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Light, an extremely dazzling light!

It was the light of life!

A light that shot into the sky!

At this moment, under countless gazes, the little caterpillar, who had already fallen, opened its eyes with a rainbow-like glow!

A rich life force erupted!

Countless gazes turned from calm to shock!

It had actually not completely lost its combat strength?

It could still fight?


How could it still fight at this level?

Countless spectators were confused!

The eyes under the mask were also filled with surprise.

Even the Heavenly Kings were stunned.

Clearly, they did not expect this to happen!



In the distance, the two soul pets let out cries!

It was unknown if the two soul pets were shouting again or if the Time Wheel was controlling them.

The little caterpillar turned into a light and the pillar of light condensed into a line. In that line, the little caterpillar disappeared and rushed towards the two soul pets!

As if time had stopped, the eyes in the center of the Time Wheel blinked.

This light-like speed was extremely fast!

Almost instantly, before the Time Wheel could react, the little caterpillar had already pierced through the Divine Nether Bird and the Element Crystal Butterfly!

When the light pierced through, it was as if a painting had been lit on fire. The two soul pets let out a violent cry and their bodies disappeared at a visible speed!

It struck the Time Wheel!


As if space had shattered, the surrounding intact venue instantly shattered and reconstructed!

It was as if it had shattered something.

The spinning wheel of the Time Wheel seemed to have been tilted and was instantly sent flying!

At this moment, the little caterpillar that was dyed by the light erupted with astonishing power as if its potential had erupted!

It attacked the Time Wheel tirelessly!

Half a minute later, the little caterpillar transformed into a light and flew into the air. The light wrapped around the little caterpillar like a light cocoon and landed in the distance.

On the other side, the Time Wheel floated weightlessly in the air. After floating for a few seconds, it slowly landed on the ground.

The eyes in the center were filled with fatigue as it glanced at the light cocoon.

Seeing this, countless spectators were petrified…

The situation had reversed again?

A comeback?

This could happen in the end?

It had clearly fallen to the ground, but it could still stand up and instantly kill the other party?

What soul skill was this?

In just a few seconds, the battle changed drastically!

This huge change stunned everyone.

There was only the little bug that had transformed into light in his mind…

“An inherited soul skill… can be used at such a precise limit.”

The Jade Cloud Heavenly King narrowed her eyes and swallowed, “However…”

Up until now, it could be said that every change in the situation was unpredictable.

Be it Gu Ranshuang’s weak soul pet or Wang Che’s heaven-defying little caterpillar, even now, the audience was silent, not even discussing.

They did not dare to discuss it anymore.

The outcome of this match seemed to be filled with suspense?

Wang Che watched quietly.

Ever since the little caterpillar had the Ancestral Worm Sacred Power, it had been practicing this move.

The cooldown time of the Ancestral Worm Sacred Power was very long.

As the overlord power of the Grand Ancestor Sacred Butterfly, this move’s cooldown time was negligible to the lifespan of soul beasts. It might be over after a nap.

However, to modern soul pets, the cooldown time was actually quite long, calculated in months.

Every time it was used, the cooldown time would increase a little.

After all, this move was an evolution soul skill that allowed one to transform. It did not need to be cultivated.

Wang Che had expected the little caterpillar to meet another terrifying enemy, so he had been waiting to activate this move.

“The Time Wheel only has six thousand years of cultivation after all. It can’t withstand a direct hit.”

“Moreover, it used two such powerful soul skills as soon as it appeared. The consumption is not small.”

“If there are no other trump cards…”

Wang Che watched quietly.

Through Time Reversal, other than the first two ten-thousand-year soul pets, the strength these two ten-thousand-year soul pets erupted with was almost identical.

This soul skill definitely consumed a lot of energy.

Time-type soul skills were all very unique soul skills that could change matter through time. They were abnormally mysterious.

The power of time was an extremely powerful ability in any civilization world.

But to use such a powerful move…

“This match should end soon.”

Wang Che looked at Gu Ranshuang in the distance.

After using Near Death Eruption and the Ancestral Worm Sacred Power to end the competition, Wang Che felt that this could be considered to have reached a limit of 90% for the little caterpillar.

But would it end?

Would it end?

While the audience was stunned, Gu Ranshuang slowly raised her hand. Her soul ring lit up, but she did not put away the Time Wheel.

Instead, a light gradually blossomed from Gu Ranshuang’s body!

It was the power of a martial soul!

Her martial soul finally appeared!

Countless eyes widened again before they could shrink!

A light appeared and a mysterious hourglass appeared in Gu Ranshuang’s palm!

The hourglass was the color of moonlight. It was as if it did not contain sand, but light particles formed by stars and the moon.

A soul ring suddenly lit up!

“Soul skill, Spacetime Reversal!”

The hourglass flew into the air and reversed.

The light particles inside began to leak!

Almost instantly, the shattered space reassembled!

The Time Wheel’s tired eyes gradually recovered!

It spun again and let out an ancient mechanical cry!

The three rings on its body emitted a dazzling light as if it had returned to the peak!

At the same time, the rings spun crazily. Its eyes shot out two lights in the air, turning into two rings!

In the circle of light, there was only darkness and chaos.

However, it was as if something was about to walk out.

Everyone’s hearts began to beat violently!

In the blink of an eye, with an ancient cry, a purple flame soul pet suddenly flew out of the first circle of light!

Divine Nether Bird!

No, it was not the Divine Nether Bird!

It was a soul pet similar to the Divine Nether Bird, but even larger!

It had an even older divine posture and was covered in green feathers! It was extremely dazzling!

Ancient soul beast, Divine Wing Bird!

The ancestor of the Divine Nether Bird, a Transcendent flying soul beast!

Green flames poured down like a waterfall!

In the second circle of light, a silver moon-like butterfly flew out of the trembling circle of light and scattered countless lights!

Ancient soul beast, Space Crystal Butterfly!

The ancestor of the Space Devouring Element Crystal Butterfly, a Transcendent spatial soul beast!

The two extinct ancient soul beasts made countless spectators’ jaws drop to the ground.

It was as if it had come from ancient times, letting out violent cries and roars!

Time and space seemed to have reversed here!

After the two accompanying soul beasts summoned by the Time Wheel were defeated by the green caterpillar, they appeared from another distant and ancient space-time!

Their mirage-like body still erupted with a supreme aura and dignity!

The unfathomable power of time seemed to have reconstructed a phantom body for them.

This was the Heavenly Fate martial soul, the Time Hourglass!


Wang Che nodded slightly.

This martial soul was indeed powerful.

Its soul skills were also powerful.

This was not a soul skill, but actually three soul skills used at the same time with a special martial soul evolution.

She could summon these two ancient soul beasts because her first two soul pets provided the power of the hourglass.

The most powerful thing was naturally this Spacetime Reversal.

This should be a soul skill provided by the Time Wheel.

“This move should have been planted from the beginning.” Wang Che sighed.

The power of time was indeed mysterious.

At this stage, it was naturally impossible for him to sense the other party’s time power.

Spacetime Reversal was to reverse time and space.

Everything returned to its original state.

All the rules would be replaced.

To be precise, this venue was no longer in the modern world.

It was in the era set by the other party.

This move was not used instantly, but a progressive soul skill that was planted according to the situation and used in a pinch.

When the Time Wheel was about to lose its combat strength, she used this move.

Then, everything would be reversed.

Therefore, the Time Wheel instantly recovered its combat strength because there were no ancient traces on the body. Everything was brand new.

Then, through the Time Wheel, she summoned these two ancient soul beasts according to the ancient aura left behind by this place!

A perfect combination.

Wang Che looked at the two ancient soul beasts.

To be precise, these two ancient soul beasts were actually projections of time and space.

It could be said that the power that erupted was real.

But it could also be said to be fake because they did not have true life.

Its cultivation was even higher than the two soul pets, but not much higher.

However, two great Transcendent soul beasts… although ancient soul beasts were not stronger than modern soul pets, they were still two Transcendent ancient soul beasts.

In the ancient era, it was an existence that dominated an area.

“Unfortunately, the projection of time and space does not project the overlord power they have.”

Wang Che sensed it and his gaze was subtle.

Or rather, the Divine Nether Bird and the Element Crystal Butterfly had not awakened or inherited some of the overlord power of their ancestors.

However, these two soul beasts were also very powerful.

Not to mention anything else, their inherited soul skills were at least very terrifying.

“The power of time… is indeed powerful.”

In a sense, the time soul pet and time martial soul made her almost invincible.

Gu Ranshuang, who had never used her martial soul before, used it for the first time.

As soon as it was used, it was explosive!

The audience was stunned.

That was too ridiculous!

No one had seen Gu Ranshuang’s martial soul before.

However, its ability was obvious.

No wonder she had never used her martial soul. Once she used such an abnormal martial soul, others would not have a chance.

They would probably be in despair.

It was not easy to beat the other party. Good fellow, she reversed time and space.

Let’s fight again!

No, not just starting over, but facing an even stronger opponent!

Who wanted to fight her?

Her previous opponents were all twitching as they shouted in their minds that they had actually fought such an abnormal fellow before…

If all the soul pets directly surged out from the beginning, it would simply be despair.

The Heavenly Kings were also a little numb.

The King’s Cup could end up like this?

Even ancient soul beasts appeared?

“How can Wang Che fight? No, Glazed Heavenly King, your disciple is too strange!”

The Northern Dark Heavenly King trembled, “Time martial soul, time soul pet… and these soul skills. Where did you find such an awesome fellow?”

“That’s right, that’s right!” The Blazing Sun Heavenly King clapped. He was unwilling to accept this scene.

The last eruption of the little bug could be said to have locked onto the victory!

It was definitely a shocking reversal that could be recorded in the history of the King’s Cup!

However, they did not expect Gu Ranshuang to have so many methods. There was no end to it, right?

Was this something a student could face?

Truly the strongest student in history.

In such an intense battle, even a Level 50 middle-level Contract Soul Master would have to kneel.

“Guess?” The Glazed Heavenly King kept him guessing.

“…” The Heavenly Kings.

“For Wang Che to be able to fight until now…” The Glazed Heavenly King said unhurriedly, “Actually, it’s all expected. However… it will depend on what strength he can use next.”

“After that little bug used its last move, it’s impossible for it to still have combat strength.” The Star Flame Heavenly King frowned, “Only his martial soul can still be used now… As for his martial soul, it’s more inclined towards support. His Sword Dao level is very high. However, in this situation, it’s impossible for him to fight as he did with Jian Wuhen.”

“This is different from Jian Wuhen. The difference is too great…”

“According to the Oracle Heavenly King’s guess, doesn’t he have another martial soul?” The Glazed Heavenly King said casually.

“I’m only guessing. It might not be the case.” The Oracle Heavenly King shook her head, “Moreover, even if he has a second martial soul, it won’t have much fighting strength. Dual martial soul cultivation is a huge taboo in the early stages. He doesn’t have that much energy and soul pets.”

The Heavenly Kings were silent.

In the venue.

“Martial soul…” Wang Che narrowed his eyes and looked at the little caterpillar’s light cocoon, “I have it too. This time, through the Ancestral Worm Sacred Power… Logically speaking, it should be evolving, right? Little caterpillar, why don’t you experience the feeling of evolving in battle?”

“In the story, only the protagonist, the green caterpillar, gets to enjoy such treatment…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Wang Che spread out his hand and the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul appeared.

A majestic palace slowly rose from Wang Che’s body!

It was like an ancient divine palace hall that emitted a dazzling light!

Martial soul, appear!

The eyes under the mask narrowed as Gu Ranshuang stared silently.

The first level of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace opened with a clang!


A dragon shadow suddenly flew out!

It flew towards the light cocoon formed by the little caterpillar!

When the martial soul was connected to the light cocoon, it wriggled at several times the speed!

In an instant, spiderweb-like cracks crawled all over the light cocoon, and countless light cracks shot out!

A terrifying aura shook the entire sky the next instant!


A majestic dragon roar resounded through the sky!


The light cocoon exploded!

It exploded until countless spectators felt a sharp pain in their eyes!


Suddenly, the Heavenly Kings’ expressions changed!

“This is evolution? Wait! True Dragon aura!”

“No mistake! This, this is definitely the aura of a True Dragon!”

“Impossible, how is this possible!!!”

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