Weapon Master

Chapter 2277

“Tang Huan, if I were to die, the heavens’ law would be destroyed, and if there is the invasion of heavenly law from the outside world, how would the heavens’ law in our world be able to withstand it?”

Tai Chu stared fixedly at Tang Huan, and took a deep breath, “If your own plane of existence were to be devoured, you would have already proven yourself and your life would not be in danger. However, your wife, children, and other living beings will undoubtedly die. Tang Huan, you really didn’t feel guilty at all by putting billions of lives in a place to die just for your own selfish sake? “

“Absolute beginning, you think too much!”

Tang Huan smiled indifferently, and said, “If I didn’t fix this barrier, would you be able to withstand the attack of the Heavenly Dao? Your existence is far less important than what you imagine it to be. Moreover, with me here, which plane of the next world would have the Heavenly Dao to invade in? “

Hearing that, Tai Chu immediately felt depressed, there was nothing wrong with Tang Huan’s words.

If not for the fact that Tang Huan had repaired the broken surface barrier, he and this world would probably not have been able to escape the fate of being devoured by Hong Yun.

Right now, Tang Huan was a Divine Inheritor Ranker, and with him here, there was indeed no world’s heavenly law that could barge in, even if he barged in, it would probably be absorbed and refined by him.

“It seems that you want to fight to the death with me?”

There was no use in threatening Tang Huan, Xiao Si could not do anything, the Absolute Beginning was at a loss of what to do, both of his eyes were staring at Tang Huan, his face was tight with tension, looking somewhat sinister.

At this moment, there was also deep regret in his heart.

Before this, he had never felt that Tang Huan was a threat, and even after Tang Huan had proven himself, he did not pay too much attention to it. In his mind, he couldn’t do anything to the Divine Empress’s Tang Huan, and Tang Huan couldn’t do nothing to him either. In the future, when the two of them coexisted in this plane, they could not disturb each other.

But he never thought that Tang Huan would actually be able to pose such a huge threat to him.

Previously, it was not that there were no Divine Warriors who were refining the Heavenly Energy, but the speed at which they refining the Heavenly Energy was simply unable to reach Tang Huan’s level. Even if it lasted for hundreds or thousands of years, it was not a threat to him.

If he had known this earlier, he definitely would not have allowed Hong Yun to attack Tang Huan while he was retreating.

He was a cultivator of his own plane, and Tang Huan was also a cultivator of his own plane. If he were to make a move himself, it would violate the rules of the heaven and earth. This was his idea of borrowing someone’s life to kill them.

Unfortunately, the plan that he had originally thought was certain to succeed ended in failure.

Now, it was too late for regret!

“You can think of it that way.”

Tang Huan could no longer be bothered to waste her breath on him, as she laughed leisurely.

While he was speaking, Tang Huan’s “God Creation Art” did not stop moving in the slightest, as a large expanse of the Heavenly Energy followed the flow of the whirlpool and roared towards him, while Tang Huan’s body seemed like a bottomless pit. No matter how much Heavenly Energy was used, it would still be able to obtain the sucking.

“Tang Huan, since that’s the case, then you and I will die together!”

Tai Chu was silent for a moment, then he gritted his teeth, a hint of madness flashed past his eyes.

Tang Huan insisted on not giving in at all. Other than risking his life, he had no other choice but to do so, because if he did nothing and allowed Tang Huan to use the sucking’s heavenly energy, then at most, in a hundred years, the heavenly law would weaken to the point of its spirituality being extinguished.

The disappearance of the spirit of the Heavenly Dao meant that he would disappear into thin air.

As matters stood, facing Tang Huan who was getting closer step by step, there was no way out for Tai Chu. However, following that, boundless Heavenly Energy gathered together at a terrifying speed. In an instant, it had already covered an area of hundreds of thousands of miles, as if all the Heavenly Energy in the entire Heaven Realm had been gathered here.



Faintly, the sound of a dragon’s roar resounded through the void and darkness.

In the blink of an eye, it had already transformed into a gigantic dragon that was hundreds of thousands of miles long, roaring at Tang Huan with bared fangs and brandished claws, as if it wanted to swallow Tang Huan and the whirlpool in one gulp.

At this moment, the void and darkness seemed to have been completely filled up by the gigantic dragon phantom.

In the blink of an eye, the incomparably terrifying aura of the Heavenly Dao filled the heavens and earth, as if it could destroy all the tangible and intangible obstacles in the world.

“It truly is worthy of being the Heavenly Dao of a world.”

Tang Huan couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart. Once Absolute Beginning made the decision to perish together with Tang Huan, he would attack without showing any mercy. The Heavenly Dragon had condensed too much Heavenly Energy, it was extremely powerful and ferocious, even if Tang Huan was a Demigod rank expert, he would still find it hard to resist. However, Tang Huan also never thought that he would have to forcefully defend against Tai Chu’s fatal strike.

Seemingly at the same time that the incomparably long and huge Heavenly Dao dragon pounced at him, Tang Huan’s body swiftly dissipated, and even his divine soul had disintegrated at the same time. In just half a blink of an eye, Tang Huan’s body had completely disappeared, as if he was never there.


The instant Tang Huan disappeared, the void and darkness at the place where he previously stood and within a few kilometers of the surrounding area was engulfed by the enormous dragon. All of a sudden, a huge black hole appeared in the area where a large amount of Heavenly Energy had gathered.

The swirl around the black hole disappeared without a trace. The heavenly energy that followed the swirl returned to the void. Wherever it passed, the air would distort and tremble, as if doomsday had arrived. Nothing in the world seemed to be able to withstand the impact of the Strength Qi, even the towering mountain, seemed to be able to instantly disappear into thin air.

Cloud Dispersing.

“Tang Huan!”

However, just at that moment, a hysterical roar rang out from the huge dragon. It was one filled with unconcealable despair and unwillingness, and in the instant that voice rang out, the body of the huge dragon started to collapse at a frightening speed.

In just one or two breaths of time, the several hundred thousand mile long Heavenly Dao dragon’s body was covered with countless large and small cracks, crisscrossing and densely packed like a spider web. At the same time, the Heavenly Dao aura that emanated from the dragon’s body also gradually became berserk.

The fact that the Absolute Beginning had made a move against Tang Huan had already caused a backlash from the laws of the world.

“Boom —”

After an instant, an incomparably terrifying loud sound suddenly burst out from within this dark void.

As if countless fireworks were ignited at the same time, the colossal dragon’s massive body suddenly exploded with a loud bang, and a peerless power raged throughout. In a split-second, violent fluctuations swept out in all directions like raging waves, and it was unknown how much distance they spread in this dark void.

Wherever this wave passed through, the space between large and small fragments of the immortal realms dissipated, and the souls of countless gigantic beasts from the void perished. The wave even followed the Heavenly Energy that was present everywhere and extended into the Nine Heavens, causing the position of the nine great Heaven Realms to be forcibly shifted by quite a bit.

As for the nearest entrance to the Ruins of God, the vortex had completely disappeared. Only after a long time did the void of darkness return to its previous calm state, and only then was it formed again.


Five figures shot up like lightning from the newly formed whirlpool. They were precisely Hannya, Duan Yuan, Song Gao Yang, Fire Phoenix, and Void Rainbow.

“The Great Desolation of the Heaven Dao, the Absolute Beginning really did make a move on Brother Tang Huan.”

In the blink of an eye, Hannya glanced around, then shook her head and bitterly smiled as she sighed.

Although they had not personally seen the changes occurring in the void, they could sense it. After all, even the entrance to the Ruins of God had been lost for so long. The entrance was gone, and the exit was no longer there. They wanted to go out and see what was going on, but it was difficult.

They would only be able to reach the entrance of the Ruins of God if they could see it again.

“I thought Tai Chu would endure this. I didn’t expect him to actually dare to make a move.” “It must be because Brother Tang Huan forced him too much, causing him to feel that there’s no hope of surviving, that he decided to ignore the aftereffects of the laws of the world and attack Brother Tang Huan.”

“The commotion from before must have been triggered by the backlash from the natural law.”

Duan Yuan said in a deep voice, “Even if it was the Absolute beginning, it still wouldn’t be able to bear the backlash of the laws of heaven and earth. Right now, the Absolute Beginning must have already ceased to exist, I just don’t know if Brother Tang Huan …”

His voice paused slightly as a look of worry appeared on Duan Yuan’s face.

Hannya and the rest were also silent, worried in their hearts. Under normal circumstances, Tang Huan had already transcended the Heavenly Dao. Naturally, he was not afraid of the Heavenly Dao, and the Heavenly Dao could not do anything to him.

However, when the Heavenly Dao disregarded the backlash of the heavens and earth and attacked with all its might, the attack it launched would definitely be as powerful as a thunderbolt, unstoppable and unstoppable. Although Tang Huan had already proven himself, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to withstand Tai Chu’s desperate attack. Maybe Tang Huan and Tai Chu had already died together.

“Impossible.” The Void Rainbow shook her head, “If it wasn’t for the fact that the Absolute beginning had no other choice, it wouldn’t have done such a thing. And the reason why he fell to such a state must have been forced by Senior Tang Huan. Since Senior Tang Huan dares to do such a thing, he must have something to rely on. I think Senior Tang Huan is definitely still alive.

Amongst the five of them, only Kong Hong was completely confident in Tang Huan. Even after the great change had happened, she had not weakened her.

When Hannya and the others heard this, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

Needless to say, Void Rainbow’s analysis just now was quite reasonable.

The absolute beginning must know that once he makes a move, it will cause a backlash from the laws of heaven and earth. If that happens, he will die. However, even though he knew this would be the result, he still chose to take action. It was definitely because he was forced into a corner by Tang Huan.

If Tang Huan did not have someone to rely on, he would not dare to threaten the Absolute beginning. Otherwise, what would be the difference from courting death?

He had just proven his abilities, how could he die together with the Absolute beginning?

That means, Tang Huan is really still alive?

It was really a pity to fall just like that, hoping that Tang Huan was really safe and sound. Hannya and the others quickly turned their heads, the more they thought about it, the more likely they felt that this was going to happen. It was only a pity that they didn’t have Tang Huan’s Mind Stigma …

Otherwise, his life and death would have been determined immediately.

However, even though they could not be sure, the crowd felt much more at ease. They stayed here for a while longer before sinking into the depths of the whirlpool.

Right at this moment, in the darkness several tens of thousands of kilometers away from the entrance of the Divine Ruins, bits and pieces of faint light suddenly gathered from all directions and gradually condensed into a shiny crystal. This crystal wasn’t large, but it emitted an aura that transcended the Heavenly Dao.

After the crystal appeared, the faint light surrounding it continued to gather.

Unknowingly, a second crystal appeared in the void, then a third, and a fourth … The seventh, the eighth …

The tenth pellet! After the crystal was formed, all the crystals around it seemed to give off a traction force at the same time, slowly closing in on each other. After what seemed like an hour, then several days, the ten crystals had finally all gathered together. Following which, it began to twist and change like a spiritual object with a life of its own …

After an unknown period of time, the ten crystals actually formed into a child that seemed to have shrunk many times.

The little infant’s eyes were closed, and he sat cross-legged, not moving at all. The surface of his body was shining brightly, as if it was carved out of a precious stone. Following that, countless glimmers of light spread out from the center of the infant and gathered in his direction once again.

Like iron filings attracted by a magnet, more and more faint light was attracted over, gradually congealing into a large ball that completely covered the infant’s figure.

Immediately, that huge light ray began to twist and change like the ten crystals from before.

After a long period of time, a human body gradually took shape. As time passed, the body became more and more distinct, until it finally turned into a twenty-something year old young man. The body was tall and slender with a handsome face.

This young man was Tang Huan, and the ten crystals that had condensed into a small infant before was precisely Tang Huan’s ten divine crystals.

His eyelids slightly trembled, and not long later, Tang Huan suddenly opened his eyes. Within his mind instructs (in a second), a black robe wrapped around his body.

“I’ve finally revived.”

Tang Huan twisted his neck, and in a blink of an eye, his face lit up with a smile, “However, to be precise, this is not called reviving from the dead, because I am not dead at all.”

The heavens’ law didn’t care about the backlash at all. When they fought to the death, the power of the attack would be unparalleled. Although Tang Huan was a Divine Realm expert, he did not have the confidence to face the Heavenly Dao which was on the verge of death head-on. Therefore, Tang Huan changed to another method, which was to completely disintegrate his Primal Chaos Immortal Body and even his Divine Soul, and fuse them into the void of darkness.

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