Weapon Master

Chapter 447

Chapter 447 – Entering Feng Ming Mountain

Feng Ming Mountain, Bloody Flame Mountain.

At the bottom of the mountain, which was dyed bright red with blood, a few figures could be seen occasionally, all of them were Martial Warriors who were training here.

Another evening.

In a small cave, a man in green clothes covered in sweat lifted a huge rock in front of him. Three jade-like gems the size of walnuts appeared in his hand.

“Haha, Blood Prison Stone!” The Blood Prison … “

After being stunned for a short moment, the green clothed man actually started dancing, and laughed out loud in wild joy. But after a short moment, the young man seemed to have thought of something, and his voice abruptly stopped, then he abruptly turned around to look, and in the next moment, his expression became somewhat unsightly.

Ten meters away, five figures appeared. They were obviously attracted by his voice.

“Brothers, our luck isn’t bad today. We encountered the Blood Prison Stone the moment we arrived at Blood Flame Mountain.” “This …” A man with triangular eyes revealed an uncontrollable joy on his face. Although the Blood Prison Stone was only a mid-grade gem, its price was at least a million, comparable to a precious high-grade gem.

“Kid, hurry up and get lost!” “Otherwise…”

Another burly man dressed in black burst out in laughter with a sinister look on his face. While they were talking, the five of them had already rushed over to that small hill.

“Eh? What’s that?”

The green robed man’s face was unsettled. He suddenly raised his hand and pointed behind the five people. He had originally wanted to draw the attention of the five people in front of him with a casual wave of his finger and then grab the Blood Prison Stone to escape. However, just as he finished speaking, the man in green was stunned. He stared straight at the direction he was pointing at, his eyes wide as if he had seen an extremely unbelievable scene.

“Kid, I have long been sick of this little trick.” The triangular-eyed man laughed mockingly. Then, he noticed that there was something wrong with the green-clothed man’s expression. Curious, he could not help but turn around and look, while the other four also turned their heads.

After a moment, the five of them were stunned.

He had three pairs of wings, but there was not a single feather on his body. In addition, other than having wings, which were very similar to flying beasts, his appearance was actually extremely similar to those of beasts. He had a thick hind leg, short forelimbs, a robust body, and a huge round head.

What was even more unimaginable was that on the back of the blue monster, there was a man wearing black clothes and a beautiful little girl in a red dress.


With a clear and resounding clang, the blue monster swooped down from the sky and rapidly floated to the bottom of Bloody Flame Mountain. It was less than a hundred meters away from them.

“Bloody Flame Mountain, I’m finally back.”

The little girl in the red dress jumped down and excitedly cheered. She looked as beautiful and adorable as a carved jade.

The man in black also jumped down at almost the same time.

He looked extremely young, around twenty years old or so. He had a slender figure and a handsome face, and he held a strangely shaped long spear in his hands. The spearhead was a bright red like fire, but the shaft was covered in green clothes.

“Heavens …” Heavenly Grade Armament? “

The triangular-eyed man whispered, his face twitching slightly.

Sometimes, it was easy to determine the rank of a weapon just by looking at its color. Low level weapons were usually pure color; medium level weapons had two different colors mixed together; high level weapons could be seen in three different colors; and there were four different colors. Most of them were Heavenly Grade Armament s.

The pike in the black clothed man’s hand had four colors, red, green, blue and gold.

Those who carried Heavenly Grade Armament s were mostly Martial Lord of the eighth stage!

Even such a young Martial Lord of the eighth step had actually appeared on the peak of the Feng Ming Mountain Blood Flame? The triangular-eyed man and the other five held their breath, quickly exchanging glances. They were all somewhat bewildered, but then, an even more astonishing scene appeared.

The blue monster’s body began to shrink rapidly.

In a short moment, it had become the size of a round disk. Three pairs of wings gently flapped and it floated up, landing on the shoulder of the young man.

“Blue Dragon! Spiritual Beast ‘Blue Dragon’! “

Seeing this scene, the triangular-eyed man seemed to have thought of something and suddenly widened his eyes. He could not help but exclaim out loud.

“What?” Spiritual Beast Blue Dragon? “

“Six wings, Six Winged Blue Dragon?”


However, at this time, the young man suddenly looked over. In the next moment, the triangular eyed man and the other four felt an incomparable sense of oppression engulfing them, their minds were floating, their souls were trembling, as though they were about to suffocate.

In a split-second, the five of them subconsciously shut their mouths tightly, not even daring to breathe loudly.

“Let’s go!”

In the distance, a low shout sounded. The young man grabbed the little girl in the red dress and flew towards the top of the peak. In an instant, they had already transformed into small black dots.

When his figure completely disappeared, the triangular eyed man and the others let out a sigh of relief. They seemed to have collapsed. Thinking back to the scene just now, although they had some lingering fear in their hearts, it was soon followed by an unconcealable excitement that appeared between their brows.

“Oh my god, a six winged Blue Dragon, I actually saw a six winged Blue Dragon?”

“Who is that senior?” “He looks very young, but his actual age should be around thirty to forty years old, right?”

“Eighth Martial Lord … I wonder what is he doing up there? “


They talked back and forth without even realizing that the green clothed man had secretly slipped away with the Blood Prison Stone in his hand. After a long while, the triangular-eyed man suddenly laughed nervously. “Brothers, who is our guy?”

“Who?” The burly man and the others asked in unison.

“Tang Huan!”

The triangular-eyed man said the name with determination, “Think about it, is his spear similar to the advanced weapons forged by the ‘Phoenix Flame Essence’ and ‘Dragon Crystal’ back then?”

“It seems to be true.” The few of them pondered over it and subconsciously nodded their heads.

“Also, I just remembered that someone had once said that Tang Huan possesses the second ranked Spiritual Beast, ‘Blue Dragon’. It was said that this news came from the Heavenly Forging City, so it shouldn’t be wrong.” The triangular-eyed man squinted his eyes again as he spoke with some excitement.

“Looks like it’s definitely Tang Huan. Tsk tsk, he became a Martial Lord of the eighth step so quickly?”

“Six-winged Blue Dragon? It is said that all Blue Dragon eat gems. How many gems would they need to be fed to evolve to the Six Wings Race? “

“Didn’t Tang Huan enter the ‘Sky Spirit Secret Realm’? When did he run out and come to the Blood Blaze Mountain?”


The few of them were in high spirits.

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