Divine Path System

Chapter 1027 I Am Death

Chapter 1027 I Am Death

Varian grabbed the crippled Thunder King and shot through the wall of lighting which was the door to the abyss.

But today, he tore through the defense like it was nothing.

The sky of Thunder abyss was always filled with dark clouds with lightning flashing every second. The plants, the beasts, even the soil and water were all attuned to lightning. It was a wonderful, beautiful world inhabited by the thunder abyssals.𝒇𝙧𝐞ℯ𝒘e𝚋n𝚘𝙫𝐞𝑙. c𝐨m

“Thunder Abyss, today is your end.” Varian’s deep voice resounded like the loudest

Then, the super charged aura in Varian shot out as a beam towards the sky.

For the first time in centuries, the sky was clear again. But what lied beyond the dark clouds was an ominous red sky.

“The sky! The sky is falling!”

The cries of the abyssals filled the cities as they flooded the streets and stared at the sky with wide eyes.

Humans shouldn’t be able to sneak in after the lightning defense was set up at the entrance. Even Varian couldn’t. But they’d rather believe an enemy used an illusion on them than think this might be reality. If it was…it’s too scary.

The people on the capital, however, could see clearly. A silhouette was standing in the sky as it glowed with a brilliance akin to the suns in the solar system.

Since the war began, only weaker abyssals stayed behind. So, they couldn’t see who that figure was. But there was an air of familiarity to him.

“Get out of our land!”

The abyssals of the capital roared at him while they pushed their families into the safety of their homes. The men and women who could fight united and shouted at him.

But Varian was unmoved.

Varian’s aura glowed and shaped into a phantom of a giant human warrior. Its head stood where the clouds should’ve been and its feet were on the ground.

Facing such a marvelous and scary sight, the abyssals fell silent. And then, the voice that was like the rumbling of a thousand thunders filled the world.

They ran for their lives on the streets and they were chased and killed brutally. Your fathers, brothers, sons and husbands inflicted such pain on my people that an entire generation would be scarred. Even if my strength grows a hundred times, I could never erase those scars.”

But the abyssals didn’t like it.

“Billions were dead? We lost tens of billions!”

“Had you stopped this senseless fighting, my mother’s lineage there wouldn’t have been slaughtered!”

He also understood why abyssals were so brutal on Neptune. With their homeland under destruction, they had gone crazy.

So, they blamed humans. They lied to themselves to the point they began to believe it. So, they’re beyond any reasoning now.

The giant’s hand began to glow and Varian’s face was covered under the bright light.

The sky on a city lit up in a multitude of colors and beams of light shot down from the sky and enveloped the city.

“Since you made us the devils we weren’t,” Varian’s voice was indifferent, as if he just erased a stain on a sheet of paper. “I shall become the one you seek.”

“No! No! Stop! I beg you!” Thunder King struggled even as his body began to rip apart with each word he uttered.

The giant spread its arms and the sky began to shake.

And then, a colorful beam, no, a colorful tsunami of light fell from the sky and drowned the Thunder Abyss.

“I am the nightmare of your dreams, the devil of your hopes and the death of your race.”

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