Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 208 (END) - Death of a Sage! The Man Who Ended the Apocalypse!

Chapter 208: Death of a Sage! The Man Who Ended the Apocalypse!

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios “Not a lot, not a lot. This is just barely enough.” The great sage quickly kept the surprise on his face, forced a smile, and tried his best to maintain his last dignity. What he didn’t know was that for Link—who possessed the [Supreme Blessing] skill—collecting divine-type items was countless times easier than for others.

A high-grade item—which didn’t possess divine nature—would have a high chance of becoming a divine-type item after being blessed. If someone else was here, even if that person was Ou Chen—the Temple of Light’s Holy Son—and was able to use all the resources of the temple, he could only take out the [Sacred Book of Light] that was of divine nature. Compared to Link, it was a bit miserable. “Awakening the planet’s will is very important. If more divine-type items would be better, I should be able to prepare some more,” Link said and looked toward Luo Haoyue and the others. After Luo Haoyue’s transformation, her bloodline was that of the God of Evil’s descendants; she also possessed divine nature on her. As for the major human factions, such as the Temple of Light, they should also possess some divine-type items. If necessary, Link didn’t mind collecting all these items from them. Of course, the process would inevitably be quite violent. “No need; these should be enough. This is just to build a bridge; the key is to see if you fit the criteria,” said the great sage in a deep voice. Holding the items given by Link, he started to build the bridge of communication. Although he used the word ‘bridge,’ it was actually an extremely ancient spell formation. The divine-type items were only the main materials; a lot of auxiliary materials were needed too. Being Unfallen City’s City Master and having control of an entire city’s resources, Link didn’t lack the auxiliary materials either. Without procrastinating, Link immediately left the ruins and contacted Yang Xuerou and the others to ask them to prepare the corresponding materials. When Yang Xuerou and the others learned of Link’s plan, they were all very excited and delighted. This was a real way to solve the apocalypse—the revival of the planet’s will would protect the human race from being invaded by other worlds! Wu Hao and others from the Temple of Light were equally excited and expressed that the Temple of Light would also fully support Link’s plan. A large number of materials were transported to the dark mountain range, and an extremely old and large spell formation was constantly being completed. And with the continuous completion of the large spell formation, the Blue Star’s will—which was originally dormant—had become active. The Undead monsters all over the world faintly felt a sense of crisis. … The Abyssal Realm. In a huge hall of bones, three terrifying auras suddenly descended, making the atmosphere extremely solemn! A group of abyssal monsters and high-ranking Undead all crawled on the floor and trembled, lacking any courage to raise their heads. Above the hall, on three supreme thrones, the three kings of the abyss sat high. The Blood Lord, Witch Lord, and Demon Lord were all the supreme kings in charge of the Abyssal Realm, and their levels had reached Stage Nine Sage—they were extremely powerful! At this moment, the three kings were silent. Their deep gazes seemed to have crossed the barriers of endless space and were staring at Blue Star. After a long time, a dry voice sounded. “Something unexpected happened; those ants seemed to have discovered something. They actually plan to wake up the planet’s will, causing Blue Star’s nomological powers to become turbulent!” Witch Lord was enveloped in a dilapidated gray robe, and his tone was cold. The Blood Lord’s huge body—which seemed to be made from a sea of ​​blood—vibrated slightly, and the sound of the blood sea tumbling converged into murderous and awe-inspiring words. “We mustn’t let that happen. They must be wiped out as soon as possible!” The Demon Lord nodded slightly and said, “The gods of the Abyssal Realm are still asleep. If Blue Star’s will recover at this time, the consequences will be disastrous. Not only will our invasion efforts fall short, but it will also cause our own gods to be suppressed and possibly even completely annihilated.” “However, this is also an opportunity. Now that the nomological powers are turbulent, we can take this opportunity to expand the space cracks to let a supreme king forcibly pass through and completely wipe out those ants!” The surging sound of the ​​blood sea sounded again, only to hear the Blood Lord coldly say, “I shall go personally and slaughter the entire Blue Star!” The other two kings had no objections after hearing this, and both nodded. … Blue Star, dark mountain range. Many powerhouses and common people had gathered here. In the mountains’ hinterland, a huge spell formation had been completed. An illusory portal appeared in the air, exuding an incomparably deep and vast aura, while the inside contained a psychedelic brilliance that even a Sage couldn’t see through! “City Master, this trip is very dangerous, and you will get lost inside if you aren’t careful. Unfallen City cannot do without you; I am willing to go in first and find a path for you!” Just as Link was about to step into the portal, Yang Xuerou, Qiao Ruowei, and his other confidants shouted in low voices with a flash of worry on their faces. Although this was the only chance to solve the apocalypse, they didn’t want to see their City Master risk himself. Link just smiled faintly, his eyes still firm. “I have already made up my mind. Just do what you guys should do. The Abyssal Realm will surely counterattack in the near future.” Yang Xuerou and the others knew that they couldn’t change Link’s decision, so they could only nod their heads. Link’s gaze swept over everyone with eyes that were as calm and indifferent as always. His white robe swayed in the wind, and he carried a majestic attitude. This image was deeply engraved in everyone’s minds! “Everyone, goodbye for now.” Before the words fell, Link stepped into the portal. With the disappearance of Link, Blue Star’s nomological powers became more and more turbulent, which also gave the Abyssal Realm’s powerhouses a chance to descend forcefully. Three days later, a space crack—tens of millions of miles long—suddenly appeared in the sky. It was like the huge mouth of an abyss wanting to swallow the entire planet, and countless people were terrified by it! In the huge rift, gurgling blood poured down continuously. As the blood sea spread, a terrifying will enveloped the entire Blue Star! The Sage-stage existence’s aura swept through the world, and the low-rank apocalyptic Evolvers could only tremble. Even the Stage Five powerhouses also felt like they were suffocating under such terrifying pressure. All those below the Sage-stage were just ants! Nightmares turned into reality at this moment! In the ever-spreading sea of ​​blood, a huge body emerged—it was the Blood Lord! His eyes scanned the entire Blue Star, and he finally fixed his eyes on the dark mountain range. Icy words then vibrated across the air. “Link, I know that it is you who is going to awaken the planet’s will. If you don’t return quickly, I shall slaughter the entire human race!” The human powerhouses’ hearts sank, and their expressions changed wildly. This terrifying abyssal Sage wanted to use the entire human race to threaten Link! If Link didn’t give up the plan, the entire human race would be destroyed! Once Link gave up on awakening the planet’s will, he wouldn’t be able to resist the Blood Lord even if he returned! Stage Nine Sage—this was a terrifying existence powerful enough to kill everyone! But at this moment, a vast aura suddenly arose from the planet’s depths. A huge figure appeared between the sky and the earth—it was Link, who had been magnified countless times by the nomological powers! He had awakened the planet’s will… or rather, he had replaced the planet’s will! At this moment, Link’s aura reached the level of a god. What’s more, his aura was vaster and more majestic than the general gods of Order! Even though Blood Lord was a Stage Nine Sage, there was only fear left in his heart at this moment. Facing Link, he was the ant now… “Impossible! The planet’s will is the aggregation of the wills of many gods! Becoming one with the planet’s will should cause you to break down instantly!” The Blood Lord roared in disbelief. However, Link only had cold words in response to him. “Too noisy!” When these words were spoken, the nomological powers followed. The power of the vast nomological powers shrouded the Blood Lord as the words fell, causing the tyrannical Blood Lord’s body to be instantly shattered and completely annihilated! The Blood Lord wasn’t able to resist at all! In an instant, a Sage died! Afterward, Link looked at the huge crack in the sky with an indifferent expression. The Blood Lord was right. The moment he merged with the planet’s will, his physical body had broken down, but his spirit merged with the planet’s will and reached the realm of the gods. As long as Link wished to, he could recreate his human body at any time or even create all kinds of other things. At this moment, he was the master of all nomological powers! With a wave of his hands, the huge abyss mouth in the sky disappeared, and all the other space rifts were annihilated as well! Even the connection between the Abyssal Realm and Blue Star was cut off too! With Link in control of the nomological powers, the other worlds and realms would no longer be able to invade Blue Star actively. Even the gods asleep in the other worlds and realms would also be countered! In a short moment, the situation changed drastically. A nightmare-like horror was easily destroyed! Countless people stared at the huge figure in the sky blankly, unable to register what had just happened yet! Appearing at the top of the planet, the huge figure—which had condensed from the nomological powers’ rays of light—and the fallen Sage from the Abyssal Realm constantly impacted their hearts. The entire world was quiet. The long river of time seemed to have gone stagnant, and dozens of seconds passed before everyone that was immersed in the crisis of death finally came around. Then, everyone on Blue Star instantly erupted! It was like hundreds of thousands of active volcanoes had erupted in an instant. The sound of the explosions shook the world, and the red lava that swept into the world burst into flames of light that burned the sky! Cheers and laughter joined together; excited and ecstatic people shouted indulgently, venting the uneasiness and panic that had been accumulating in their hearts. The people—who were almost suffocated under the Sage-stage Blood Lord’s pressure—all showed smiles of surviving through a calamity. The Doomsday haze that had been hanging over everyone’s heads finally dissipated completely. The eyes of Yang Xuerou, Qiao Ruowei, and the others were shining, and they were full of respect and reverence for Link. “That’s the City Master; he did it! He really awakened the planet’s will!” “From now on, nobody will die to the waves of monsters anymore!” “City Master, awesome!” The people from Unfallen City shouted with excitement, their faces filled with extreme fanaticism. When the Doomsday crisis descended, it was Link who overcame all obstacles and led them in establishing a human home city—a city named Unfallen. The name signified the homeland of mankind that would never fall, giving them faith and hope! And now, when the Abyssal Sage descended, this man once again stood up. With the posture of a god, he protected the people on Blue Star and killed the Sage with a single sentence! This day was destined to be remembered by everyone! In the Forest of Darkness, the great sage looked at Link’s figure in the sky, a relieved smile showing on his face. “He replaced the planet’s will… Being a mortal, he was able to withstand the will of the gods? Perhaps only in this way can we end this Doomsday…” In the sky, Link felt the excitement of the people, and a faint smile appeared on the face made of nomological powers. Strands of nomological powers emerged one after another, and the people crushed into pieces by the Blood Lord’s pressure began to resurrect one after another. On the land filled with death due to the erosion of the turbulent blood sea, new green shoots emerged, injecting new life into the land. Above the cities occupied by high-level Undead monsters and abyss monsters, nomological powers also emerged. But this time, they were extremely overbearing. They swept through everything, wiping them away from Blue Star’s surface. Whether it was destruction or life, they were both the graces of God! High-level monsters that were a huge threat to humans had all been annihilated. As for the less threatening monsters, Link ignored them. This was the opportunity he left for the people to sharpen and improve themselves. After doing all this, Link’s majestic voice sounded again. “I said: all the mysteries asleep in the old days shall return from the embers of time.” After the words fell, phantoms emerged from behind Link. These were the ancient Blue Star gods who had fallen during the battle of gods countless years ago. All the ancient gods bowed their heads to Link in salute. With their recovery and reappearance, Blue Star—which was already filled with the vast nomological powers—became even more unfathomable! Divine brilliance rippled in the world, deterring the other worlds and realms. “I said: this world shall never fall.” Link’s majestic speech resounded through the countless worlds! … Anping calendar, year 1638. Blue Star. This place had become the center of all worlds and was very prosperous. Technology and arcane brilliance shone together as countless cities floated in the sky. In the square of a floating city, a young mother held the hand of a beautiful little boy who seemed to be carved from jade and was taking a leisurely walk. The boy’s eyes were attracted by the stalwart statues standing in the center of the square and whispered the names of these gods. “God of Light, God of War, God of Death…” Suddenly, the little boy raised his head and looked at his mother. He was a little puzzled and asked, “Mom, don’t these gods all possess unpredictable and mighty powers? Why are they all standing behind that statue? Is that god the most powerful?” Upon hearing these words, the young mother looked at the unique-looking statue standing in front of all the other god statues, and a touch of reverence flashed across her face. “That is the Lord of the Gods. He created the era in which we live and is, of course, the most powerful and noble. But it is said that the Lord of the Gods was only a mortal named Link in the beginning.” The little boy was puzzled. “A mortal? Then, how did he become a god?” “This is an old story…”

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