Lord Of The People: I Recruited A Mutant Succubus From The Start

Chapter 548 - 548 Chapter 476: Rescuing Tiannan City! (1)

548 Chapter 476: Rescuing Tiannan City! (1)

In Ren Xueli’s territory, Ren Xueli had been waiting for the news in the communication device ever since she learned that the black fog had been broken.

Feeling the vibration of the communication device, a hint of joy appeared on her face.

Quickly opening the communication device, Ren Xueli saw the private message, and a smile appeared on her face.

Subsequently, Ren Xueli told Ren Qi her location.


Ren Qi chatted with Ren Xueli for a while before agreeing to meet the next day. After which, Ren Qi went to rest.

The next morning, Ren Qi prepared to meet Ren Xueli after recruiting the troops for the day.

At this moment, the five great countries’ combined troops quickly rushed over. They were in top condition and were ready to face the invading lords, troops, and the Ghana race within the golden light curtain at any time.

The lords of that region were all extremely happy. After all, their own safety could be considered assured. If not, facing the invading lords and troops as well as the Ghanaians within the golden curtain, they would all be in great danger.

At this time, Ren Qi was also riding on Blackie, leading Elise towards Ren Xueli’s territory.

Blackie’s speed was very fast, quickly rushing towards their destination.

Along the way, Ren Qi looked at the scenery below and could not help but feel a little emotional.

After such a long time, the black fog finally shattered.

After flying for about an hour, Ren Qi and the others finally left the range of the black fog from before.

Continuing forward, they reached the area of the Dragon Country.

Ren Qi and the others first passed through a wilderness area, then reached the sky above a city.

There were still guards in the city area. When they saw Blackie in the sky, all of them became vigilant.

Some lords also came to the sky with their troops. They appeared around Ren Qi and his team, wanting to interrogate him.

Ren Qi quickly revealed his identity. These lords quickly let him pass. After all, they had heard of Ren Qi.

Ren Qi rode on Blackie and quickly passed through the city, entering the next wilderness area.

After arriving here, many of the monsters below began to move. At this moment, many figures suddenly appeared from below and headed towards Blackie.

These were flying monsters, just like a monster faction. A large number of them arrived in mid-air and attacked Blackie.

These flying monsters might have seen that Blackie was a Dark Dragon King and was all alone, so they had their eyes on it.

After all, after killing and devouring a Dark Dragon King, most of the flying monsters would be able to level up.

The bold would die of starvation, and the timid would die of starvation as well. This rule also existed among the monsters.

Therefore, these flying monsters couldn’t wait to rush up and kill Blackie, and then devour its flesh and blood.

Previously, these monsters had always done things like this, but this time, they obviously chose the wrong target.

Before these flying monsters could get close to Blackie, Elise, who was beside Ren Qi, pulled out the Dragon Pool Sword.

A sword light flashed, and the surrounding flying monsters were all killed by this sword light. Their bodies split into several pieces, and their corpses fell from the sky and landed on the ground.

The monsters below who wanted to continue charging up stopped in their tracks. They did not dare to go forward, and their bodies started trembling.

Blackie glanced at these flying monsters with disdain, and then continued to carry Ren Qi and Elise forward.

Soon, Ren Qi and the others passed through several wilderness areas and cities. They also suffered a lot of attacks, but the enemies were all killed by Elise.

In the face of her sword strike, those monsters could only wait for death.

Not long after, Ren Qi and the rest came to the sky above another city. Looking at the city below, Ren Qi’s eyes flickered slightly.

Because this city was Tiannan City!

Returning to his own city again, Ren Qi’s eyes were filled with emotion.

Who would have thought that he, who had been lonely and bitter in the past, would actually grow to such a level?

However, when he looked down, Ren Qi frowned.

That was because he discovered that in front of the city below, a large number of monsters were continuously charging toward the defensive fortification of Tiannan City.

The demon wave was attacking?

Ren Qi raised his eyebrows. He did not expect to encounter such a situation.

Although he had heard of the demon wave when he was in Tiannan City, that was already ten years ago.

After all, with the increase in the number of lords, the defense of the city had improved a lot, and the monsters had been cleared regularly. There shouldn’t have been a demon wave.

But now, a demon wave had happened. Moreover, looking at the monsters in the demon wave below, it could be said that there were a lot of them.

The impact of the demon wave formed by so many monsters was very strong.

Ren Qi could clearly see from the top that the defense of Tiannan City below could not hold out for too long.

If the demon wave continued to sweep forward, the defense of Tiannan City would be directly broken through. At that time, Tiannan City would probably suffer from the impact.

The reinforcements were definitely rushing over, but it was already too late.

Seeing this situation, Ren Qi did not hesitate and directly ordered Blackie to dive down.


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