Necropolis Immortal

Chapter 1963: Meat Farm

Chapter 1963: Meat Farm

Lu Yun took a deep breath and carefully collected the skeleton of the endarkened. This might be the first corpse of a pure creature of darkness found in the chief worlds, and it was one that belonged to an immense grand supreme! They could very possibly identify their enemy’s weaknesses through it.

The giants had only stripped the frames of flesh; they didn’t harm anything within the bones.

“The Select Cosmos? The Principal Spirit Pivot?” Lu Yun carefully observed nearby skeletons through the Spectral Eye.

While there were other victims from the chief worlds among them, more of them were from unknown locales. They were all grand supremes, and incredibly strong grand supremes at that.

He was suddenly reminded of something that Daoist Yuyu had once said, that this plane of existence was a massive forest and the chief worlds just a small patch within. Only peak grand supremes had the right to participate in its struggles and learn of its secrets. Everyone else, even grand supremes, were just toddlers under their protection.

They were prey if they left the purview of the peak grand supremes, and now Lu Yun had witnessed hunters in action. One, or a group of giants, treated the denizens of the chief worlds and other worlds as sustenance.

Was this the truth of life?

Or was this a coincidence?

Lu Yun wordlessly put away all of the skeletons in sight, not noticing that Chu Xun was talking to him.

“Big brother, big brother.” She didn’t know his name and hadn’t asked. When he didn’t respond to her, she tugged on his hem and used the only appropriate honorific she knew.

Lu Yun came back to his senses.

“What is it?”

“There’s something good over there!” Chu Xun pointed in a certain direction.

Her finger directed the way to a spacious clearing with numerous avenues split off from it. Towering mountain cliffs bordered the roads and there were no other minor paths to take. It must be territory of the giants.

“It’s a trap.” Lu Yun swept a glance in that direction. “The giants set up a trap to use in their hunting.”

Chu Xun pouted. “We don’t have any meat.”

“Because we’re too small to even be an appetizer to them. But they can capture us, stick us in a cage, and eat us when we get fatter.” A chill stole through Lu Yun when he said this and deep fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

Too small… eat us when we grow fatter…

These giants didn’t care about the strength of their prey, whether high supreme or grand supreme. All that mattered was that they had meat on them.

It reminded Lu Yun of the past fourth realm, when the path of cultivation was to cultivate nothing and make one’s body increasingly bigger. The truly successful could be bigger than an entire world!

The bigger the body, the more the meat!

The fourth realm was the main body of the Land of Reincarnation. The realm endlessly repeated its cycles and resurrected those who died, pushing them to undertake the same actions again and again.

Lu Yun’s eyes suddenly shot wide open with horror. He’d thought of a horrifying possibility. Was the true meaning behind the Land of Reincarnation to be a… meat farm for these giants?

Living beings were sent to the Land of Reincarnation to cultivate the power of nothing, making their bodies bigger and bigger. It was like raising pigs—slaughtering them when they grew fat enough. Sslaughter took place in the Land of Reincarnation as the great devastation.

All sorts of wild and random thoughts blared in Lu Yun’s mind and he nearly entered a cultivation deviation.

A hint of coolness percolated from his palm, making a circle through his mind and expelling the cacophony. Cold sweat had beaded his forehead. That was an insane and appalling supposition. Hongjun, Pang, and the others viewed the Land of Reincarnation as a place for rest and recovery. Why did it suddenly seem more like a farm?

As a native of the Land of Reincarnation, Lu Yun was also one of many pigs being fattened for slaughter.

“Thanks.” He subconsciously tousled Chu Xun’s hair as he exhaled explosively. “Some things need to be personally confirmed before judgment can be pronounced.”

“What were you thinking about? You almost entered a cultivation deviation and burned yourself to death,” Chu Xun grumbled.

“Nothing much… Do you know where these giants come from?” he asked.

The little girl shook her head blankly and asked instead, “How do you know there’s more? We’ve only seen one.”

“The teeth marks on these skeletons can only come from a group,” Lu Yun sighed. It was more worrisome that he’d only seen one giant. Not only were they a tribe, but the marks left in this clearing were different from the one who’d killed the Fire Qilin Grand Supreme.

“Oh, I wanted to ask you where big brother Miao has gone. I’m so worried about him. I dreamed… I dreamed that he died and was nailed to a tombstone…” Chu Xun fretted when she thought of Miao again.

Lu Yun kept silent. He couldn’t bear to tell her that the dream was real, Miao was dead, and the reborn one she saw wasn’t the one she knew.

“He’s also in this tomb and searching for his opportunity. You’ll see him when we leave,” he said instead.

“Okay,” Chu Xun nodded glumly. She plainly detected something, that there was more to the truth. The dream was the art that Miao had cast on her, making her think that prior events were a dream. But she was the daughter of two peak grand supremes. She wouldn’t be caught in something like that for long.

Only she knew what she was thinking. Although she was only eight, Lu Yun hadn’t treated her as a kid from the moment they met.

“Are we really not going to go over there?” She was still looking in that direction. “There really is a treasure there, one that even my mom and dad would fight for!”

“Then let’s go take a look.” Lu Yun nodded when he heard Chu Xun describe it that way.

He was certain that the giants had set up a trap there, but he was also curious about them now and wanted to verify quite a few theories. There was even a wild impulse brewing—capture a giant alive and see what they were made of!

The Spectral Eye only told him that they were giants, a branch of humanity. They were very ordinary humans from a primordial era.

Therefore, Lu Yun wanted to see how these very regular giants hunted cultivators.

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