Ninth In the World

Chapter 927 - The Item Ji Fengyu Was Seeking

Chapter 927: The Item Ji Fengyu Was Seeking

Di Jiu stopped and did not attempt to escape. Ji Fengyu was more powerful than him, but the former would still not be able to completely suppress him. In that case, he could escape anytime he wished to. The reason he had not been able to shake off Cao Xi by using the nomological escape technique previously was because of the Five-Element Universe’s laws. Now, Di Jiu was confident about being able to shake the man off his trail even if he was facing Du Bu.

Upon seeing Di Jiu stop, Ji Fengyu stopped as well. He knew that Di Jiu’s action indicated that the latter was confident about escaping, yet Ji Fengyu himself was not good at escape techniques.

“Daoist Di, I acknowledge that I was in the wrong and I apologize for that. What I’m going to talk about is the absolute truth,” Ji Fengyu said as he cupped his fists.

Di Jiu replied coolly, “Then tell me if this void whirlpool is real.”

Ji Fengyu nodded. “Yes, it is. However, the location of the void whirlpool is not indicated in the locale ball I gave you. If you’re willing to work with me, I will definitely tell you where the void whirlpool is located.”

Di Jiu laughed. “Ji Fengyu, I have never been threatened by anyone since I first started cultivating. You’re indeed very strong, but I’ve also seen a lot of people who were stronger than you.”

Ji Fengyu, who was not bothered by what Di Jiu had said, chose to reply in a leisurely manner. “Oh, a lot? May I know the exact number? If there is even one that I approve of, I will immediately carve a locale ball and give it to you. Then, we will discuss working together.”

Di Jiu calmly replied, “I’ve seen Sacred Lord Green Lotus and helped him once. There was also Xing Xi, who wanted to seize my items but was killed by me. Of course, I exchanged blows with Itinerant Yi Ji previously. I also became friends with Du Zihen. A fella called Ye Zifeng was very arrogant, and my friend Du Zihen left to kill him. If you think that this is insufficient, I recently met Dao Lord Po Xu as well. Oh yes, I have a friend called Ci, who is named Dao Lord Myriad Poison…”

The more Di Jiu spoke, the wider Ji Fengyu’s jaw opened. In the end, he let out a long breath and said, “Daoist Di, I recognize everyone you have spoken of. Although I am currently stronger than any of them, it is because I hid here during the Creation War. If they are all still alive, I’ll be no match for any of them.”

Ji Fengyu felt despondent. He finally understood after hearing all the names Di Jiu had mentioned that he was indeed strong but he was still nothing compared to true experts.

Di Jiu, who was before him, was a great example. If Di Jiu had attained the third step, Ji Fengyu knew he would have been no match for him.

Ji Fengyu was very straightforward, for Di Jiu craved a crystal ball and he gave it to him immediately. He had lived for a long time so he could easily let go of past grudges.

Why would he be mindful of what had happened previously when Di Jiu was clearly qualified to work with him? Ji Fengyu did not mind being friends with his enemies.

Di Jiu accepted the crystal ball and used his Spiritual Force to scan it. After he completed one scan, he put it away and said, “Consider this compensation for attacking me just now. I will be magnanimous and let bygones be bygones. If this happens a second time, I will not let it go so easily.”

Ji Fengyu did not care about how harsh Di Jiu’s words were. “Daoist Di, I’m telling the truth. I really did enter the Creation Gate that year. I’m certain that one must enter the Creation Gate if one wants to reach the limit or even surpass the third step. It is the gate to another universe…”

Ji Fengyu paused before adding, “It is just like the way we reached the Spiritual World from the Immortal World. No matter how strong you are in the Immortal World, an ordinary cultivator from the Spiritual World could easily kill you. Daoist Di, do you understand that now that I explained?”

Di Jiu nodded. “I would like to ask why you chose to continue staying in this universe when you had already found the void whirlpool.”

Ji Fengyu fell silent for a long time before saying, “I can tell you why, but you must agree to two conditions of mine.”

Di Jiu really wanted to know why Ji Fengyu had chosen to stay there. Given how powerful the other man was, what kind of item was he seeking exactly?

“State your conditions first. I shall see if I can agree to them.” Di Jiu did not agree immediately, choosing to let Ji Fengyu state his conditions first.

Ji Fengyu drawled, “First condition: We will be searching for 10,000 years to find the item. Finders keepers. Second condition: If we fail to find the item, we will leave this place in 10,000 years and enter the universe behind the Creation Gate together.”

It was evident how highly Ji Fengyu regarded Di Jiu when the second condition was mentioned. Ji Fengyu was an exceptional expert himself but he was aware that he would be inferior to Di Jiu if they were at the same cultivation level. In the future, when Di Jiu attained the third step, he would definitely be on par with or stronger than the experts who had entered the Creation Gate when it had first opened.

“10,000 years is too long a time. 10 years is more like it.” Di Jiu chuckled. He would not be so foolish as to get stuck there for 10,000 years with Ji Fengyu.

Ji Fengyu smiled and said, “Don’t say no yet. Decide after I tell you which item I’m looking for.”

Di Jiu looked at Ji Fengyu silently, implying that the latter could continue his performance.

Ji Fengyu breathed in deeply and readied himself. He would not have told anyone this if he’d had a choice. However, he had tried searching for so many years to no avail and had finally understood that the thing he was seeking would most likely find its own owner. It would be almost impossible to find it if it was not meant for him.

“A long time ago, the Five-Element Universe split among the Chaos. At the time, nine Primordial Dao Laws appeared, each giving birth to an apex expert. These experts were all people who could leave the Five-Element Universe. However, very few people know that a Dao law escaped then. It was considered the most useless one, but in fact, it could be considered the limit of the Dao…” Ji Fengyu’s voice seemed to come from all sides, his tone indicating how unwilling he was to give up searching.

Perhaps he knew that the escaped Dao law would no longer be his once he said this. In truth, if he’d still had a ray of hope, he would have chosen to remain silent and continue searching.

An escaped law? Di Jiu looked at Ji Fengyu speechlessly. “Old Ji, that is what you have been seeking for the past 10,000 years?”

Ji Fengyu sighed. “Of course. Why else do you think I would come here and refuse to leave?”

“It is best that lesser people do not know when it comes to something so valuable. Why did you tell me?” Di Jiu looked at Ji Fengyu questioningly. He refused to believe that Ji Fengyu would offer this secret up simply to seek his cooperation. If he’d believed such a thing, he would have died a long time ago.

Ji Fengyu smiled bitterly, aware that Di Jiu did not believe him. He then explained. “Actually, even if you had not come here, I’d been planning to leave now anyway. I mentioned 10,000 years, but no one knows how many more years it will take. After all, the item I’m searching for is sought by an even more powerful individual. When he comes, he will take it away and will not need to waste any time searching.”

Di Jiu knew that Ji Fengyu should be referring to Du Bu, who was very impressive. After all, Du Bu was the only person Di Jiu knew who was feared by every person Di Jiu encountered.

Di Jiu shook his head and looked at Ji Fengyu helplessly, “You will not be able to find that escaped Dao law no matter how long you try, Old Ji.”

“Why?” Ji Fengyu asked subconsciously. Then, he stared at Di Jiu with wide eyes, looking as though he wanted to swallow Di Jiu whole.

Di Jiu, who was not afraid that Ji Fengyu would attack him, replied calmly, “Because that escaped Dao law has already transformed into nothing. What I’m saying is true, for I saw it with my own eyes. It will not appear again.”

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