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Chapter 1056: Understanding Map Drawing Process

Chapter 1056: Understanding Map Drawing Process

Lord Rhuvek and the rest of the dark elf platoon raised their heads to gaze at the hole in the cave ceiling with shock and surprise.

After a few moments, Lord Rhuvek returned his attention to Leon and asked with amazement, “Lord Leon, how did you know a hole was hidden there?”

“I have my means,” Leon replied dismissively before saying, “More importantly, no one found out the mutants were coming from the holes in the ceiling? I find that hard to believe.”

“You are truly our lucky star, Lord Leon,” Lord Rhuvek said wryly before scratching his head with embarrassment.

“As embarrassing as it sounds, it is true that we never figured out where the mutants came from. Our detectors have always picked up the mutants’ first appearance in C Sector, and we had long suspected they had an entrance somewhere in C Sector.”

“However, we never found it. C Sector may have been mapped, but it isn’t easy for us to explore freely due to the dangers posed by the insects’ nests and Paragon-level threats. As such, we always had to be careful when we try to investigate C Sector.”

“Even so, Lord Rhuvek should have suspected the cave ceiling, no? Given how many plants are growing on the ceiling, it wouldn’t be easy for you to rule it off the list unless you scoured every part of it,” Leon stated with furrowed brows.

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“You are absolutely right, Lord Leon,” Lord Rhuvek agreed with his point while embracing his clan’s mistake.

“The cave ceiling was completely ruled off the list of suspected areas in our records. I suspect that one of my predecessors, the previous city lords, must have made a bold assumption regarding the ceiling and crossed it off in the records.”

“The mutants are not intelligent, so it wouldn’t be strange to think they wouldn’t hide their tracks when they enter C Sector,” Lord Rhuvek mentioned.

“The mutants aren’t intelligent?” Leon repeated with a slight smile before saying, “This in and of itself is a bold assumption, Lord Rhuvek. In fact, it’s a grave mistake to think so.”

“I haven’t seen these so-called mutants that threaten your clan, but according to what I’ve learned so far, these mutants clearly have a purpose for heading to D Sector. Even if all the mutants you encountered were never intelligent, they must be capable of following commands from ones that are.”

“Nevertheless, I find it quite strange that regarding such a big threat as the mutants, one of your predecessors would be so lax as to boldly cross off a suspected area without thoroughly investigating it,” Leon mentioned.

As Lord Rhuvek heard that, he deeply frowned before seeking Leon’s opinion, “Are you suspecting that one of my predecessors was a traitor, Lord Leon?”

“I don’t want to interfere with your clan’s matters nor start any unnecessary trouble for your clan, but that does seem to be the case to me. In fact, there might even be more than one traitor,” Leon stated.

Lord Rhuvek’s frown deepened even further after hearing Leon’s answer. He found it inconceivable and hard to believe.

“But how can there be traitors in our clan? What could they possibly gain from sabotaging the investigation? Do they want to destroy the clan?” Lord Rhuvek wondered with a deep frown.

It did not cross his mind that there could be dark elves working with or for the mutants. He didn’t think it was possible.

“My Lord… I don’t want to interrupt, but don’t we have more important matters to deal with right now?” a Peak Rank 2 Transcendent-level Dark Elf reminded.

Lord Rhuvek was startled for a moment before his mind cleared up.

“You’re right. I was too distracted by the notion of traitors in our clan,” Lord Rhuvek acknowledged his mistake with a nod.

“Mark that hole on the map, and have someone seal it immediately! Once we deal with the mutants in D Sector, we will return to investigate it and review all the investigation records we have on the cave ceilings!”

“Yes, my Lord!”

The dark elves immediately complied after Lord Rhuvek ordered.

At the same time, Leon secretly observed the dark elves updating the map. They drew runes on the white crystal with their scribing pens.

Afterward, they extracted the runic images from the white crystal and pasted them into the holographic map.

Leon was quickly intrigued by their methods; it had truly opened his eyes.

While 3D map drawing was a delicate process that wouldn’t be a problem for him, he never thought about drawing runes that simply serve no purpose other than for its imagery.

In other words, the runes being drawn had no special effects whatsoever.

They had the cohesiveness of connecting spirit energy. But other than that, they serve no purpose besides possessing certain appearances.

Strictly speaking, they weren’t runes but just lumps of spirit energy bound together like one.

In fact, the dark elves were simply weaving spirit energy and using the white crystals to retain their weaved forms.

Leon had given them too much credit when he thought they were also proficient runemasters.

After understanding the secret behind the Dark Elf Clan’s 3D map drawing process, Leon found a number of ways to recreate 3D maps without undergoing the same tedious and delicate process.

However, his revised method could only be used by him; the dark elves wouldn’t be able to copy his method without possessing Divine Will.

Nevertheless, the Dark Elf Clan’s 3D map drawing process could be said be straightforward and simple.

After pondering on it for some time, Leon found ways to improve 3D maps and make them interactive instead of just being 3D images.

A few minutes later, the dark elves finished updating their maps and sealing the hole in the ceiling before it was time to move on.

“Gather up. It’s time to head down to D Sector. Every moment that pass is an another opportunity for the mutants to grow. We must eliminate them as soon as possible!”

“Yes, my Lord!”


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