The World of Deities

Chapter 118 - Choosing Both

Chapter 118: Choosing Both

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As the crowd cried out in surprise, they did not forget to observe Su Ye’s movements.

When the wind dagger flew past the distance of 15 meters, its size shrank, but its speed was still extremely fast. An ordinary warrior apprentice might still be hit by it.

However, a confident smile appeared on Eugene’s face. His body slanted forward. Not only did he easily dodge the wind dagger, but he also charged straight at Su Ye.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Eugene’s running speed was completely beyond everyone’s imagination. Every time his feet landed on the ground, a large cloud of dust would be kicked up.

Within two seconds, Eugene would definitely be able to close the distance between him and Su Ye.

It would take less than two seconds for a Black Iron Warrior to travel 20 meters.

Eugene clearly did not use his Black Iron divine power. He only unleashed the divine power of an apprentice, but his speed actually surpassed that of an ordinary Black Iron Warrior!

“It’s over…”

The students of Plato Academy were filled with despair. They had considered all possibilities, but they did not expect Eugene’s speed to be so fast.

Hort sighed softly. He felt responsible for Su Ye’s failure.

Lake shook his head. It turned out that Eugene had not used his full strength when he fought them the other day.

Rolon also sighed. Compared to a genius like Eugene, Su Ye was still far behind.

Kaerton placed his right hand in front of Hark and extended three fingers.

Su Ye pointed at Eugene. This time, he did not stop the Magic Surge.


The chant for Magic Rope sounded. A brusque and loud voice rang in everyone’s ears.

However, nobody placed their hopes in this incantation.

It was because it was too…

Before the phrase “too slow” could pop up in everyone’s mind, a long snake suddenly flew out from Su Ye’s waist and charged towards Eugene, who was less than five meters away.

Eugene’s strength far surpassed that of an ordinary Black Iron Warrior. He actually changed his direction in an instant and tried to dodge the Magic Rope.

However, Su Ye’s current Magic Rope could easily bind even the magical beast Frost Wolf.


This time, Su Ye did not aim for Eugene’s neck, but his large upper body.

The Magic Rope moved swiftly like a living creature, pouncing on Eugene’s upper body and quickly binding it.

Eugene was still running right before the Magic Rope touched him.

His upper body was bound by the Magic Rope while his two legs were still charging forward. This caused him to feel as though he was hit in the chest by a long stick while running.

Eugene’s entire body was thrusted backwards. He was in the air momentarily before he fell to the ground heavily.

Even so, he tried his best to lift his neck to avoid hitting the back of his head on the ground. At the same time, he adjusted his position, attempting to kick Su Ye as a last resort.

Su Ye turned sideways casually and avoided Eugene’s attack.


Eugene fell in front of Su Ye like a log.

The moment he landed, Su Ye looked down at Eugene.

Eugene looked up at Su Ye.

Their eyes met.

One of them had a faint smile in his eyes.

The other’s eyes were filled with surprise, grief, and doubt.

The next moment, Su Ye raised his foot and kicked Eugene in the face.

Eugene screamed. His vision went black and blood splattered from his nose.

Su Ye bent down and pressed Eugene’s head down with his left hand. He swung his right fist and used the protruding part of his knuckles to hit Eugene repeatedly on his right temple.

One punch! Two punches! Three punches! Four punches! Five punches!

Su Ye could even faintly hear the sound of an artery breaking in Eugene’s head. Su Ye could imagine how a large amount of blood spurted out of Eugene’s brain and formed a hematoma.

Eugene groaned and fainted. His limbs went soft as he lied defenselessly.

No matter how strong a Black Iron Warrior was, without the protection of their Black Iron armor, they would not be able to withstand such a fierce attack.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have already been declared dead.

Su Ye stood up and looked around.

At this moment, Socrates Street was even quieter than it was in the wee hours.

Hark pushed Kaerton’s hand down and extended his right hand towards Kaerton.

“A new magic dagger for me.”

A bowl could be fit into Kaerton’s gaping mouth.

Su Ye turned his head to look at Hort and Lake. He then smiled and looked down at Eugene.

“I asked you which arm was broken, but you didn’t tell me. In that case, I can only choose both.”

Su Ye bent down and placed Eugene’s left arm nicely beside his torso. Then, Su Ye stepped on the elbow joint of Eugene’s left arm, grabbed his wrist, and twisted it.


The crisp sound of bones breaking and dislocating could be heard.

Su Ye let go and Eugene’s limp left arm dropped to the ground like a piece of rotten pork.

Su Ye bent down again and stepped on Eugene’s right arm. Once again, he twisted Eugene’s arm upwards.


A relatively delicate mage broke both arms of a warrior.

The contrast made everyone present shudder in fear.

Hutton instinctively hugged his arms tightly and placed his hands on the corresponding elbow joints. His body trembled slightly.

His fear towards Su Ye seemed to have deepened.

Hutton suddenly wanted to thank Su Ye because compared to what was happening now, Su Ye was very kind to him.

However, he realized that Su Ye seemed to be the one who stretched out his hand to him. It was just that Su Ye’s helping hand had accidentally landed on his nose instead.

Every student in the third class recalled what Su Ye had said before.

Su Ye was very good at distinguishing between friends and enemies.

No one from the Noble Academy booed; no one from the Plato Academy applauded.

The audience were all shocked by Su Ye’s brutal methods.

Su Ye approached the skinny student, grabbed the woman’s earring, and walked back to Eugene’s side without casting a glance at the 50 shiny Gold Eagles.

Under everyone’s incredulous gazes, Su Ye pierced Eugene’s left earlobe with the earring. Then, he slowly pulled it out, stood up, and observed it under the sunset.

The sunset condensed into a drop of blood and dripped from the tip of the earring.

“It’s pretty. Thank you, Eugene.”

Su Ye looked at the students of the Noble Academy.

“I really hope to improve through sparring. So, I welcome anyone to challenge me, including Eugene after he recovers. However, I hope that everyone understands that I want a fair fight. I do not wish for anyone to disturb my friends. The hands of injustice will be chopped off!”

After saying that, Su Ye waved at Hort, then picked up his magic book on the ground and dusted it.

Hort immediately ran over with the wooden box in his arms and handed it to Su Ye.

Su Ye instructed, “Keep the Gold Eagles. If there’s no one on the other side who will help, find a teacher to treat Eugene’s injuries. If he is left unattended for a long time, he might become retarded.”

The gate was still silent as Su Ye walked towards Kaerton.

After seven to eight seconds of silence, the cheers of the Plato Academy students erupted from inside the school compound.

The students from other academies also applauded Su Ye and even whistled at him.

Only then did the students from the Noble Academy rush towards Eugene and the teacher who accompanied them quickly healed him.

After that, all the students went into frenzied discussions.

“How many seconds did Su Ye use to unleash the Magic Rope?”

“His speed of activation was between 0.5 and 0.75 seconds!”

“This is a bit strange. Did he obtain Magic Surge or Magic Explosion? Or does he have some other hidden talents?”

“I suspect that he has Magic Explosion. The possibility of him reducing the casting time by two seconds is higher.”

“Indeed, the Magic Rope is a basic magic and not an elemental magic. One can reduce the casting speed of an elemental magic with a corresponding special talent or strength. However, basic magic seems to only be affected by Magic Surge and Magic Explosion. It can also be affected by those very high-level talents. It’s impossible for him to obtain those.”

“Do you think it’s Bloodline Power? Some bloodlines seem to be able to reduce the casting time of some spells.”

“Does anyone know what happened?”

The students discussed various possibilities.

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