Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 506-END

506 Million Years Evolution! (Final)

Black Jade Star, Eastern Pole Region.

On the vast and distant Dusk Leaf Plain, the sky was green.


A high-pitched beast cry came from afar. Under the frequency resonance, the entire plain shook.


A moment later, the tremor stopped. Soul beasts covered in snow and drenched in sweat flew into the sky.

These soul beasts were tall, at least four people tall, but their bodies were covered in dense mechanical steel bodies. Even the two blue wings on their backs were covered in a light bead-like mechanical core, like a special armor.

The Sacred Iron Dragon Horse was a mutated mechanical soul beast of the fourth generation of the Black Jade Star.

On the back of the leading Sacred Iron Dragon Horse, a black and white Bamboo Bear that was only a meter tall stood majestically. It crossed its arms and looked ahead.


The Bamboo Bear extended a meaty paw and pointed ahead.

All it could see was a huge court ship that floated in the air like a starry barrier.

The mothership was shrouded in clouds and fog. One could vaguely see ancient buildings like an immortal realm.

However, the difference was that in these buildings, many soul beasts in mechanical armor could be seen. From afar, they looked like wild cranes and Golden-Winged Phoenix Birds.

Especially where the Bamboo Bear was.

It was the entrance of the huge court ship. There were 18 green-blue pillars. On the pillars was a plaque engraved with three golden words: Southern Heavenly Gate.

At the door, there were 18 identical soul beasts standing at the side.

They were tall, had a lion’s head and a tiger’s body. They stood like vajra and had ghostly faces. They looked majestic, burly, and extremely handsome!

Especially their eyes, they emitted a threatening pressure.

Just this gaze alone had a will that made people tremble.

The armor on their bodies was even more unique. It covered every corner of their bodies. On their chests, there was a glowing core that kept circulating.

Tiger Might, an outstanding soul beast of the third generation of the Black Jade Star.


Seeing a group of Sacred Iron Dragon Horses fly up from below, the leading Tiger Might turned the spear in its hand and immediately aimed it at the newcomer.

However, after seeing the Bamboo Bear, it immediately put away its spear and looked more respectful.

The Bamboo Bear jumped off the back of the Sacred Iron Dragon Horse and howled.

The Tiger Might nodded slightly, then called over three subordinates and brought these Sacred Iron Dragon Horses to the teleportation array not far behind the Southern Heavenly Gate.

On the teleportation array, waves of light flickered and began to scan the Sacred Iron Dragon Horses. Information flew out of the teleportation array for free and transformed into a nameplate that landed on each Sacred Iron Dragon Horse.

“Identity test completed. Teleportation activated.”

“Location locked. Second level of the 33rd Heaven, Mechanical Court.”

The Sacred Iron Dragon Horses immediately disappeared.

The Bamboo Bear watched this scene and crossed its arms. It nodded slightly in satisfaction.

Then, its body distorted and turned into a small and cute little beast floating in the air.

“The final testing and teleportation procedures of the mothership have been verified.”

“The Heavenly Court Mothership is completed!”

The little beast called out to the Tiger Might.

“Chirp chirp!”

The 18 Tiger Mights immediately raised their spears and shouted excitedly.

At this moment, the surroundings flickered as a figure gradually appeared in space.

The little beast whimpered and flew to the figure.

“Little Firefly, how many years has it been?” The figure smiled and asked.

The Firefly Dream Spirit gestured.

“Thirty years… Then I’ve been in seclusion for about five years.”

The figure pondered and said, “How’s the Heavenly Court Mothership?”

The Firefly Dream Spirit immediately hissed excitedly.

“The verification has been completed. It’s officially completed?”

Wang Che was slightly stunned.

That was quite fast.

Fifteen years ago, after everything was prepared, he began to build the Heavenly Court Mothership. He did not expect it to be built in fifteen years.

That’s right, when there were no lack of resources, there were technology, blueprints, and such soul beasts… as well as planets that constantly spewed energy.

Fifteen years should be considered slow.

Wang Che looked at the vast Black Jade Star and closed his eyes to sense it.

“The energy concentration has already decreased. It began to wither after 30 years. These things of the immortal cultivation civilization are really oppressive. With the extent of the origin energy eruption of the Black Jade Star, it will only gradually wither after at least 50 years. It can’t do it now. In at most ten years, the Black Jade Star will be close to withering.”

Wang Che sighed.

In fact, the consumption of soul beasts was relatively small.

The Ancient Fiend and the Divine Light Whale did not need to cultivate. They only needed the faith power.

As for the soul beasts born on the Black Jade Star, although there were many, compared to the entire Black Jade Star, they were actually quite few.

“Where’s the little skeleton? The longer it takes, the harder it should be to go back, right?”

Wang Che asked, “How’s the calculation of the spatial coordinates?”

The Firefly Dream Spirit called out a few times.

“Yes, we’ve almost calculated it…” Wang Che nodded, “Not bad, where are the soul beasts of the Black Jade Star? Have they been transferred to the mothership?”

The Firefly Dream Spirit thought about it and shook its head.

“In a few years, as it enters the exhausted stage, the Black Jade Star shouldn’t give birth to a fourth generation soul beast.” Wang Che pondered and said, “At that time, let’s return to the martial soul world. Your only compatriot is still there.”

The Firefly Dream Spirit was stunned.


It looked at the Black Jade Star in confusion.

Thirty years was so short that it was negligible in its life.

However, in the past thirty years on the Black Jade Star, the effects were rather deep.

It had probably never come into contact with so many soul beasts and had never been so free.

The third and fourth-generation soul beasts born on the Black Jade Star had the bearing of ancient soul beasts in the martial soul world. This was similar to the martial soul world.

Moreover, under the eruption of the origin energy, the third and fourth-generation soul beasts were relatively stronger than ancient soul beasts.

In addition, from the moment they had signs of life, they had the care of the second-generation soul beasts that helped them to awaken their strength. It was countless times better than when ancient soul beasts were born in the martial soul world.

In terms of combat strength, with the little caterpillar, Bear Treasure, the Magnetic Sword, and the Firefly Dream Spirit’s Divine Will Space for training, they were far stronger than ancient soul beasts.

There were only a few dozen second-generation soul beasts.

There were more third-generation soul beasts, but there were only a thousand or so. The third-generation soul beasts that the Ancient Fiend and the Divine Light Whale did not think too much about did not leave many traces.

There were many fourth-generation soul beasts, hundreds of thousands of them.

Other than ghost and devil-type, there were other types.

However, the attributes of fourth-generation soul beasts were mostly inclined towards a certain attribute. They were not like true soul pets. After countless generations of bloodline evolution, they were fixed on a certain attribute or two.

As the Firefly Dream Spirit brought Wang Che to tour the Heavenly Court Mothership, it explained the past few years in detail.

After the Cloud Heavenly Court officially began construction, Wang Che had been planning for almost ten years.

After ten years, after the Cloud Heavenly Court took shape and got on track, the Firefly Dream Spirit’s cultivation exceeded 200,000 years. Wang Che began to cultivate in seclusion and break through. He wanted to cultivate the Primordial Sacred Soul in one go, so he handed everything to the Firefly Dream Spirit and the little caterpillar to do.

“There should be very few time and space-type soul pets, right? It should be normal if there aren’t any…” Wang Che thought about it.

However, the Firefly Dream Spirit told Wang Che that when he was in seclusion, two fourth-generation soul beasts with the power of time and five soul beasts with the power of space had appeared.

As expected, there were still a few special little soul beasts under the large base.

Unlike soul pets in the martial soul world, although it was very difficult for time and space-type soul beasts to appear there, those with soul beast seedlings of these two attributes could always nurture soul pets of these two attributes.

Coupled with thousands of years of development, they could undergo soul pet breeding.

Therefore, although time and space were extremely rare there, there were still some.

It was almost impossible for the Black Jade Star to give birth to a soul beast with these two powers.

However, it was still born.

Regarding the training of these two types of soul beasts, the space-type had the little caterpillar as a teacher and the time-type had the little skeleton.

It had just been born and should have considerable potential in the future.

“South Heavenly Gate.”

“The 33rd Heaven.”

“The main ship, the Numinous Treasure Hall.”

“The four Divine Mechanical Heavenly Palace’s secondary ships…”

“Hmm, there’s even a Netherworld Reincarnation Ship? Wait, the Black Jade Star shouldn’t be able to produce materials that contain the power of reincarnation. You used… the little skeleton… Eh, how can you treat the little skeleton like this?”

“Hmm? It suggested it itself. Oh, that’s okay.”

Along the way, Wang Che was a little speechless and stunned.

Because it was the beggar version of the Heavenly Court Mothership, many of the secondary ships had been ignored, mainly because there were no materials.

Unexpectedly, some were really made for the Firefly Dream Spirit and the others.

It was just short of activating now.

“What’s your cultivation level?” Wang Che asked.

The Firefly Dream Spirit snorted, indicating that it did not want to answer.

It should be at the bottom.

“After the Heavenly Court Mothership is activated, it can directly use the Quantum Technology to compress the remaining origin energy of the entire Black Jade Star into a two-dimensional reserve. There’s no need to stay on the Black Jade Star anymore.”

“I’ll go to the martial soul world to take a look first. Then, I can directly find the resource civilization of other worlds…”

“The Heavenly Court Mothership and the few of you should be fine.”

“It’s just short of activating now.”

“There’s no hurry. Let’s wait for the coordinates to be completely deduced.”

“Hmm… your cultivation is 350,000 years… It’s okay, it’s a little low.” Wang Che patted the Firefly Dream Spirit’s head.

To be able to reach this stage in just 30 years was actually very fast for the Firefly Dream Spirit.

Because the little caterpillar and the others had cultivation techniques, Wang Che had already decided on the route. Their cultivation was naturally extremely smooth. Coupled with the environment of the Black Jade Star, they were not far from a million years.

Especially the little caterpillar, Wang Che estimated that it should be the first to reach a million years.

It was currently in the nurturing state of the Ancestral Worm Sacred Power.

It was said that the Bear Treasure, Magnetic Sword, the second-generation soul beasts, and the Ancient Fiend and the Divine Light Whale had worked together to beat it into a dying state and enter the last stage of the Ancestral Worm Sacred Power.

The little caterpillar, who had already cultivated the five Soul Nascent, had already reached the peak of the Five Elements Profound Clarity Era Record. Its Great Dao was manifested. Coupled with the bloodline of the Sky God Dragon, its combat strength was not inferior to the Ancient Fiend and the Divine Light Whale.

Secondly, although Wang Che was in seclusion, his first martial soul was still producing support continuously.

He used his second martial soul to enter seclusion.

After Wang Che broke through to Level 90, he had already completely grasped the energy structure and use of the martial soul.

With the resources of the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul, the Magnetic Sword had more than ten thousand mechanical swords and had long comprehended the Heavenly Lightning Sword Domain. Coupled with the Myriad Sword System, it could transform into the Immortal Slaying Sword. If it exceeded a million years, it would not be inferior to the Immortal Sword embryo Wang Che refined back then.

However, its cultivation was much lower than the little caterpillar, only 800,000 years.

Bear Treasure had already completely grasped the Divine Brilliance and Divine Brilliance. It had also grasped nine of the Nine Battles Flying Immortal Technique’s Formless, Reverse Force, Instant Shadow, True Control, Dragon Imprisoning, Sacred Power, Spirit Jade, Battle God, and Bitter Candle.

Above this, it had comprehended the tenth Sumeru Spirit, Divine Might.

The ten Sumeru Spirits would not let Bear Treasure lose to any soul beast alone.

Even the little caterpillar would find it very difficult to defeat Bear Treasure.

However, it was very difficult to lose.

Although the Firefly Dream Spirit’s combat strength was not strong, its functionality was too strong. Once the Divine Will Space was opened, as long as one entered, they would be affected.

The few worlds Wang Che constructed, especially for the little caterpillar and the others, still did not open.

He let them know that there was always someone better.

The little skeleton had already grasped the power of its two pieces of equipment, especially the time power contained in the crown, greatly accelerating the growth of the Black Jade Star’s resources.

When Wang Che was in seclusion, he had already begun to use Time Reversal to sense the spatial traces left behind on the Black Jade Star. This way, he could deduce the coordinates of the martial soul world with the Firefly Dream Spirit.

They arrived at the main ship, the Numinous Treasure Hall. The hall that stood in the clouds looked quite ancient, but the internal structure was mechanical.

In the center of the palace, a floating holographic planet floated quietly.

This was the Firefly Dream Spirit’s star diagram. From the originally still two-dimensional star diagram, it slowly became a multidimensional star diagram the size of the Black Jade Star.

He could set the time of the star diagram and see the changes in the previous star diagram.

There were many black dots on the star diagram.

These black spots meant that the resources had been completely collected.

Under the star diagram, there was a slot. It was the activation switch of the mothership.

Currently, the mothership was floating in the air in a sleeping mode. It had not been completely activated and had consumed the least energy.

Wang Che walked over and released his Essence Soul martial soul.

At this moment, the Essence Soul martial soul was floating like a cloud. Its entire body was covered in a faint layer of clouds, like chaos, and its actual appearance could not be seen.

However, it emitted immense divine might and majestic energy.

The Primordial Sacred Soul had already been cultivated.

To Wang Che’s cultivation path, Level 90 soul power was only the beginning.


Wang Che flicked his sleeve. The Primordial Sacred Soul opened its eyes and connected to the slot.

In an instant, everything in the Heavenly Court Mothership appeared clearly in Wang Che’s mind like a three-dimensional composition.

Outside, the majestic Cloud Heavenly Court began to emit dazzling divine light. It was dazzling as if it could illuminate the entire Black Jade Star!

A few months later.

The Heavenly Court Mothership took off and a strange light began to envelop the entire Black Jade Star. Under the light, the entire Black Jade Star quickly shrunk and was stored in the Heavenly Court Mothership.

At the same time, 18 divine pillars shot out from the Southern Heavenly Gate at the front of the mothership, interweaving to form a spatial wormhole.

“Spatial coordinates confirmed!”

“Return to the martial soul world!”

Eastern War Zone.

The fog was heavy. The snowflakes floating in the air were crystalline as they landed.

On the surface of the brilliant snow, the silence of this world was reflected.

Skyheart City turned into a frozen city. Nothing seemed to have changed.

In the world under the ice sculpture, even the terrified expressions of the pedestrians on the street were revealed.

Thud thud thud…

At some point, footsteps sounded on the street.

“More than a hundred years ago, when I was born, a question had always been in my mind…”

“What question?”

“How did he fail?”


“Later on, after I cultivated to the Heavenly King Realm in this world, I roughly knew some things.”


“Actually, the toys in this world are all quite interesting. The gods above don’t dare to come down and only dare to secretly send some small things to his toys in hopes that a few toys in this world can break through the limit and begin to nurture some good seedlings in a long time…”

“Unfortunately, it was ruined by the Dark Demon World. I discovered the good seedling that should have appeared and took advantage of it.”

“…You’re lucky.”

“Indeed, I think I’m quite lucky. But why did that guy disappear?”

“Do you know? The first time I saw him, his aura and smell immediately undid the seal in my soul. Later on, I thought about it. He had already died for so many years. Why would he still appear in this world…”

“Later on, I came to the Ice Palace and gave him the little trouble left on it.”

“Without the key, won’t the Ice Palace benefit me? There are so many good seedlings… What a pity. If he was discovered later, with his sharpness, it should be his.”

Figures walked out of the snow. They were two women.

“Is your obsession that strong?” The woman on the left frowned.

“Of course, he’s the only opponent in my previous life after all,” the woman on the right said. “You don’t understand. The loneliness of not having an opponent is very uncomfortable. I originally thought that I could obtain the Ice Palace and stimulate the cold wave to force him to appear.”

“I even deliberately slowed down the advancement of the cold wave and let him develop for decades… I didn’t expect him to leave this world directly. Forget about leaving, but after decades, there’s no trace of him. The humans are really stupid. They didn’t even bring him back. Clearly, with that small problem, they could easily stop the cold wave. Anyone with a little brain can think of it… It’s still possible to struggle at death’s door for a hundred years.”

Hearing this, the woman on the left frowned and said, “No, I remember that a Heavenly King from the Eastern Continent accidentally turned into ice in the cold wave. They shouldn’t be able to find him, right?”

“Are you doing this on purpose? I think you don’t have the confidence. You want to develop for decades on your own… Otherwise, you don’t have the confidence to face him. Back then, when several Heavenly Kings of the Eastern War Zone were in the cold wave, why did you seal that Cloud Sky Heavenly King?”

“Bullsh*t! Why would I be afraid?” The woman on the right snorted, “That’s because I just obtained the Ice Palace… I haven’t controlled it properly…”

“Then why didn’t you unseal the Cloud Sky Heavenly King later? Why not let him go back and bring Wang Che back?”

“Ranshuang, you are asking more and more questions,” the Glazed Heavenly King said. “Your foresight is bad. You don’t understand my intentions at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“He was on the Black Jade Star, but at that time, I had already obtained the Ice Palace and awakened the power of my previous life. I also had more than ten small toys of this world. Do you think he would be my match when he returned?”

“It’s impossible. Even if he came back at that time, it would be over with a snap of my fingers.”

“At that time, it was impossible for him to be on par with me in this world. I sealed the Cloud Sky Heavenly King in ice in order to keep him in the Black Jade Star. If he had the ability, he could naturally return from the Black Jade Star himself. At that time, he would definitely have extremely powerful strength. If he could not return, he would naturally not be my match.”

“I think you’re just saying it after the fact… In just a few decades, so what if he can develop on the Black Jade Star? You’re lucky to have obtained a cheat. You cultivated in the Ice Palace for thousands of years and used the power brought by the cold wave… You still expect your old opponent to also obtain a cheat?” Gu Ranshuang smiled.

“You don’t understand.” The Glazed Heavenly King thought for a moment, “In his previous life, he was even more absurd than having a cheat. It’s not difficult for him to come back from the Black Jade Star. It’s just that the time is uncertain.”


“I’m mainly here to see the traces of his birth. I wonder how he came to this world.”

“Perhaps this is his plan.”

The two of them moved like shadows and arrived at a residence in the blink of an eye.

They looked around the room.

“How is it?”

“It doesn’t look like a scheme… It looks like a soul passing through the womb…” The Glazed Heavenly King’s expression changed slightly, “How ridiculous. Under that cosmic lightning tribulation, there’s actually a trace of a soul that can float to this world…”

At this moment, the snow outside suddenly stirred.

The air seemed to be compressed and condensed.

“Hmm?” Their expressions changed.

“Wow, good fellow, he’s really back.” Gu Ranshuang looked outside in surprise, “This aura is not quite right. It doesn’t seem to be his aura. There’s a mechanical decaying smell mixed with some strange immortal aura.”

“Wait, how many years has it been? The time on the Black Jade Star is the same as in the Federation. It’s only been more than 30 years, right? Isn’t it too fast?”

“As expected of you!”

The Glazed Heavenly King’s eyes were deep, “This guy actually created this thing on the Black Jade Star. It seems that he sensed something. The path he took is impossible to master in a few decades. Even if his Primordial Sacred Soul is cultivated, it’s just the beginning. It’s nothing against my current strength.”

“However, no matter how bad the Heavenly Court Mothership of the technological immortal cultivation civilization is, as long as it is built, it will have very terrifying power. It can be used in the early stages…”

“Let’s go take a look.”

The two of them arrived in the air.

“This thing…”

Gu Ranshuang looked at this thing and her mind was filled with questions, “Can a person create it on a desolate planet?”

“To think that you’re one of my three split souls. It’s been so long, but you haven’t even awakened any of my intelligence? Didn’t you sense it? There are hundreds of thousands of soul beasts in the Heavenly Court Mothership. Obviously, one person can’t create it.”

The Glazed Heavenly King said, “I estimate that it was a life form created on the Black Jade Star or used a secret technique to stimulate the origin of the Black Jade Star and accelerate the development of the Black Jade Star hundreds of thousands of times. I used the cheat, the Ice Palace.”

“Look at him, he’s a cheat himself.”


Wang Che walked out of the Heavenly Court Mothership and looked down at the white space in silence.

More than 30 years had passed on the Black Jade Star, so it should not be more than 40 years in the martial soul world.

This was because the time flow on both sides was about the same.

In decades, the entire world had changed. Needless to say, there was definitely the interference of external forces.

Looking at the two figures in front, Wang Che understood.

Hmm, it seemed that forging the Heavenly Court Mothership was the right choice.

“You don’t recognize me anymore?”

Divine sense spread out like a great sound that resounded in the air.

Wang Che pondered for a few seconds and asked in a probing tone, “Heavenly Sea Realm Master?”

“Can’t you tell if I’m a man or a woman?”

“Primordial Phoenix Emperor?”


“Joyless Demon Master?”


“Nine Tribulation Star Master?”


The other party’s expression became worse and worse, and her aura became violent.

Wang Che asked, “Who exactly are you?”

“…” The Glazed Heavenly King.

“…” Gu Ranshuang.


“This is our opponent?” Gu Ranshuang tilted her head and looked at the Heavenly King, “Why do I feel that he doesn’t treat you as his opponent? Your memories of your previous life have been awakened for nothing.”

“He doesn’t remember you at all!”

“I reckon that among his opponents in his previous life, we shouldn’t be ranked at the top.”


“It doesn’t matter if he remembers or not. I’ll make him remember later,” the Glazed Heavenly King said calmly.

As soon as she finished speaking, the Glazed Heavenly King slapped forward.

In an instant, this palm strike seemed to contain the cries of gods and ghosts. Billions of ferocious beasts swept through the cold wave and charged at Wang Che.

“Oh… I have some impression of this.”

Wang Che’s fingers were like swords as they gently slashed across, turning everything into nothingness.

“You’re my old opponent when I was at the Soul Formation realm, Fairy Ice Cloud, right?” Wang Che asked, “It’s been too long. I really can’t remember. Eh, no, I remember that Fairy Ice Cloud hasn’t even reached the Immortal Ascension realm and was about to die. How can you reincarnate into this world? You’ve long entered the cycle of reincarnation, right?”

“…” The Glazed Heavenly King.

“Stop guessing!” Gu Ranshuang immediately said, “If you continue guessing, this world might really disappear later.”

Wang Che glanced down.

The world was frozen, but this ice seal was not fatal.

Instead, it was a type of frozen time. They would slowly pass away, but as long as they could undo it in advance, this world could still recover to its original state.

The other party did this to squeeze out the energy of the entire world and use the time in the world to cultivate.

It was not difficult to understand.

Interestingly, with the other party’s methods, there was no need to do this.

“Forget it, what do you want?” Wang Che asked, “Let’s fight directly, or what?”

As an old opponent, it was clear that she just wanted to get revenge.

“Why are you still so confident?” The Glazed Heavenly King’s expression calmed down, “With the Cloud Heavenly Court Mothership behind you? If it’s a top-notch version, I can’t do anything. With that small planet, the Black Jade Star, you can at most create a beggar version.”

“It’s just a beggar. In my eyes, I can destroy it with a flick of my finger.”

“How awesome,” Wang Che said.


“You’ve only cultivated on the Black Jade Star for a few decades… I’ve cultivated for more than a thousand years,” the Glazed Heavenly King said calmly.

“Then I really can’t win,” Wang Che said.

“So, why are you so confident?”

“What else can I do?” Wang Che smiled, “Kneel and beg for mercy? Cry for mercy?”

The Glazed Heavenly King was stunned. She thought and said, “Well… not to that extent…”

“That’s right.”

The Glazed Heavenly King held her breath.

“We’re all old opponents. Who cares about fighting to the death? If you’re not convinced, just fight,” Wang Che said leisurely, “If you lose, we’ll talk about it in the next life. If you win, you’ll fight for the Great Dao for a lifetime.”

“That makes sense.”

The Glazed Heavenly King smiled and waved her hand.

In an instant, there seemed to be billions of ghosts and gods behind her. As the cold wave surged, it was as if endless ancient lives were roaring inside.

Space cracked, time reversed, and everything around it seemed to be gone.

In the blink of an eye, the Cloud Heavenly Court behind Wang Che rapidly decayed.

Among them, the soul beasts withered at a visible speed.

With two long roars, the Divine Light Whale and the Ancient Fiend, who had already broken through the limit of a million years, let out heaven-shaking roars.

“Go and hold these two big toys.”

The Glazed Heavenly King waved her hand. The cold wave behind her surged and transformed into countless white bones and red lights. Endless ancient aura surged through the void.

The auras of the Divine Light Whale and the Ancient Fiend were instantly suppressed.


Wang Che took a look and thought to himself, ‘Why does this feel like the little skeleton…’


The little skeleton flew out of Wang Che’s soul ring and let out an ancient roar.

It leaned against the throne and wore a crown. The cloak on its back fluttered…

In an instant, the cold wave stopped.

“You really nurtured these toys?”

Seeing this scene, the Glazed Heavenly King smiled, “The master of this world’s ancient ice tomb, the little skeleton that guarded the Ice Palace. It buried countless soul beasts of this world’s ancient era. Unfortunately, to you and me, the soul beasts of this world are only small toys.”

Wang Che moved his lips, wanting to say something, but he did not speak.

The Glazed Heavenly King waved her hand, and the still cold wave surged.

The little skeleton trembled.

At this moment, the Magnetic Sword and Bear Treasure flew out of the soul ring and transformed into illusions to resist the little skeleton.

“It’s useless,” the Glazed Heavenly King said slowly. “Let me see your sword. If you don’t attack, no matter how powerful these toys are, they’re still limited by this world. They’re useless.”

“It’s fine to use just one move. You should only have one chance to use it.”

With that, the Glazed Heavenly King clenched her fist in the air. There seemed to be an endless pulling force in the air. Boundless rules and will instantly began to freeze space and cut off everything.

Wang Che sighed and thought to himself, ‘Why do these opponents all like to cheat?’

‘Can’t they be normal?’

Wang Che raised his finger and his Sacred Soul appeared, turning into a refined light sword that slashed down like a rainbow.

In a strange light, space shook and everything turned to nothingness.

It cut through everything.

There was no explosion. Everything seemed to have returned to the beginning.

Snowflakes fluttered.

The Glazed Heavenly King’s face was pale as she looked to her side.

“It seems that you’re slightly stronger,” Gu Ranshuang said softly.

Her figure floated like a breeze, like a spirit body that could be blown away by the wind.

In front, Wang Che was still where he was. The Cloud Heavenly Court behind him slowly recovered. The aura of life began to circulate as if nothing had changed.

The only one who changed was Wang Che himself. His aura was weak.

“What a monster.” The Glazed Heavenly King panted as if she would fall at any moment, “I’ve long broken through the limit of this world. I can even crush those High Gods… This guy hasn’t broken through the upper limit of this world… He’s clearly just begun to cultivate!”

“However, I’m still slightly better.”

“I still have some strength left.”

The Glazed Heavenly King shook her head and looked at the latter, “I won.”

“Indeed, you won.” Wang Che nodded.

It could not be helped. The other party had used the cheat to cultivate for so long. From the little skeleton’s perspective, the owner of the Ice Palace was definitely extraordinary.

The other party obtaining this thing was much more helpful than him spending decades on the Black Jade Star to create a beggar-like mothership.

She even borrowed the power of this world.

The difference was too great.

As for himself, he had only cultivated on the Black Jade Star for 30 years. He had just cultivated the Primordial Sacred Soul and could only do this much.

“But I haven’t completely lost…” At this moment, Wang Che thought and said.

“What other power have you not used?” The Glazed Heavenly King frowned.

“I still have my soul pet.” Wang Che said.

“Soul pet?” The Glazed Heavenly King was stunned and then laughed, “How strong can those little toys be? Moreover, your soul pets were used already, right?”

“No, there’s one more that’s not used.” Wang Che thought for a moment, “By the way, I actually wanted to say something just now.”


Wang Che closed his eyes as his soul ring flickered again.

“To me, these soul pets are not toys.”

The next moment, a light cocoon flew out of the soul ring.

Wang Che opened his eyes and shouted, “Green caterpillar! Million Years Evolution!”


In an instant, the light cocoon shattered!


The peerless Dragon’s Roar sounded as the evolved green caterpillar broke out of the shell!

Endless light enveloped everything in the world…

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